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Ah, yes….Victor

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Radiating sex appeal

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Go celebrate with your boyfriend, you handsome dork.

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And, Levi

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You’d probably scoff at the idea of your “birthday”

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and “push” everybody away

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but we all know you totally love it all

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especially being with your troublesome trio.

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So, Happy birthday to my two guys 

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Victor of the 64th Hunger Games → Natasha Romanoff

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Secret Santa || MURPHY x READER - Christmas!AU

Anonymous said: Hi!! I love your Murphy imagins so much, so I was wondering if you could do a John Murphy x reader imagine where everyone is doing Secret Santa, and the reader ends up picking Murphy’s name, and during the gift exchange Murphy gets flustered bc he wasn’t expecting to actually get a present

Hey, guys! Sorry for not posting so long, I hope this one makes up for the wait!
I recommend you listening some great Christmas Music mix while reading ;)
Word count: 3,800
Warnings: mild language, suggestive theme (only a few times)
I really hope you enjoy this one, and I wish all of you Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, whatever you may celebrate. (Or heck all three, as Jon Cozart sang it.)

John Murphy.

The name was written on that piece of jagged-edged paper Jasper was supposed to write his essay on. (The dead-line was due tomorrow, but he gave up after he couldn’t write more than six pages out of ten.)

Octavia was the one who originally came up with the idea that we should do Secret Santa this year. I had this tiny little bit of a suspect that she did so to help Murphy.

See, we had this little group of friends for what seemed like forever – me, Clarke, Raven, Monty, Jasper, Octavia and his brother, Bellamy. We lived close to each other as kids, then went to the same kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school until eventually we’ve ended up going to universities or straight to working. Fortunately, we remained in the same city and so it felt like nothing changed – well, more or less.

We were juniors when Octavia met Lincoln, who was graduating from university, actually; Bellamy wasn’t exactly happy with his baby sister dating someone even older than him, but Lincoln proved himself, and became a steady part of our team. Bellamy had other things to worry about, anyway – their mother remarried around the same time; she was a very caring woman who made same bad decisions, which led her to two divorces. Then she met Alex Murphy, and after they got married, his son, John started to hang out with us. It’s been years but he still haven’t exactly fit in, but Octavia insisted we invite him everywhere, so…

I had nothing against him. Quite the opposite, really; he was something different which caught my attention, and sometimes my dreams were filled with his clear blue eyes and nice lips.

But how was I supposed to buy anything for him?!

“So what about these?” I asked, pointing toward a few colorful candles. They were supposedly perfumed as well; the candle and bath salt section was drenched in an overwhelming smell of vanilla, jasmine and peaches, among other things.

Murphy wrinkled his nose in slight disgust and incomprehension. “What are these?”

I pulled up my shoulders almost to my ears, and puckered my lips to the side. It was a bold move to invite him to search for Christmas presents for the few people I haven’t bought anything yet – including himself. Of course, I didn’t tell him that I was his Secret Santa, I merely obliquely hinted that he had a car and a driving license whilst I had no money for bus and a huge shopping list. As soon as the guys sensed that we were going shopping, everyone started to add their own wishes to the list, and in the end, we were responsible for the whole Christmas party’s supplies.

I could hardly recall a time when I was alone with Murphy; we were occasionally left in the same room at the Blake’s house, or sat in our box at the local pub we usually gone to, when the other left for drinks or to smoke or to the bathroom. But there wasn’t one time when we were purposefully together. It filled me with an unsettling feeling, new but kinda exciting.

“Floating candles,” I said, picking up a pack. It said they were rose perfumed.

“And what are those good for?” Murphy snickered.

“It’s for bathing, you know,” I shook my head and put it back.

“But what do they do?”

“Nothing. They just… float. And you can light them. Dunno, you won’t feel so alone in the tub?”

Murphy raised an eyebrow and grinned. “If you don’t want to feel alone, you can bath with me.”

I felt warmness creeping up to my cheeks, and I looked to the side, self-consciously. “Yeah, well, my tub would be a bit of a tight fit.”

“I’ll buy you a bigger one,” he proposed, that smirk never melting from his lips, even as I shook my head, trying to force back an embarrassed smile.

Grabbing a nice, blue candle as a gift for my mom and putting it carefully into the shopping cart, I signed for Murphy. He caught up to me, a small merry half-smile on his face, with the cart as I turned to another row, eyeing my shopping list with a frown.

