merthur graphics

It is finally completed and I’m ready to start yelling. And crying.

I loved this series with my whole heart and of course I had to do what I’m better at - which is definitely not writing - so, I ended up making this layout even if I really didn’t plan to make a new one.

Once again, I went with my forte points - scratchy/paper style, monochrome + an additional color and typography. Can’t tell I’m entirely satisfied (bc come on, when was I like really proud or satisfied of my work? right, n e v e r) but it’s not that bad either. I guess it’s quite acceptable. *shrugs*


One closes, and another opens. If I were to imagine heaven, I would imagine a door opening. And he would be waiting for me there.“

[for Abby]


 I’ve seen how much he needs you, how much you need him… you’re like two sides of the same coin.

[for the lovely Chofee]