Dear writer/s,

Is better create that female character without history, personality, and sense, than make the male character who  was whit him, who would (and he does) sacrifice anything for him, his boyfriend? Is better create stupid arguments for love, than use that good ones?

Is so wrong have a gay couple with a good history? Still being better a so false heterosexual relationship?

All the love, a fan.

Imagine your otp where Person A is punk and has blue hair. Both are nerds who are the top in their class and always competing each other. Let the sexual tension ensue


(so since I’m not online very often, this one’s for you, my tumblr friends & darlings =‘) I love you)

Hybrid AU
  • where everyone is some kind of hybrid/were and have the ability to transform in the a full animal form, a hybrid form (ea. cat ears and tail…etc), or a complete human form (no animal physical characteristics, though you still keep things like a higher sense of smell if your a dog or whatever) 
  • However it is hard to stay in your human form when your stressed and in the modern era most people only use it in professional setting where having your ears/tails/whatever out is seen as rude and a distraction. 

  • Along with the physical characteristic, depending on your breed, you’ll have other characteristics, like if your a monkey hybrid you prefer to climb and be in small places, you have a family unit, etc. 

  • or if your a bunny hybrid, your a vegetarian/vegan (because you can’t process meats) 

  • Some hybrids go into heat, while others don’t, depending their breed. 

  • More to be added as I think about it. 

Finally organized my new stickers and now my laptop is complete. Yayyyy

Also! Credit to the artists who drew the stunning Patrochilles art that I needed to have as stickers: @chioink  @rooo-oot

A prisoner in their own home

I’m being held hostage. In my own house. And you’re my capturer, but despite the situation here you don’t seem intent on hurting me, so now I am going to seduce you with bad puns, sarcasm and good cooking.