Pumpkin Pie and Picket Fences

Mary Jane paced through the house a little restlessly, still holding the pregnancy test in her hands, her eyes still reflecting a little of the initial disbelief she’d felt when the test turned out positive, but her face lit up with happiness. She ran her hands over the subtle black dress she was wearing to even out the wrinkles, and whizzed around to face Peter.

“How do I look? Not…that it matters, but. You know.”

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and flashed him a blissful smile, then seemed to realize something.

“Oh! Did you taste one of those pumpkin pie lollipops that I made? I was considering taking some of them to May so she could taste them.”

She set pace towards the kitchen, and in passing him, planted a gentle kiss on his cheeks, then placing the lollipops that were spread out over the counter to cool off, into a basket.