“We still need some hot cocoa, olive oil, two dozen eggs, baking soda, frozen pizza, poppy seeds…”

“You can’t fathom the amount of shit I don’t give,” Murphy rolled his eyes, elbowing on the handle with a drawn-out look. “Sorry, sweet cheeks, your rambling is music to my ears, but it’s flogging the dead horse. I hear no words, only the sway of ocean. Just tell me where I should take a turn.”

I huffed and shook my head, muttering under my nose,” It’s Christmas, don’t be so down.”

“I’m not exactly fond of Christmas,” Murphy raised an eyebrow before looking over my shoulder, into my list. “What do we need double fudge chunk ice cream for? That’s totally useless. It’s winter.”

“Hey, hey, hey!” I pointed my index finger at him furiously. “I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me!”

“Alright, chill!”

“Chill your own ass,” I puffed, taking a sharp turn toward the frozen food section. Jasper and Monty, given they are two guys living together, asked for an amount of frozen pizzas enough to feed a smaller army.

Given the fact that Murphy volunteered selflessly to come shopping with me, my harsh treatment was really unfair toward him. I couldn’t help but act on my jumping and rambling nerves; I wanted him to come so I could figure out what I should get him for Christmas, but so far it was useless.

It was the 21th, which meant I had three days till the Christmas dinner we were having at Lincoln’s.

I spent five years with him, and I still couldn’t figure him out.

This seemed like an impossible mission.

We’ve managed to find everything we needed, and after two hours of walking around, we finally moved to the cashier – only to find a mile long line.

“Aaaaaah, c’mon!” Murphy grunted, head-butting the handle with an audible groan. I watched the other cashiers with a desperate frown, but the situation was the same at all of them. Endless waiting, kids running around, assholes grumbling with their wives and obnoxious douche-bags trying to shout through the crowd’s noise on the phone.

The previous years, we’ve spent Christmas at our respective families, so I usually did shopping with my mom. Now as I looked over at Murphy (whose leather jacket made him look hotter than I bothered to admit), I felt a sudden rush of something bringing a proud smile to my lips – maybe it was… adulthood? Shopping with a guy – with Murphy – surely was a new experience, and a warmly welcomed one.

I kept thinking about stuff like these, how things slowly changed, even as we’ve managed to pay and reach Murphy’s car with our half dozen plastic bags. Murphy kept rumbling about others people’s shitty driving techniques, I almost saw tiny puffs of steam coming out of his ears whistling as his face reddened. It must’ve been a driver thing, this useless hatred toward every car and pedestrian who wasn’t him.

I didn’t pay attention to his swearing and occasional shouting as he inched out of the parking lot, dozens of arriving cars circling around, trying to find an empty spot in the Christmas madness. Rather, I found myself eyeing the dashboard, surfing through the radio channels, and wondering how arms could look sensual.

Murphy’s arms were sensual, I decided as I gazed at his hands on the steering wheel; his fingers were long and elegant, and the veins on his forearm slightly popped out…

I heard Murphy saying something but it was blurred and echo-like for me. I shook my head and looked up at his face. “Say what?”

“Good morning. I asked if you got every present you wanted,” Murphy smirked, looking at me for only a brief moment before fixing his gaze on the road. Not only arms were sensual, but the way men drove was, too. That adult-y feeling rushed over me again as I closed my eyes for a moment, turning back forward with a satisfied smile.

“More or less.” I still don’t have yours. Care to give me advice telepathically? “I’ve already wrapped Bellamy’s and Lincoln’s, I’ve bought Clarke’s and Raven’s now, Monty’s is on the way, and I’m going on a wellness weekend with Octavia. Jasper’s will be risky, though, I can only pick that one up on 24th. I had a t-shirt made for him, and they have a lot of orders coming in with the holidays approaching…”

“Didn’t you buy a t-shirt for him last year, too?”

“But it’s a different one!” I argued. “That one said ‘Geek life is a normal life but with dragons’, and this years’ says ‘Jedi in training’ with a lightsaber. He really liked that movie.”

“The Force Awakens was a good movie,” Murphy tilted his head to the side. “No matter what they say, I think Chewie was more of a humorous relief than BB-8…”

“You went to see Star Wars?” I asked in awe.” When? You didn’t want to come see it with us!”

Murphy opened his mouth to say something but before he did, he closed it and shook his head with an eye-roll. I nudged his shoulder, making him mutter,” I didn’t want your pity-invite so I went alone.”

