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Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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My Top 10 Merthur Fan fics

This is a list of my favorite fan fics of the merlin x arthur pairing (my OTP) that I’ve read over the past couple of years. I strongly think these stories deserve to be shared as they, and their authors, are amazing. I want to give these authors lots of love as they clearly worked very hard on their stories. I also think the illustrator that is in a few of these stories deserves some love. Kudos to you all, and thank you all for being such talented, hard workers.

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

By: katherynefromphilly, @katherynefromphilly

Rating: Mature

Word count: 200k+


For many long years Merlin waited.
For the other part of his soul, for the other half of his life. He was born to serve Arthur. So that meant he was also born to wait. Even if it took a thousand years. Even if the wait seemed never to end.
Until one day, suddenly, it did.
Set after the Merlin Series 5 Finale “Diamond of the Day”.
Canon Compliant. In Character. Arthur Pendragon Returns
When Arthur stumbles from the Lake of Avalon 1,500 years after his death, he finds a world unlike the one he knew. Faced with the loss of everyone he loved, and the threat of impending prophecy, Arthur must quickly learn what it means to be not just a king, but the Once and Future King. Merlin does all he can to guide him in this journey, even as he struggles to hide his love for his king, and to conquer his fear of losing him again.
Story includes sass, banter, horseplay, and True Love.

Student Prince

By: FayJay

Rating: Mature

Word count: 140k+


A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kick-boxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling Gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love…
This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max Von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta ‘The Student Prince’.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

By: supercalvin, @supercalvin

Rating: Mature

Word count: 40k+


Aithusa might have been no bigger than a house cat but she was still a dragon. That meant wings, claws, and her own personal hoard, which in Aithusa’s case included soft pillows, fluffy socks, and much to Merlin’s chagrin, stolen pants. When Merlin found out that his winged ward had stolen a rather considerable pile of clothing for her hoard, he thought that it would be the end of any kind of friendship with his neighbor. But when Merlin met the victim of Aithusa’s burglary, he was pleasantly surprised to find Arthur, a man who had never in his life seen a dragon let alone a burglarizing one, and Cavall, a curious German Shepherd puppy who was quick to befriend the little white dragon. From there, it was only the beginning.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

By: Footloose

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 160k+


A fast ship, a good crew, a treasure, a Clan to lead – that’s all Arthur Pendragon has ever wanted. He sits on the Council, he supports his father’s kingship, and he keeps an eye on the Imperial Conglomerate when they come too close to Pirate space.
One day the Conglomerate infiltrates the Clans and poisons the King. Arthur must search for a cure to keep his father alive and the Clans from civil war.

An escape route, a sharp knife, a target, the shadows at his command – that’s all Merlin has ever needed. He fulfills his assignments, he uses the Sterling to sustain his once-royal House in their exile, and wages a private war against the Imperial Conglomerate.
When he learns of an elaborate plot to assassinate him, Merlin does the opposite of what’s expected. He flees onto a Pirate ship.
There’s a saying among the Pirates: that one’s fate is written in the stars. Destiny will always set to rights what has been made wrong.
Arthur and Merlin know that they were meant for the other from the moment they meet. They can feel it from across the galaxies separating them. Nothing can stop them from being together or from fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

A Song From Far Away

By: polomonkey, @thepolomonkey

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 70k+


When Arthur is captured by an enemy king intent on conquering Camelot, his future looks bleak. For Cenred commands not only a clutch of sorcerers but a fearsome dragon trained to do battle and wreak destruction.
Then Arthur meets Merlin, a fellow captive whose magic has been bound to Cenred’s will. But can Merlin resist Cenred’s control long enough to help Arthur save Camelot?


By: TheAvalonian

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 80k+


It is the 57th annual Hunger Games, and Merlin Emrys stands at the Reaping ceremony with Guinevere Smith at his side, unable to hear the roar of the crowd over the ringing in his own ears. Because Merlin is about to face his best friend and twenty-two strangers in a fight to the death, where there can only be one victor.
In a twisted game where death seems the only certainty, Merlin will find himself tested in ways no one could have ever predicted - and may even find himself fighting for more than just his own life as he enters into an unlikely alliance with Arthur Pendragon, the Career tribute poised to win it all.
Merlin/Arthur AU, set in the Hunger Games universe.

