merry jesters

FE: Fates Name Changes Pt. 2

JPN - Kamui

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Powerful, god-like”

ENG - Corrin

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Spear-bearer”

 JPN - Aqua

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Water”

ENG - Azura

Origin: English

Meaning: Derived from azure, a shade of blue.

JPN - Kazahana

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Snowflake”

ENG - Hana

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Flower”

JPN - Joker

Origin: English

Meaning: “Jester, merry fellow.” Very ironic. Also the “wild card” in a deck of cards.

ENG - Jakob

Origin: German

Meaning: “Supplanter”

JPN - Elfie

Origin: English

Meaning: “Elf strength”

ENG - Effie

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Well-spoken”

JPN - Harold

Origin: English

Meaning: “Army commander.” Reference to King Harold II, historically known as “Harold the Unfortunate.”

ENG - Arthur

Origin: English

Meaning: “Heroic.” Can also mean “bear-like.” Reference to the medieval hero King Arthur.

JPN - Tsubaki

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Camellia,” a stunning red flower.

ENG - Subaki

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Derived from “Tsubaki.”

  Stanczyk, 1862, oil on canvas by Jan Matejko, Polish, 1838-1893. Museum Narodowe (National Museum) Warsaw, Poland. He is counted among the most famous of Polish artists for his historic and political perspectives.

 The court jester at the ball of the court of King Sigismund and Queen Bona sits in deep thought as he has just learned of the loss of Smolensk to the Russians. His brooding is about the wars against Moscow and conviction they would end in tragedy. Matejko has given the jester his own facial features.

  As the court makes merry, the jester is in misery.

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