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I just realised that Merlin couldn't remember anything about what happened when he was under the control of the Fomorroh in "A servant of two masters". So it means he doesn't remember the hug Arthur gave him. Merlin thinks Arthur and him never hugged, not even once... And now I'm sad. Can I have a merthur hug please? ;__;

merthur hug~♥

Aren’t we going to talk about Merthur & Destiel’s first hug?

Arthur lost Merlin. Cas left Dean to protect him.

Arthur looked for Merlin. Dean looked for (his) the angel. 

Merlin was covered of mud. Cas was, as he said, dirty. 

Arthur found Merlin and hugged him with this wide smile. Dean found Cas, first thing he did was to smile wide and hugged him. 

Just look at them. There’s something similar in the way they hugged. Both pressed their heads against them. 

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