merry giftmas

Sans Decorates the Tree for Giftmas <3

I was trying my best to get this little ditty done before today, and seeing as how it will become irrelevant in less than 24 hours… Here it is! Sorry its unfinished!

I honestly have no idea where I was going with this. xD;; But yes, Sans is wearing a snuggie. o3o

to those who have survived twenty-four hours of the impending santa alarm, i commend you. the holidays are rough, especially this year, but whether you’re celebrating christmas or hanukkah, getting ready for kwanzaa or tet, or just being happy you made it through another week, i hope you have a wonderful day today. or, if that sounds totally unrealistic, i hope it is as stress-free as it can be and that even in the swirl of chaos, you find a few bright moments. above all else, please know you’re not alone. even if i’m relative stranger to you, my inbox is there. i don’t mind talking.

I want to buy a lot of presents for all of you guys but money is a real issue. SO hear me out. What I would love to do is mutually submit presents we would get each other, this way we could buy the thing for ourselves when we get the money, or just keep the submission because it’s a really cute gesture. Anyone who would want to “exchange gifts” with me send me a message whenever you read this saying you’re down. If you like the idea and wanna do it with others, feel free to! Use the tag #merry giftmas just so I can keep track.