What? Have I heard him right? Blinking rapidly in wonderment, I gasped, “Pity-invite? Is that even a real word, like…? No, doesn’t matter. What do you mean by pity-invite? We just invited you. There was no pity in there.”

Murphy shot me a serious look. “We both know that’s not true.”

I wanted to object, but had to realize that he was right – there was no intention of pity when we asked if he wanted to come with us to see Star Wars, but it there was no bet. He either said yes or no, it didn’t really matter since the important thing was we asked him like with everything else.

Sensing my growing bubble of embarrassment and self-shame, Murphy snorted. “Look, it’s okay. I know you guys are just polite, and I also happen to know that you only invited me into this whole Secret Santa thing because Octavia insisted. And it’s fine. I don’t even think I’ll go to your party.”

“What? Why?” I suddenly leaned toward him with worried eyes.

“Nothing personal. I just don’t get this ado about Christmas, and… WATCH OUT, YOU ASSHOLE! THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! USE THE FUCKING INDEX LIGHTS! YEAH, WELL, FUCK YOU, TOO!” he shouted suddenly as some random guy took a sharp turn in front of him and Murphy had to hit the breaks kinda hard to stop in time. “I can’t believe people,” he grunted. “And it’s not even snowing…”

He was right, it wasn’t, which made my heart let out a heavy sigh. It was cold as hell out, but no snow yet. I was started to get devastated that we weren’t going to have a white Christmas.

“Why don’t you like Christmas?” I chirped after a while into the silence. Murphy looked at me once, twice, with serious eyes before laughing without humor.

“You mean why I don’t get the crazy-ass mess evolving around the middle of December in the 21th century when momentary happiness is price-tagged in forms of hideously expensive presents? Gee, I don’t know…”

“Don’t try to sass me out. You clearly hate the whole of Christmas, not just the presents…” Murphy remained silent but his lips pressed into a thin line. “Okay, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I was just curious.”

“My mom died the week before Christmas,” Murphy said, his voice a mere whisper. My eyes widened and my heart sunk; it was all so clear now.

“I’m so sorry,” I confessed, biting in my lower lip. “I didn’t know that she… I thought your parents just got a divorce or something…If I knew, I mean…”

“It’s okay. I mean, obviously not okay, but it was a long time ago, I was five and I don’t really remember her, not even how she looked like, so it doesn’t bug me that much,” he shrugged, taking a turn. “But my dad never celebrated Christmas after that for years so it’s not anything special for me.”

In that moment, I knew what I was going to give to him.

I wanted a white Christmas – but not at this cost.

Snow fell upon the city unexpectedly. On the 22th and 23th, almost two feet of snow covered everything, the morning frost making the roads slippery and causing a lot of accidents which led to mile long traffic jams. I was sitting in one of them, already an hour late to the Christmas party.

I’ve managed to put most of my presents under Lincoln’s tree the day before, but I had Jasper’s and most importantly, Murphy’s present at hand, coming from the gift shop I had them made at.

I’ve checked my phone again, as if seeing every minute pass slowly could make anything better.

“No use, sweetheart,” the taxi driver said regretfully as he saw me trying to make a call again. “Every line is busy.”

“I will never make it there,” I sighed and leaned my head against the side window, looking out at the view. Cars and snowdrifts everywhere; even though it hasn’t snowed today, it was a disaster anyway.

“I’m really sorry. I long to be with my family, too.”

The usually fifteen minutes ride took me five hours. When I got out of the taxi in front of Lincoln’s apartment, it was already pitch dark outside. Rushing in and up the stairs, I started to knock madly on the door.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Octavia shouted, jumping into my neck, wrapping me in a bear-hug. She ushered me inside, taking the presents from my hand and putting them down on the table in the living room. “Guys, Y/N is here!”

“Holy Mary and Baby Jesus, you alright?!” Jasper came rushing to hug me, worry in his slightly unfocused eyes. “We were so worried about you!”

“We’ve tried to call you at least twice a dozen times,” Clarke nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, and I’m so sorry!” I sighed, slightly out of breath as I took off my coat and smiled at Bellamy who petted my head and hung my coat for me. “Duh, it’s such a mad house out there! And… Hey, where’s Murphy?” I suddenly asked, trying to peek in the kitchen where Octavia was walking around in an apron, interpreting something to Raven. Everyone was in the living room, except for them and Murphy.

Bellamy exchanged a meaningful look with Clarke.

“He left.”

