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Merry Christmas family! 

I am always saying that we are a big family and yes we are. Today I wish you to be very happy. I hope we can be better with each other. I wish you to be very loving and loved. And spread that love! The world needs it! Thank you for your support. I will keep posting and keep the blog active as usual. Unfortunally we couldn’t reach 100k. But I am sure we will cause we are strong together. :) Thank you for all of your kind messages. I really do cherish every single one of you. Very Merry Christmas! Lots ot love xoxo

Big Tree Dreams

Summary: In which little and ridiculously ginormous Christmas dreams come true. Nalu Christmas tree farm AU. 

AN: MERRY CHRISTMAS @joannya! I’m your Secret Santa for @rivendell101′s Fic Exchange! I hope you have/had a wonderful holiday!!! Sorry this is late!! I mean it’s only been the 26th for one minute where I live, so does it still count…? I hope? I hope the Naluness makes up for my bad timing! Sorry, I’ve been with family cooking and cleaning and celebrating for days straight and finally I am free for about an hour… at midnight. Hehe. Well, here it is. :3

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The same question had circled around Natsu’s mind for several hours: Why would anyone wait till the night of Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas tree?

Lounging behind the thick, oak counter in the spinning office chair, Natsu grumpily huffed some pink bangs from his face and kicked a line of sleigh bells nearby. All of his friends were at parties, (not that he’d been invited, considering the fruit punch and puppy fiasco last year, but he’d been planning on coming anyway) or at home with their families. While Natsu’s only remaining family was his cat, his tiny apartment with his full refrigerator, hot sauce, and Netflix were far better company than the occasional passing car and the fire crackling mournfully in the corner.

Gramps, his boss at the little Christmas tree farm, had insisted that someone stay to man the place because someone still might come for a tree. (Why Natsu got chosen for the job unsupervised was a mystery to him, considering how prone he was to lighting things on fire. He kept lighters in his pocket that he’d flick on whenever he was bored. People referred to him as a pyromaniac in general conversation. And their entire business was trees. How did he even get a job here? Was he the only interviewee that knew how to swing an ax?) Well, if someone did come, Natsu figured he’d be just about ready to pick up his ax and brain whoever dared to step in that front door-

“Um, excuse me? Could I, ah, have some help?”

Natsu had been so busy simmering that he didn’t hear the bell ring for the angel at the door to get her wings.

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I took this picture earlier tonight and I’m in love with how it turned out! I hope you all like it as well! I’ve always favored colored fairy/christmas lights over plain white ones. To me colored lights are more nostalgic than the white ones, I also feel the colored ones can feel more festive. 
I do have to admit I keep colored lights up all year to remind myself of the comfort of the holidays. 
Anyways! I hope you all like this photo! I love hearing you feedback thank you all for the amazing support. Love you all! Stay Jolly! 


Merry Christmas!! 

Sorry for not posting these days, really I’ve been very busy and I have not had much time to draw, the previous month was disastrous, my computer had broken down and I couldn’t draw, but I think, I’m sure, that for new year I’ll have new computer.

I really wanted to draw something very Christmas, but I don’t have much time and I only have sketches … ugh … TTnTT