Consider this:
- Mermaids that keep flocks of marine wildlife

- Jock-type merboys forced to look after their mermothers flock of turtles
- Tiny merbabies inheriting squadrons of seahorses
- The sweetest most unassuming mermaid introducing their datemate her huge shoal of sharks
- Wise old mermen ending up looking like their pack of walruses
- Pods of dolphins protecting their merherders when they can tell they’re upset
- Squad of squid flooping around after their herders
- Babies riding on the backs of domesticated manta rays
- Fights between tribes of mermaids with their flocks protecting them, the shark herd enclosing around the unassuming manatee flock who strayed too far from their territory
- and then it turns out
- the manatee mermaids have recruited a blue whale


cosmicmage: Hey there, I drew Aradia in your Merstuck headcanon if it’s okay! I really like your Merstuck AU, your designs are fantastic! I would have colored my drawing much better and put in more shading and shining and detail like in my other art pieces but my drawing tablet stopped working in the middle of the basic shading so I had to just use my mouse ;-;

ahh it’s ok!! thanks a lot! <3 she’s prettyy

this is super scribbly and sketchy but here is day two of johndave week!!!

your favourite au or your own!

i cant say i have a favourite au other than just plain no sburb domestic happiness but i do have my own merstuck au! its long dead and there really isnt much hope for it anymore 

dave was a shark prince and all the strilondes were royalty. i never really got to decide anything about john other than design and the fact that dave had a super huge crush on him

anonymous asked:

got a question for your merstuck au. how do the mermaids handle underwater predators like Great White Sharks? do they have powers like Aquaman that enable them to communicate with sea life and so they try to talk the predators down? or do they just swim away as fast as they can?

I think technically mermaids would also be predators since they have claws and sharp teeth soo they might just steer clear of each other? or either fight/flee if it comes to it lol

but yeah maybe a few of them can communicate with other animals uvu

anonymous asked:

Jake's face in the first panel is priceless I love it

pfft thank you! B)

Anon: Aaaaaa! I just saw your merstuck backstory with Jade and Dave (ft. Jake and John) and I’m wondering, have you done one for DirkJake or are you planning to?

Anon: How’d Jake meet Dirk in the Merstuck AU?!?!

Anon: So then how’d they meet everyone else?

hah yES there’s one I sketched for them too (more old stuff) involving some sort of rescue and I have some more backstories around for other characters too, I might finish some of them eventually 8′)

Anon: so like how old are jake and jade in the merstuck au? 

12-13 or something and older later on

Anon: ahhh thank you for updating the merstuck AU i love it