My heart missed a beat. “Wh-what?”
“He just left,” Bellamy shrugged. “We’ve tried to make him stay but he didn’t want to so after you missed the gift exchange… He’s tried to start his car but I guess he haven’t succeeded because it’s still parked in front of the house.”

“When did he leave?” I asked, already getting up from my seat.

“Like, fifteen minutes ago…? But, hey, Y/N…!”

I don’t know what Bellamy said after that, because I was out already, Murphy’s gift in hand, and I ran down the stairs, running out to the street like a madman. Bellamy was right, Murphy’s car was there, so I guessed he must’ve started to walk his way home. I wasted no time heading toward his apartment.

It took me around five minutes of sprinting, but soon enough, I saw a lonely figure walking slowly under the street lights with his hands in his pockets, his shoulders benched forward.

“Murphy!” I shouted his name, and he stopped, turning around in a circle and eyeing me with sheer surprise.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, his bright blue eyes wide and roaming over me. “What are you doing here? And where is your coat?”

I held up my index finger to sign him ‘wait’; as soon as I stopped in front of him, almost slipping in a patch of snow, I leaned forward, resting my hands on my knees as I almost spit my lung out, trying to breath.

“My… my what?” I creaked. That’s when I realized I was in such a hurry I left my coat at Lincoln. I shook my head.  “I left it on the hanger.”

“You’ll catch a cold,” Murphy grunted. He unzipped his leather jacket, pulled it off, and held it out for me. “C’mon.”

“But then you’ll be cold.”

“That’s just what we’re taught to do, alright? Now, come here, or do I have to make you?”

He didn’t. I let him put his jacket on me while I watched him in awe. He had a beanie on, few strands of his dark hair sticking out on his forehead. The jacket, of course, was too big for me, the sleeves hiding my hands, but it smelled like Murphy. I buried my face up to my nose into the collar of it.

I thought he could only surprise me so much – but he added another level of astonishment when he stood next to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulder, pulled me to his side.

“Let’s get you back to Lincoln, then.” And with that, he started to slowly walk back.

It took me approximately two minutes to catch my breath, and pay attention to what Murphy was wearing. When I did, I put my hand on his chest, and almost pushed myself away.

“What the hell is this?” I pointed at his sweater with a grin. It was bright red, with a lot of unrecognizable green stuff and one deer in the middle, whose red nose was a big fluffy puff.

“The ugliest fucking sweater I’ve ever worn,” Murphy commented, looking down at it himself. “Octavia got me this. I’m not sure if it’s a present or a punishment, yet.”

“Present… present!” I shouted, suddenly remembering why I was late the first place. I was grabbing onto Murphy’s present all along but he didn’t ask so now, to make sure he understood it was his, I basically pushed it into his face. “Hey, I’m really sorry I was late, but… this is yours. Happy Christmas!”

I doubt Murphy’s eyes were ever wider. He took the little rectangle-shaped box somewhat bashfully and slowly opened it. With a softening gaze, he asked in a low voice. “What’s this?”

“It’s you and your mom,” I explained as he took the framed picture out. “When you said you didn’t even remember how she looked like, I thought this could be useful. I spent the whole night trying to dig up photos on the internet before going over to your dad’s and asking for his help. It wasn’t easy, seeing as it’s been a while and apparently, you never took a lot of pictures, but I had a friend who helped me beefing up the quality a bit.”

Murphy remained silent for a while. “I… don’t know what to say,” he admitted, tearing his gaze away from the picture and looking at me, flustered. “I knew you’ve pulled my name but… I thought you didn’t want to give me anything, that’s why you didn’t come…”

“God, no!” I put my hand on his arm reassuringly. “But the town is totally crazy, haven’t you see? I got into a traffic jam. And I’m so sorry! I never…”

Suddenly, Murphy hugged me strongly, and buried his face into my hair.

“Thank you,” he murmured, his hot breath on my neck melting my insides. His voice was ragged, so I suspected he was trying really hard not to cry.

We stood like that for a minute, hugging in the middle of the street. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

Suddenly, the Deck The Halls started to play out of nowhere, and Murphy jumped back.

“Sorry,” he laughed, pointing toward his sweater. “If you push the nose button, it plays songs. So horrible. Definitely punishment.”

“No problem,” I laughed, and we started to walk again, in delightful silence – Murphy was eyeing the picture as if he was afraid he could lose sight of his mom in any moment. When we reached the block of Lincoln’s house, I said: “She was really pretty.”

