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                Merry Christmas @oikcwa, from your Secret Santa ♡


Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye


Okay @destielonfire​ and @amaelangel

Ask and you shall receive!

Here are my official 2017 Cockles Predictions!

(In no particular order)

  • Jensen will share some gross (both in the cute way and the literal meaning) bathroom related story about Misha.
  • Jared will imply during his and Misha’s panel at JIBCon, that Misha enjoys giving Jensen hand-jobs.
  • Jensen and Misha will go on a second family trip together– this time, camping!
  • During a livestream, we will get yet another Cockles headboop as well as a cheek kiss, all in the same video.
  • A fan will be at a SPN filming location and witness Jensen smacking Misha’s ass– hard … for seemingly no reason (that we’ll know of).
  • A photo/video of Misha enjoying one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • A follow-up photo (most likely posted by Danneel) of Jensen enjoying watching Misha enjoy one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • Misha, talking to his kids about “Uncle Jensen”.
  • At least three Jensen-specific items in this year’s GISHWHES.
  • Cockles hand-holding– a lot of it.

Dated for Posterity: March 16th, 2017.

skam characters tag game

tag these names and let tumblr fill in from tags you have written in the past. either pick the first one or you favourite one. skip the name if you have none:

“Sana…” “Elias…” “Yousef…” Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris, Isak, Even, Mahdi, Jonas, Magnus, Sara, Ingrid, Laila, Jamilla, Mari, Eskild, Linn, William (any version of his name)


 Penny Dreadful + first and last shots (part 1)

I’ll never get over how the first time we met Vanessa she’s desperately praying to God and her last act is seeing God in her final moments, or how the first time we meet Ethan he’s a gun for hire and he ends everything by shooting the woman he loves, or Victor who we first met playing with death like a chemistry set but has now seen too much of it to bare, or Sir Malcolm who we met searching for his dead daughter and now both his daughters are dead. And then there’s Dorian in an almost identical shot to how we met him because, like the portraits behind him, he is unchanging.


day 95/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Holidaze
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

If you guys haven’t heard this yet, is worth the shot.


-Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer

-Pierre Bouvier, from Simple Plan

- Alex Gaskarth, from All Time Low

-Joel Madden, from Good Charlotte

-John Feldmann,from Goldfinger


I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!