Emrys Ascending

By: tricksterity

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 110k+


In the depths of the Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin sees the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, an event that will tip the balance of the world so far out that only he has the power to intervene and set it right, or stop it from ever happening. For that, he’ll have to pose as a student and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The only problem is, he’s been chosen instead of Cedric Diggory as a Triwizard Champion, and there’s a recently reborn Arthur Pendragon in Gryffindor House.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

By: asilentherald

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 150k+


After witnessing an anti-sorcerer hate crime, Merlin leaves his family in Ealdor for King Uther Pendragon’s capital city of Camelot, looking for safety and answers about his own magic. Instead he gets roped into a musical production of Wicked, a banned play by the King’s decree back during the Great Purge, being put on by none other than Morgana Pendragon. It’s the last thing he should do if he wants to keep a low profile in a city he knows is a powder keg, ready for the Great Purge renewed, but he finds more than enough reasons–Arthur Pendragon, co-star and all-around awkward arse, at least at first, among them–to try, dare I say it, defying gravity.

Pianos are made for Falling

By: Fishwrites

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 100k+


Arthur is a world class violinist, trapped in Sydney, Australia, by his fear of flying. In the wake of a mediocre concert, vicious critics and with barely a month to go before his next (hopefully reputation-saving) recital, Arthur is almost at breaking point. When his accompanist, Morgana, breaks her wrist in a car accident, Arthur is more or less doomed. And the story begins, when the Maestro at the conservatoire, Gaius Stresemann, recommends his protege Merlin Emrys to step in. Merlin, who plays by ear, as he pleases and really just wants to be a kindergarten teacher.
Well. The story really starts six months previously when Arthur passes out drunk outside Merlin’s shoe-box apartment.

The Heart You Call Home

By: alby_mangroves

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 16k+


Yet another autumn wanes and Merlin is tired. He wishes he could sleep through it, cover himself in leaves and hibernate until the world crumbles to dust, and he with it, the point of anything long since gone. And then, he finds a book whose author writes stories he doesn’t remember are his own.

My comments are under the cut 😊

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

Comments: This is my favorite Merthur fan fiction of all time!!! It relieved my grieving of the Merlin finale by giving me the series 6 I’ve been longing for. Merlin and Arthur are written incredibly well and in character. The banter between them flows beautifully. I love the original characters, especially Eleanor. It has both angst and fluff. It made me sob, and laugh, and smile. When the slow burn between our two main characters ends it’s such an immense relief and rush of emotion. I followed this story as each chapter was being updated and I just remember the anticipation of each chapter coming out, especially when chapters ended on cliffhangers. I can go on for ages about this, but I think I will end it here. This story is just pure beauty, honestly.

Student Prince

Comments: I love this! Not long after joining the fandom did I discover that many people had read and enjoyed this fic immensely. It is hilarious and adorable and great. Merlin and Arthur’s relationship develops in a very similar way to the canon, from disliking each other, to becoming best friends, and then falling in love. I love the modern twist on the canon. It is engaging and comedic and should be read by many.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

Comments: This story is freaking adorable and made me want a pet dragon. As both a dog person and dragon lover this fic made me weak. I love the world that was created so that it intertwines dragons, magic and the modern world. The angst written in the story is suspenseful. I fell in love with Merlin and Arthur’s pets, Aithusa and Cavall, right away. As well, on a personal note, when Freya’s character was introduced and has an incurable illness and goes to physical therapy, I felt very connected to her due to my own chronic condition and happy that I was being represented in a way. All in all, loved it. The whole thing is a pure cinnamon roll and a great read.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

Comments: Adventurous, engaging, and edgy. This story is a great blend of adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. I love the entire world that the author builds: Pirate space, the House of Shadows, and the White Legion. The artwork is stunningly beautiful and brings this story to life. This story is very engaging, full of adventure and romance, and there is never a dull moment. Love it!

A Song From Far Away

Comments: This made me cry many times over. I’ve read a variety of this author’s fics, and like this one they are often very sorrowful and intense but end on a lighthearted note. The mistreatment of Merlin is ghastly but makes it so much sweeter when Arthur comes along to help and love him. I wanted to kill Cenred throughout the entire thing for what he does to Merlin. The story is magical and very captivating, and the artwork is enchanting and wonderful (which isn’t much of a surprise since @mushroomtale-fanart did it and is incredibly talented).


