merry late christmas

Can u make an imagine about Dillon Rupp where he has his dj set at the house and he shows you how to dj with his hands around your waist please and thank you 😊 Merry Christmas Eve 🎅🏽
Merry late Christmas , like seriously I’m late asl but I needed a huge break. My bad on the time drag.

Being in a relationship with someone who is identical to you is pretty awesome but then being in a relationship with someone completely opposite yet in a sense the same as you, is freaking amazing. My names Y/N I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend Dillon for about 2 years. We moved in and everything, like it’s legit. I’m a adventurous, sleepy, singer, and Dillon is the same except he dj’s and he gets up at the ass crack of dawn. I’ve never really asked about his DJ life when we weren’t moved in but now that we are and he has his equipment in the house, I find myself absolutely fascinated by his equipment and his concentration when mixing songs together and creating new beats.

I was laying in our bed, putting a song together. When I heard the familiar beat of Dillon’s DJ equipment. He is the DJ of skates tour, which means he has to perfect the music so everyone’s hype. I tried laying in bed, finishing my song but the urges of wanting to see him in action consumed me. I found myself lifting off the bed and slowly cascading down the stairs. I turned the corner lightly rubbing my finger tips against the wall. My steps silent and light so he wouldn’t hear me. The music got louder as I got closer to the living room. I watched him, as his fingers glided against the disks, how he got deep in the beat, and how even though he does very little with the equipment, he still manages to sweat a ton. I love the way his muscles tense of how he makes this face because he enjoys what he does. I hadn’t noticed I was staring until his hands were around my waist and his head was in between my shoulder blades.

“Hey baby” he let his voice sexily drag out, “hey babe” I wrapped my arms around his neck, “did I disturb you?” He pulled me closer to him, “a bit but I just wanted to watch you” I smiled, “why watch when I can teach you?” He pulled his head up, smirking at me. “Fine” I smiled. He took me by my arm and yanked me to the table. He put a song and I watched him. He got deep into it, nodding his head, lip singing and occasionally smiling at me. “Come here” he brought me in front of him as his hands laid rested on my hips. “Try out the turn tables” he spun it twice on the right and once on the left. “Repeat after me”. I did as he said, as his grip on my waist tightened. “That’s my baby” he smiled widely, “see that switch right there? Turn it slightly” I did as he said and this cool effect went with the beat. “Perfect babe” he threw his head low into my neck.

I did as he said, mixing and pressing little switches here and there. In an hour I mastered what took him 3 years to master. One minute he’d be controlling one side of the table and I the other. The next minute he’d just watch me and tell me what to do. I was mixing a Beyoncé and Rihanna song together, I was deep in the beat but for a second peeked out the side of my eye to see Dillon watching me. He gave me this look that mad me fall in even more love with him. This look that every girl wishes their boyfriend would look at them like, this look as if time stood still and nobody but me and him matter, this look that he knew I was the one for him. I smiled to myself as my heart picked up speed. “Babe” Dillon lowly said and I turned my head to him, “yeah?” “I fucking love you” he took a breath out, walking over to me. “I know this already” I chuckled, “no baby, I uh” he tried piecing the words together.

“Watching you, and being with you and seeing your beautiful face every morning and night, I love it, I love you.” He chuckled out. “Dillon..” I smiled wide, “I just.. I was watching you and the fact that you can do anything and instantly pick up on it, made me fall in such a deeper feeling for you. I love hearing you hum songs, I love watching your face when your concentrated or when your sleeping. I love how fucking good at this you are, and I barley taught you an hour ago” he brushed his hand through his hair, “I fucking love you, and I swear your my wife” he chuckled wrapping his hands around my waist. “I love you to Dillon, that just blew me away. I peeped you watching me and the look you had, it just made me fall deeper in love with you” I kissed his neck. “How about we both show each other how much we love each other upstairs?” He smirked, “lead the way” I returned the smirk. He lifted me over his shoulder with his hand placed on my ass, for a night we’d remember for the rest of our lives.

@yatono i promised this you ages ago and yet……… i am posting it now. first time, my cat knocked over my water on all my christmas presents so i had to make them all over again. then i wasn’t satisified with any of them so I am here now, giving this to you now. you drew him for my birthday so he’s your christmas present

But super duper late Merry Christmas!!! It’s great knowing you bc you are a superb human flesh child. You like Neko Atsume too and it’s great bc I can’t talk about it with anyone else. One of the few peeps I talk too in the Noragami fandom and you are really nice. Hm, sorry I can’t really express my feelings aha. But I’m just grateful to have met you! Take care petit croc de fraise.

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a happy New Year

Orthodox Christmas is yet to come. presents, however, go for the New Year’s.

Phan One Shot

Title: The Prank

Summary: Phil does the breaking up with my roommate prank like Caspar did to Joe and said that he was moving out while he is at a vacation with his family in Florida to Dan while he is on live radio at BBC.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Tw: Swearing, negativity, food mention

Word count: a little over 4.3k words

A/N: Merry late christmas @golden-heart-girl

Phil was out of town today for vacation, leaving me alone in our flat in London. I have to do the radio show all by myself, which won’t be any fun. The bad part is that it’s Phil and I’s 6 year anniversary today of dating, and almost 7 year anniversary since meeting each other in person. I sigh, grabbing my black trench coat and keys, locking the door behind me as I left.

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hi hi hi, I’m so sorry for my inactiveness, but here it is, my 3rd follow forever! This is to celebrate my first year on tumblr, and that I reached 2k recently ahh and also, I just can’t thank these blogs enough for being perfect <3 Thanks for making my tumblr experience worthwhile! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and cheers to the end of 2013! 

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