merthur reincarnated


Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood: Royal AU (for @mxrcusflint)

There’s a certain memory in Marcus’ head, which has blurred around the edges; of bloody swords and fallen knights. His right-hand man who dragged him away from the battlefield, and told mundane jokes as though they were on hunting trip. But the time had started to slip from his grip. So Marcus shushed him, and whispered, in the softest tone he ever used in his life, “I can’t go on without you.”

There’s a certain memory in his head, which has blurred around the edges; of fallen kingdom and a man. His right-hand man who smiled at him with tears on his face, “I know. I won’t be long.”


Buzz buzz buzz 

Frowning, Merlin pulled his mobile from his coat pocket. Who could that be? He really didn’t want to talk to anyone except for - his heart skipped a beat - Arthur… 

“Merlin,” His voice was trembling, anxious, excited and nervous all at once. Merlin could hear the soft swallow of his throat, probably dry. Instantly Merlin knew It Had Happened. “I… I remember.”

A few days later Merlin reflected that it was a miracle the phone did not slip from his shaking hand. After a few seconds of stunned silence he found his voice. “Okay. Okay, meet me in an hour. Er, outside of the city, for some quiet." 

"Yeah. Where?" 

"You remember that spot by the bridge we visited the other day?" 

A pause of silence. Too many images and thoughts swirling around in Arthur’s confused mind - trying to tease out recent memories from those of a whole other lifetime. "Uh, yeah. Yeah I’ll be there." 

Air rushed out of Merlin in a low whistle. An uncontrollable smile split his face, adding some light back into the dimming sky.

(Also I know the background is shitty but I am proud I even added one woot! Also I might expand on that fanfic tidbit - my heart needs it ;_;)

WIP sketch

Basically Arthur is back from the dead and Merlin buys a moving toy dog without telling Arthur it moves when he touches it. It takes a while but eventually Arthur’s curiosity about the fluffy thing gets the better of him and Merlin, who has been sitting with his phone open for ages can catch the perfect shot.