Comments: Merlin meets the Hunger Games! This was the first ever Merthur fanfic I read that hooked me into reading fan fiction. After reading and thoroughly enjoying the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, imagine my delight when I stumble across this. This story is great and does justice to both the Hunger Games universe and BBC Merlin. I love how the author writes the characters and keeps the readers starving for more. Each twist is stirring, and every character is interesting. It holds a special place in my heart.

Emrys Ascending

Comments: It’s a Harry Potter crossover, so obviously it’s amazing. But out of all the Harry Potter crossovers I’ve read, this one is my favorite. I love the fact that the author is able to intertwine Merlin with the Harry Potter universe so well. Merlin being a Hufflepuff, while not being canonical to what J.K Rowling said, is something I love (which may or may not be because I am a Hufflepuff as well). I also agree that Merlin has the characteristics of every Hogwarts house as said in this story. The fact that Merlin becomes a sort of mentor for Harry is really cool. This is an adventurous ride and sticks as closely to the plot of The Goblet of Fire as possible, while changing things up for Merlin. My favorite part of this fic is that Merlin and Arthur are able to reunite in such a heartwarming way, and of course the artwork.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

Comments:  “No one mourns the wicked! Wicked! Wicked!” This story is very fun and got me loving the Wicked soundtrack, since I sadly could never get tickets. It’s comedic, magical, and has a great way tying the play in with the reality surrounding the characters. I love how it has many funny moments and yet deals with big issues. Whimsical, witty, and wicked.

Pianos are made for Falling

Comments: Poetry and love in music. I love pianist Merlin and his little budgies. I had a heart attack whenever his illness acted up though! Every time Merlin and Arthur fight I just want to tell Arthur about Merlin’s illness. The music of their duets flies off the page as you read it. It’s spectacular.

The Heart You Call Home

Comments: A heart-warming reincarnation fic with Arthur as a writer. You can feel Merlin’s longing and pain in the beginning as he’s waiting for Arthur to return. It’s quite emotional when they finally find each other. Also, the addition of Arthur’s dog Drake is adorable. This is emotional and stupendous.

alone-protects-bee  asked:

Hi! Could you recommend me some good Merthur stories? I can't find anything interesting on my own and I have a great need to read something that is will written, has an interesting plot and contains a lot of Merthur at the same time. I prefer a canon era but AU is fine with me, too. Thanks in advance. ☺ By the way, your blog is awesome and thank you for your previous advice. 😍

Oh dear, this is music to my ears xD canon era and a lot of Merthur! This is what I prefer too :D 98% of the fanfictions I’m reading are rating explicit (sorry not sorry xD) hope you don’t mind ;D

Merlin’s Yule Gift by rotrude
my all time fav fanfic ❤ I already recommended it today xD

Summary: It’s the first Yule after Uther’s death and  in spite of some initial doubts as to the propriety of holding revels, Arthur decides to celebrate the festival all the same. […] While he knows what to give his friends and followers, he has no idea how to reward Merlin. Right, Merlin… (Words: 15465)

Keep the Magic Secret by orphan_account
this one killed me, I swear xD shiiiiit
Summary: Someone tells Arthur about the legends of Emrys, an all-powerful warlock whose destiny is to protect Arthur and his kingdom and help bring about an age of peace. He is told that Emrys is someone close to him, and has hidden his identity and trials over the years to protect himself and make sure he can continue on at Arthur’s side […] (Words: 73580)

Braver than We Are by Skitz_phenom for Rawks (Reincarnation fanfiction)
One of the best fics I ever read. I talked about it a few posts earlier. It’s heartbreaking but it’s worth it
Summary: Merlin has lived - though he’d be hard pressed to call it that lately - on the outskirts of Avalon for several lifetimes. It’s sometime in the late 17th century when rumor reaches him of a man claiming to have nearly been snatched by the fair folk, and he knows he must investigate […] (Words: 63,230)

An Unnecessary Freezing of Water by Shine
always rereading this one, I think it was one of the first I ever read
Summary: The next time he opened his eyes he was as cold as he’d ever been in his life. A little less for a summary, so let me add that Merlin and Arthur are on a trip and something went badly wrong. Bless god, Merlin can save the day! (Words: 8205)

