merry city

v a u d e v i l l e

it’s about time i made a proper character poster eh? ahh uhhh, if you care in the slightest if you’re curious from left to right is Emmit, Merri, and Jasper. Welcome to Vaudeville


Jeff Buckley talks with Paul and Linda McCartney after his show at Roseland on June 2, 1995, 21 years ago today, in New York City. Photos by Merri Cyr.

“She was gushing all over him, as was Paul. Now his career was really off and running.” Danny Fields

“Paul and Linda McCartney had come to see Jeff play that night and after the performance they came into the dressing room to meet him.  I remember Linda McCartney saying that she had known his father Tim and had taken some photos of him - they seemed to be honoring Jeff, coming to see him backstage.  When I look at that picture of Jeff I really get that he was trying to keep his cool, but his eyes are saying, “Can you believe it?!” He was very excited.” Merri Cyr