Mayday! Mayday! The HMS BigJobs is sinking.

After a refuel at McDonalds Nick and I headed over to Stockport for a night of sailing nautical madness.

Over the last few months, Solomons brother had been working his way through a list of explores in respect to Jim. After getting involved in the community he had caught the bug. We’d been in touch a bit over the last few months and he’d invited me and Nick to meet him that night for the Merseyway. 

After meet and greets at the supermarket we headed over to the river. Inflatables and gear ready we followed Captain BigJobs to the muddy banks of the Mersey. This was a first for me. Dinghy access made the whole night even more fun.

Myself and Horus in one inflatable, Nick and Jobs in the other, we set sail. With a paddle and a boost later, we were creeping about underneath the city. On our return voyage The HMS Bigjobs sprung a leak and was sinking fast, we turned to the shouts of “Don’t look at us!” comedy.

What a night. Good times for sure. I’d be seeing more of these folk over the coming months.


Reconnected perfoming One In A Million at Merseyway Festival 2nd September 2012.

it’s not the full song as max took my camera off me to film on stage and accidentally pressed the button to stop the video recording, #SillyMax haha :’D