merry christmas

10 days until Christmas music day ❄️🤶🎅🎄🎁🦌

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Every year I paint Christmas cards for my nearest and dearest. I know this is a little early this year but I have a total trash job that consumes my whole life right now so if I’m going to get some art done in time for Christmas, I’m going to need to get started now!

Please reply to this post or message me directly if you want a card! Open to all followers, whether we’re close friends or we’ve never interacted at all! You’ll need to feel comfortable emailing me with your address obvs…


YOOOOO guess who’s birthday’s today? And guess who’s my Secret Santa? @thenootnootstuff it’s you my friend!! And this is my TodoBakuDeku secret santa for you, I hope you like it and have a wonderful holydays/birthdat sweetheart!