merthur hug

Aren’t we going to talk about Merthur & Destiel’s first hug?

Arthur lost Merlin. Cas left Dean to protect him.

Arthur looked for Merlin. Dean looked for (his) the angel. 

Merlin was covered of mud. Cas was, as he said, dirty. 

Arthur found Merlin and hugged him with this wide smile. Dean found Cas, first thing he did was to smile wide and hugged him. 

Just look at them. There’s something similar in the way they hugged. Both pressed their heads against them. 

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Last post of the night.. yes merthur HUG

Does Merlin even remember that Arthur hugged him??

I quite noticed this the first time I’ve seen 4x06 but I just rewatched it to refresh my memories..

The thing is Arthur hugged Merlin while he was already under influence of the serpent and later when Gaius asked Normal!Merlin if he remembers anything, the last thing he knows is Morgana conjuring a snake, but nothing else.

In my logic that means Merlin can’t remember Arthur genuinely hugged him.. but I want to be wrong, somebody tell me that my conclusion is totally absurd and all kinds of wrong, pleeaase