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Please fire me. I had a customer blow up at me because I told her “Happy Holidays”. She told me that I was being too politically correct and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. I am Jewish.

Christmas at the Smith household has more than one pinetree these days. ;)

Happy Holidays Danielle! @drunkenavocados

TITLE: Merry Christmas, Darling by Hannah (@sentence-fragments)
PAIRING: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak(néé Queen)
GENRE: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Future!Fic
RATING: General Audiences
SUMMARY: Five times Oliver and Felicity spend the holidays apart, and the one time they spend it together.

Merry Christmas, Darling

Felicity often gets sentimental about things, especially around the holidays. Maybe there’s something in the dusting off the decorations that have been packed up for about eleven months, or the joy that being surrounded by family brings to her. She didn’t always have that, especially when growing up. It was just her and her mom and the small candles on the menorah. Now there was not only her mother, but Oliver to keep her warm at night, John and Lyla and little Sara, who was the most excited about Christmas morning, Thea and her surprise guest Roy and even Laurel and Sara dropped by for eggnog and latkes before going to Central City to spend Christmas with their mother. Team Flash called in over Skype to wish everyone happy holidays and for the first time in years, the holidays weren’t lonely or a sad reminder of the people who weren’t there.

Felicity sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the giant Christmas tree Oliver had somehow managed to get up to the penthouse and through their front door. There was a box of pictures and old, seemingly meaningless memorabilia in her lap.

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physticuffs  asked:

sorry, i think i'm missing something--i'm not clear on why you dislike when people wish you merry christmas? like if they do it innocently not knowing you're jewish? lots of places in the US christians are such an overwhelming majority people might not even think about it when they wish someone a merry christmas. or are you referring to a specific type of posts?

1. People should not automatically just say Merry Christmas because they should not assume everyone is Christian. Say Happy Holidays if you must even though it assumes that your religious holiday in during this season which is not great, but better then Merry Christmas.

2. There have been many instances where Christians have gone and wished Merry Christmas to Jewish bloggers even though they knew said blogger was Jewish.