“Yeah, she was,” Murphy agreed.

“You were really cute, too. How old are you there? Three? Not that you’re not cute now…”

Before I could’ve restrained myself, I said the words. Realizing my mistake, I looked up at Murphy worriedly, secretly hoping that he was so caught up in his own world, he wouldn’t have paid attention to me.

He did. And he looked at me with that unbelieving look of his.


“I…” Damn, there’s no turning back! “You’re cute. Kinda. And… I like you? And yeah, maybe most of the times we only invited you to places out of politeness, but you’re kind of fun to be around, when you’re in a good mood. Which is admittedly rare, because you’re grumpy and sarcastic and angry…”

“Keep sweet talking,” Murphy grinned, but his grin wasn’t as sure as it usually was. He was very much interested in what I was saying; hopeful and happy as well, in his unique repressed way.

“The important thing is: I like you. And I wanted you to know,” I finished with a quick nod, waiting anxiously for his response.

“I like you, too,” Murphy said quietly, a small smile playing on his lips. “Very much so.”

I smiled back at him.

Maybe I was the one who started leaning in – or not? It wasn’t even important. Which was, though, was how his lips were hot and soft as he attached them to mine in a chaste, slow, delicate kiss. It left me burning for more; closing my eyes, I wrapped my hands around his neck, and he did the same with my waist, the both of us trying to pull the other as close to our body as we could. The game of our lips soon became more needy and passionate, Murphy’s tongue gently licking over my lower lip…

“What are you doing? Get down there, before – WATCH OUT!” someone, probably Raven shouted from Lincoln’s apartment; the window was open, so we heard every word clearly, making us separate and look up to the third floor window.

“No, no, Jasper, that’s NOT GOING TO WORK – WHOA!”


“It was Jasper, not me!”

“Alright!” That was definitely Bellamy. “Who the hell SPIKED THE EGGNOG?!”

Murphy and I giggled together, looking at each other.

“We should probably go upstairs,” I said, running my hand along his side, still wrapped in his embrace.

“Yeah, probably,” he hummed. “Or we could go and see if the two of us can fit into my tub.”

“Don’t tempt me!”

“Anakin Skywalker, meet Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Hi guys! Since it’s Christmas/Yule/Winter/Whatever-you-celebrate holidays, I’ll have a little more time to draw, so I’ll upload something soon… I hope!

Soo… Anakin and Obi-Wan, since I’ve never drawn them together :). I thought I’d try something a bit more realistic than my usual manga/anime style… I think I like it.

Anyway, merry christmas guys!! ^^

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Requested by anon:

Hi, I read your new imagine and it was amazing, could I request my own MinhoXreader imagine please? (If you have too many imagines there’s no pressure at all 😌) So maybe A really fluffy Christmas themed one, y/n really wants Christmas, decorates the glade and everything & organises a day off. Minho, who likes her and is gentle and sweet towards her, makes sure they end up under the mistletoe together without her realising, once they’re under it he gets all smirking and confident

Requested by anon:

I really liked ur last minho imagine. Can I request an imagine where it is christmas themed as well but the reader is really shy and blushes every time minho comes near her and they spend good time with other gladers but there has got to be a fluff

A/N: Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. I hope you spend a great day today, guys! And enjoy the festive imagine! :D

I squeaked loudly, the sound resounding all over the Glade and the boys turning to look at me to see what was happening to me.

Meanwhile, I heard Minho laughing below me as he lifted me up in his arms.

“What… what are you doing?” I asked him, confused as I looked down at him.

He grinned at me sweetly but with a hint of a smug smirk as usual.

“Helping you with the decorations” He simply told me, as if it were obvious.

I pouted and got back to hanging the tinsel on the wall of the Maze so he could put me down again.

Indeed, when I finally put it up he carefully put me down in the floor again.

When we were face to face, I couldn’t help but to look away.

The way Minho looked at me was unique. Everyone in the Glade noticed it and commented on how fond he was of me.

In fact, I was the only one Minho was extremely sweet with. And I liked that he behaved like that, but it also inhibited me because of my shyness.

He looked around and his grin grew wider when he noticed the lights turned on.

“Do you know these lights show off your beauty?” Minho coolly leaned on the wall and smirked.

I felt my cheeks burning violently, so I looked down to hide my blush.

“Minho…” I complained coyly, even if I was smiling a little.

The Runner chuckled and gave me a friendly clap on the arm.

