Well, at least as it is in the books. If they decide to bring it up in the movies, it might be different (in fact, in the case of HHH I, it would have to be, as he’s pretty much HTTYD1 Hiccup, and HHH II is pretty similar to Valka in some ways) but, as it is in the books (as I remember and as the HTTYDWiki says):

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock I was prophesied to kill the dragon Merciless, and so a dragon was sent to kill him. However, he instead befriended the dragon, becoming the first human to learn the dragon language, Dragonese, and ride on a dragon. The dragon, Wodensfang, was also the first dragon to learn to speak Norse. Although he was the first to bridge the gap between Vikings and dragons, he is not looked upon completely favorably, as he is credited with losing the Hooligan tribe their place on the mainland and forcing them onto Berk. He was also the first King of the Wilderwest, essentially a king of all Vikings and dragons (which I REALLY REALLY hope they bring into the third movie like come on)

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock II was abandoned as a baby for being a runt (or “hiccup”, hence the name) and found and adopted by dragons, growing up as one of them. When reunited with his father years later, he was taken in again and put back in line for the chiefdom. However, at this time dragons were once again hated by Vikings, so he decided to prove how they weren’t dangerous by bringing some peacefully to Berk. His father, however, still believed them to be dangerous, and a battle ensued in which Hiccup II was killed. In his grief, his father disbanded the Kingdom of the Wilderwest and renounced his title. Hiccup’s adopted dragon brother Furious buried his brother and mourned for years before being captured and imprisoned by Vikings even less hospitable than Berk, which caused him to go on a downward spiral that essentially turned him into a creature not unlike Drago’s Bewilderbeast, complete with a form of mind control. He’s eventually the main villain of the last books in the series.

So yeah, that’s it for the best of my knowledge. Probably messed something up somewhere but eh. Whatever. I really hope they bring some version of them into the movies- Hiccup becoming King of the Wilderwest would be the perfect ending to the trilogy! (I mean, come on: first movie, becomes the dragon-human peacemaker; second, chief of Berk, third, king of all Vikings. Perf.)


hiccup being king of all vikings in the third movie is all i need

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