merry late christmas


Naughty or Nice? 

“The nice side, we’ll go with my old teammate Frans Nielsen, I think he’s probably the nicest guy in the league. The naughty side, I don’t know, I think there’s a decent amount of guys that can go on that list, so I’ll put my friend Casey Cizikas on that one, he seems to get away with a lot of the things he does, but Santa’s watching.”

Flowers by ska0325

MB: The weather is good…

YS: Byul-ah, look at this! It’s so colorful! I cut some for you!

MB: Do you want me to scold you? Who are you waiting for outside?

YS: BYUL! Byul I missed you <3… but where did you go?

MB: I went on a walk.

YS: A walk? Why would you go on a walk???

MB: … let’s not talk. mm hmmm

MB: Take this. I picked it up on the road.

YS: What’s thi- …

MB: They’re a little wilted… but I thought you would like them so I brought them back with me. Ah. And those are flowers. They’re very color-

~by ska0325 on twitter

Happy Holidays!!

Find yourself the nearest Light Bulb of Unusual Color and make a wish!

Hoping you’re surrounded by those you love and are staying warm!


Merry (late) Christmas to @haikujitsu!!! I made this comic from this amazing drabble that brought joy into my life. I hope you like it, sorry it’s late! I hope your Christmas was amazing, and I wish you a happy new year!! <3

This is my (very very very overdue) gift for the lovely and amazing @longstoryshortikilledhim as part of the @verymerrykylux​ gift exchange. Thank you so much for your patience with me! They asked for a scene from one of their fics, and I picked this beautiful scene from chapter 2 of their a m a z i n g fic, Psychomania. I highly recommend this fic if you haven’t already read it. It’s a beautifully written piece, and I can only hope I managed to do it justice.