I hope I could help you :D I read way too many fanfiction so there are plenty more that deserve to get recommended! (Also you could check on the blog of @lionheartlibrary) And thank you so much >///< your blog is a treasure :D Merthur and Johnlock in one place is pure blessing! Write me anytime if you want~ *high fives you*

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ten awesome fics 🙌

tagged by @reineyday​ to list 10 awesome fics!!! not a ranked all-time-favorites thing, but just fics form any fandom that i love, which is a lovely idea ^_^ tbh a lot of these will be my all-time favorites tho cuz i’m terrible at actually remembering fic names and tracking them down again…..

also i would like to take a moment to acknowledge that the shortest fic on this list is 86k like….i think i have a problem.

The Jester by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother knows how much i love Loaded March by now, but it’s worth stating again. this series is fucking amazing and any time i really need a boost, i go back and start reading from the beginning. ^this one is the 4th in the series and there is so much intense UST my eyes melt out of my skull. it’s got pining underneath roleplay, consensual D/s dynamics in the guise of abuse, exhibitionism and possessiveness, all with serious military and political intrigue going on. it’s just. IT’S SO GOOD.

The Boy In Red by KouriArashi (Teen Wolf, Sterek)

another one that i’ve already screamed about a million times. The Sum Of Its Parts is another enormously long series where every installment is better than the last and it’s just crazy good. ^this is also the 4th in the series (cuz apparently i just have a Thing for part 4s) and it’s just a really interesting one cuz at least half the turmoil comes from there not being turmoil, lol. there’s danger and intrigue and fighting like nobody’s business ofc, but it’s the waiting that makes Stiles have a mental breakdown and forces him into actual therapy. honestly the therapy is one of my favorite things about the entire series and it starts here^^^.

Croatoan by TheDamnRiddler (Teen Wolf, gen)

this fic scared the everloving shit out of me in the best way possible. it’s absolutely a horror fic with a frighteningly cliffhanger ending that left me looking over my shoulder for a solid three days, lol. but it’s so goddamn good. it’s Stiles, Derek, and Peter with no romance anywhere in its 86k words, which i greatly appreciate. all the relationships are still so interesting and everything feels so tangible and real even as it’s completely surreal by necessity. this fic will fuck you up but you should read it anyway. i’m due for a reread actually…..

Shadowlord and Pirate King also by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

this sounds like it should be a crackfic but it’s the most epic fucking space-fantasy adventure, it’s so goddamn good i can’t even say. i love bamf!Merlin and this is the absolute bamfiest, like magical assassin with a tragic past falls in love with a wayward pirate who has to claim his throne as king of the pirates, i mean !!!!!! it doesn’t get any better than this.

Eleazar by emmbrancsxxo (Merlin, Merthur)

a really cool sci-fi-ish resurrection fic. it showcases how truly fucked up Merlin is by his immortality, which is a wonderful rarity in fic lol, and it’s got twists that i almost did not see coming and then was immensely proud of myself for predicting right before the reveal, lol.

Only A Boy by RiddellLee (Merlin/Harry Potter xover, gen)

honestly i don’t think i have ever laughed so hard. i mean this fic is badass and epic and has all the good stuff in it, but it’s also fucking hysterical because a grownass medieval Merlin gets de-aged and pulled into the future to replace Harry in the prophecy, and he gets sorted into Slytherin and he keeps getting left in Snape’s care, and the two of them snarking at each other is literally one of the funniest things i have ever encountered in my life. read the fic just for that, if nothing else, but also Merlin and Draco and Hermione all end up bffs and that gives me life. technically it’s an ongoing series but the second one’s not finished so i haven’t read any further.

The Black Games by Mrs Pettyfer (A:TLA, Zutara)

this one is from way back when i was still reading on and i don’t think it’s crossposted T_T so it’s been a really long time since i read it but i remember it being really fucking good. it’s a Hunger Games AU so there’s definitely MCD in there, but that doesn’t make it not great and i think it’s the start of a trilogy that i never finished…?

