merry san

I’ve finally finished that pixel art to celebrate upcoming Christmas ;w; I’m posting it right now because I’m not sure that I would be able to do it another day, you know preparing food for Christmas Eve, cleaning etc. xD
So I will use this opportunity to wish all of you happy holidays C:

See ya around C:

I did this in a hour so it’s really bad but this is for the crossember day 5 WHAT IF

for some reason i always see cross as some sort of big baby so this is where this came from…… :\

crossember list @byutak

underverse @jakei95 // @underversesans

ink @comyet

sans tobyfox

mm why do i tag people i don’t want them to see this crap :|

oh well. also i’m joining in 5 days late cause i didn’t know this existed till a few hours ago XD

Merry Christmas!! <3