So I was requested to doodle an Iolo, and so I did. I think it’s in the right direction, pants pulled way high, and so forth, but I’m not completely happy with it, so I only slapped on the laziest colors. Iolo, the communist working hero.

Drawing faces inside helmets is a pain, so I elected not to. It’ll do for an outfit showcase. z’]

If I have time an motivation, I’ll probably revisit this idea later. @___@

The unladylike Lady sergeant, Sioda ‘Lady’ Mollown, of campaign infamy.

So I saw this helmet: 

And I thought to myself: Lady needs it… Same time, I wanted to avoid the facelessness of wearing a helmet. So here we go.

I was at first going for a green color theme, but it wasn’t turning out as I wanted, so last minute, I recolored to blue. Blue and orange, the tried and true visual…

The armor kinda got together as I was drawing it, piece ‘inspired’ from here, another from there. I started out working with a banded style cuirass piece, but in the end decided a breastplate and plackart design looked best, though the fauld at the low edge remains from the first banded style sketch. z’] 

30 Days of Character Development ~ Cora ~ Day 8

Day 8 - Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower? 

Ohey I wrote one that isn’t depressing and it’s just sappy instead. Here you go. 


“Are you sure this was worth almost getting kicked in the face by that thing?” Cora asked, peering curiously over the top of the stone where Garrick had set the bucket of milk he had recently made off with as he carefully sliced the strawberries he had just stolen from the same farm.

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