1. his forehead is sinking into her shoulder

2. his hands are so big, he can cover more than half of her back with them

3. his bandages

4. her hands are gripping on his shoulder like she is trying to wash away all his pain

5. their legs are symmetric

(6. their legs are perfect)

7. he is totally vulnerable, he needs protection, and she is giving it to him

8. he is sobbing wrapped in her arms in front of everybody

9. they need each other

Movie Night

A/N: A fluffy The 100 fanfiction story in which everybody watches a movie together post-S3. Mostly Kane/Abby, but there’s a good amount of the other characters too, especially Monty, Jasper, Clarke, and Raven. Written for @charmingly-evil in response to a prompt she sent me. I hope you like it, hun!! (Also, let’s just pretend that the radiation plot twist didn’t happen for the sake of this story because I don’t feel like rewriting this monstrosity to make it more canon compliant… Okay? Oh, and Sinclair is still alive because THAT DID NOT HAPPEN DAMN IT.)

Special thanks: @miss-peletier, you are a gorgeous human being, and this fandom doesn’t deserve you. Thank you so much for helping me with this over the past month! Your ideas made it a million times better. ♥

Also available on AO3.

Movie Night

Monty saw the goggles first. Then he saw the man wearing them and felt as though he was back on the Ark, happy and naive, before the ground had inflicted so much pain on them both. But he was on the ground now, quite literally, sitting on the grass under a tree at the outskirts of Arkadia. Shade from the wide canopy of leaves cast flickering shadows over Jasper as he came to a stop before Monty.

“Hi,” he said.

Monty stayed silent for a moment, then: “You’re wearing your goggles again.”

Jasper’s hand went up to touch the goggles that were back in their rightful place on his head. His fingers trailed over the tinted lenses. “Yeah. Raven thought… Well, I thought it was time.”

Monty smiled. “I missed those goggles.” I missed you. They had repaired their friendship long before today, but sometimes he found himself missing what they had on the Ark. They had been happy then. They were trying so desperately to find that happiness again, but it was hard. The goggles were only the first step.

“Me too.” Jasper sat down beside Monty under the tree and pulled his legs up to his chest. “So… What are you doing?”

To take his mind off of the recent events with A.L.I.E., Monty had thrown himself into a side project of his: salvaging one of the televisions from the Ark and making it work again. He had managed to find one that wasn’t totally destroyed upon landing on Earth, but the problem he kept running into was power. Or more importantly, the lack of power. What little power Arkadia had was being used for essential systems; unfortunately old movies weren’t exactly essential.

“Watching old movies is so essential,” Jasper argued.

“I doubt the Chancellors will see it that way,” Monty said. “I don’t want to bring this to them until I have a way to power the TV monitor–”

“You could always…”

–without stealing power from the Ark mainframe.”

Jasper sighed dramatically. “Fine.” He flopped back onto the ground. A ray of sunlight filtered through the leaves and glinted off of his goggles, directly into Monty’s eyes. Monty was blinded for a moment, but then it was as though the light illuminated an idea in his mind.

“Jasper, you’re a genius!”

“What?” Jasper sat up again, startled.

“The solar panels were designed to be operated in space! But now they’re on the ground. If I could just…” He excitedly outlined his newly formed plan to Jasper.

“Sounds good. Let’s go!” Jasper stood up and waited expectantly, hovering over Monty.


“To see the Chancellors.” He said it as though it was obvious.

“Jasper, we can’t just ‘go see the Chancellors.’”

“Why not?”

“I just came up with this idea. I’m not even sure if it’ll work yet.”

“But you need their permission to test it, so let’s go.” Jasper pulled Monty up off the ground and started running before he had a chance to protest.

He ran surprisingly fast for someone who was still recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg; his limp was almost imperceptible now. After he awakened from A.L.I.E.’s control, it would have been so easy for him to fall back into the pit of depression he had called home for too long, but he refused. He wouldn’t let his injury impact his happiness, something Monty suspected Raven had taught him, if not in so many words. She was a woman who led by example.

He let himself get caught up in Jasper’s excitement, running a few steps behind him. The wind blew through his jet-black hair, and he felt free. They were finally running towards something with happiness instead of away in fear, and it was a good feeling.

They didn’t stop running until they reached the Chancellors’ office. Jasper barreled right through the open door then stopped abruptly next to the sector map on their left, causing Monty to crash into him.

“Dude, what the–” Then he saw why Jasper had stopped.

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