Tributes by TheAvalonian (Merlin, Merthur)

speaking of HG AUs, here’s a Merthur one that is equally really fucking good, lol. another one with plenty of MCD but i think more people make it out alive in this one? if i remember correctly? anyway it’s got some really fantastic scenes (the confrontation between Arthur and Morgana will destroy you) and Gwen especially is the absolutely fucking best in this fic.

A Question of Motives by Alaia Skyhawk (Merlin, gen)

this is another one on and it’s a series. like another MASSIVE SERIES cuz i really love those (it’s my 3rd listed here lol). this one is canon AU from the start of s3 but it follows the show’s episode pattern to the letter while also making it completely different and it’s fucking miraculous, and it adds in sub-episodes between each canon episode template that are all just as fantastic and feel like legit episodes of their own, it’s just. it’s amazing. the series was started in 2010 and the newest story is still being updating (i haven’t kept up since like 2014 but i read all of the first 4 stories i think?? so worth it). ((also i think it has like a companion series for the OCs cuz they’re that compelling and there’s that much backstory.))

Candle, Cup, and Casket by Desiderii (Merlin, Merthur)

a “phantasmagorical space opera” like what is not to love about that?? this entire setting and the worldbuilding is honestly just so amazing and fascinating. like that’s all i can even think about looking back lol. Morgana is badass in this too and she and Arthur are like cyborgs with cool mods to make them better fighters, and Merlin’s got the magic thing going on, and the space ships are alive and have ghosts that Merlin can communicate with but no one else realizes are there, like it’s some seriously cool shit. go read the fuck out of this.

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Do you have any good Merlin fanfictions you can rec? Merthur or otherwise?

I’ve been putting off this question ONLY BECAUSE… I had to go through several fanfic rec lists that I’ve followed before to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I wish I was more organized! I should really start my own reclist but unfortunately my list is going to be fairly short given that I’m an incredibly slow reader as it is and I usually go for 100k epics… so when I DO read, those sorts of stories hold my attention for quite awhile.

Everything’s Merthur and I’m not apologizing for it. I wouldn’t mind reading some Merdred and Mergana though! I’m always open for recommendations for any pairing, really.

  • We Are All Diamonds by footloose  :  This was one of my first Merthur fanfics and by far still one of my all time favorites. This one was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. Just— everything footloose does… and I mean everything— they have a way with words and painting a scene and you can tell research is put behind all of their works. The word count is high but the writing captures you immediately and the buildup between Arthur’s and Merlin’s relationship is perfect. All time favorite right here. 10/10 would read again.

  • Tributes by TheAvalonian  :  This is one of those The Hunger Games / Merlin crossovers. I read this in one night and it’s just over 80k words long. Um. It’s really good, okay? Technically a romance but you know, it really does concentrate a bit more on the games if I remember correctly. I mean, there are cameras and they’re well aware of that so if you’re looking for smut recs, don’t go here. But recs with plot? Yes.

  • The Sorcerer and the King by winterhill  :  This was, I think, quite literally the second fanfic I ever read in the Merlin fandom. THIS STORY IS SICK. It’s a great canon-divergent AU if that’s what you’re into— and I could certainly use more of those. Because while I like modern verses, it’s the canon-setting AU’s that are my favorite and this story, while it borders a bit on the uncomfortable with certain aspects, was definitely worth the read. Excellent plot and the scenes with magic were simply stunning.

  • Overboard by shiny-starlight  :  Takes place in a modern setting— one of those, Merlin and Arthur meet and can’t stand each other at first. This one has a REALLY fun twist to it though and I have every intention of reading this again.

  • Game, Set, Match by ingberry  :  A bit shorter than what I’m used to reading— this was adorable. And Merlin’s jokes were the absolute best part of this, in my honest opinion. The sexual tension was also pretty awesome.

  • Stars Above, Stones Below by Destina  :  Funny story with this— I actually haven’t finished reading it yet. I have several fanfics that are ‘slowly in progress of being read’ and this has been sitting in my tabs for several months now because I keep jumping around. I do that a lot with stories, actually, so that by no means is to be taken as this story is anything less than absolutely amazing. It makes it much more than that, because USUALLY I won’t recommend a fanfic I haven’t finished all the way through. I just— I love how they handled Merlin’s magic reveal. Love love love love love.

  • Shelter from the Storm by scatterglory  :  One-shot, shorter than what I usually read, but so incredibly unique and sad and bittersweet. It has a happy ending though, no worries. UGH, IT WAS SO GOOD THOUGH.

So those are all the stories that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and would read again… now let’s talk about my favorite authors who have countless stories.

  • Hisa-Ai  :  This author’s an avid Merthur writer and omfgggg all her stories (or the ones I’ve had the chance to read) have that sweet undertone that I generally LOVE to read in one-shots. For the fluffy ones at least— I’ve yet to read any of her angst but it’s coming. But that lighthearted interaction is my favorite— the banter is the best and I just love how she portrays Merlin and Arthur’s chemistry. My favorites so far have been I Think You Dropped Something (You Bought Roses) (GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD), Something In the Air, Your Seat, and Worth the Wait. There’s still soooo much more I want to read by her. <3

  • neuroticnick  :  I’m not gonna like, this writer is my smut central when I want to read REALLY GOOD SMUT but still have an amazing drawn out plot. OMFG, THEY HAVE WRITTEN SO MUCH. And here’s the thing— it’s all so very different. Nine times out of ten, I’ve found Merlin to be the more dominant partner and I like that a lot because people tend to write it the other way. But— gosh, they switch up so many characteristics but they make it work. It’s really amazing. You’ve gotta check them out. Some HAVE been my cup of tea while others were more ehhhh, especially the PWP’s but that’s what I love about neuroticnick. I think there’s something for everyone. My favorites include My Boy Builds Cars, You’re the Voice (omfg, read it. Read it. Do yourself a favor.), and I Only Wanna Dance With You.

Alright. Now let’s talk about Loaded March.

It’s, again, by footloose. Same author as with We Are All Diamonds mentioned above. I’ve been slowly following this series since… April? May? Either way— I’m on the thirteenth installment now out of fourteen. The series is still ongoing. The word count is, um, massive.

It is so worth the read.

Basically— I remember looking at the summary for this and thinking ‘military fic? no thanks’. Like, that’s not something I would generally read. But when a friend recommended it later, I said, alright. Let’s give it a shot. The first book— once you get used to all the military lingo (it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be), the story really took off. Merlin and Arthur meeting for the first time is always a favorite of mine in modern fics and it did not disappoint. The sexual tension is excruciating as the series goes on and it is one of the slowest relationship buildups ever in the history of ever, which also really tickles my fancy. If you’re looking for a quick Merthur hookup, this is not the story series for you. BUT— if you want something epic, this is it. Look no further. IT IS HERE.

The characters are very three-dimensional. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but you get a look at characters like Will, Freya, Hunith, Gwaine, Kay (who’s my favorite of the team), Bohrs, Mordred, Aredian— just… I cannot rave enough about this series and how footloose brings all these characters so vividly to life. All of them. The whole plot is about the fight against magic— which inevitably everyone has to learn isn’t really a fight against magic but a fight against power because once they learn of Merlin’s magic— it’s not about the magic itself but how it’s used.

It’s full of so many twists and turns. I promise, despite it’s length, it doesn’t drag. There is a point to everything. So much adventure, conspiracy, undercover things, MAGIC, hidden plots, and everything eventually connects and comes together. Every installment has that huge building climax towards the end that makes you want to cancel all your plans for the day and just sit at home and get through it. Just. Yeah. 10/10 recommend. If you’re alright with buckling in for a long series, you should definitely give it a go.

I wrote a lot for that— but to be fair, that’s like, a review for 13 books I’ve read, okay? XD

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Hi! May I please request a merthur fic where Merlin's magic works like Tinker Bell's where his magic is his lifeline + if people don't believe in magic, he'd die? I was wondering if you could write something where Merlin's magic is slowly fading every time Arthur says he doesn't believe in magic but Arthur doesn't notice it till it's too late and Merlin's bedridden and dies in his arms but when Arthur sheds tears for him and finally proclaims he believes in magic, Merlin comes back to life? :'D

Merlin notices something odd is happening the day he passes out, without warning, in the middle of a conversation with Elyan and face-first into dung.

He brushes off Gaius’ stern expression, as he helps Merlin comb out the maggots from his dirtied hair. Dehydration. Merlin drinks more water.

Except it’s not helping.

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