“But this decoration is great, Y/N. Really” As usual, he showed that sweet and gentle side of him no one else was allowed to see.

I cautiously looked up and smiled softly.

“Thank you”

For a moment, Minho and I looked at each other. In fact, we were staring as if we were hypnotized.

For some reason, I sensed such affection in him, in his dark eyes as he looked at me… it sent butterflies to my stomach. Because he was watching me with a tiny smile that he probably didn’t even know had arrived to his lips.

Minho reached out a hand to put a tuft of hair behind my ear and smiled sweetly as I did too.

Then, the charm broke as I heard someone clapping on Minho’s back.

“Dinner’s ready, mate” It was Newt, grinning from ear to ear.

“On my way” Minho reluctantly looked away from me and to the blond.

“Frypan made chicken nuggets” Thomas arrived too, causing our intimate moment to be totally ruined.

“Let’s go then” Figuring there was no going back to that moment, I started walking to have dinner with everyone.


We all laughed with Frypan’s answer.

Everyone was saying what they wanted for Christmas, and his answer was ‘a better kitchen would be nice’.

I grew absent as I realized I had no idea what I wanted. Of course, my wish would be for my Glader boys to be happy, maybe I’d wish for a way out. But I had to be realistic.

As I absently minded watched the boys chatting, I knew none of them really wished for those stuff they mentioned. They all wished the same as I.

“So what do you bloody want then, Minho?” Newt asked him, startling him.

“Huh?” He was sitting next to me and stirred on his seat. “Nothing”

Newt rolled his eyes at Minho and the Runner huffed in response.

“Really?” Winston mumbled tiredly.

“You’ve got to want something…” Thomas muttered too, looking at Teresa with the corner of his eye.

When he noticed the way Thomas looked at her, Minho grinned a little.

“He definitely wants something” Jeff laughed, pointing at him.

“Yeah, look at that smirk” Zart laughed with him, amused by Minho’s expression.

“What is it, Min?” I asked him lowly, feeling curious as to know what he was thinking at that exact moment.

For a long moment, Minho stared at me in deep thought.

Then, he finally opened his mouth to break the silence that had settled within the Gladers. Before he spoke, only occasional chuckles or giggles were heard.

“Maybe a shuck mirror to take care of my awesome quiff” He finally replied, smugly.

Everyone burst out laughing again, mocking Minho’s stupidity.

The Runner just smirked and stood up, excusing himself as we had finished having dinner a long time ago.

I followed after him and held him by the arm to stop him.

“Min” I called him shyly.

“Yeah?” He looked over his shoulder to me with a gentle smile.

“There’s gotta be something you really want for Christmas” I followed after him as he kept on walking, heading to the Homestead.

Minho didn’t reply at first, he just kept walking.

I observed his wide back and his broad shoulders as I walked behind him without a word more.

Then he finally stopped at the threshold of the building and turned to me.

“Come on, what is it that you want?” I insisted, the curiosity taking over me.

Besides, if I found out what he wanted maybe I could give it to him. I wanted to make him happy to thank him for being so good to me.

Minho kept silent as he put his arm over my shoulders.

I thought that maybe I was making him uncomfortable and, even though I wasn’t the talkative type, I felt the need to keep on talking to avoid the silence.

“I mean, I would like a lot of things. Some of them are silly things that I can actually get” While I spoke, Minho nodded and moved me as he still held me by the shoulders. There was a tiny smile on his face as he did so. “Like Frypan making chocolate cookies. Or to manage to make Thomas smile for once. Or getting a big long hug from you”

I didn’t mean to say the last part, but I said it, and Minho stared at me dumbfounded.

“Is that so?” Of a sudden, he looked very confident as he watched me with that smirk of his.

I felt myself blushing harder than ever, and I wished I could disappear.

But of a sudden I felt his strong arms wrapping around my frame and I happily sighed as I cuddled to his chest and closed my eyes to enjoy the warmth of his body and the closeness.

My lips softly curved up as I hugged to his torso tightly.

“You could have asked for it, stupid” Minho simply told me as he rested his chin on the top of my head.

I chuckled, knowing that he was having the time of his life.

Still, the hug was long and warm, just as I imagined.

“To answer your question” He began talking again. “All I want for Christmas is you”

Surprised by such statement, I looked up at him.

He smiled sweetly and, without breaking the hug, leaned forward.

He was trying to kiss me, and I was so startled that I took a step back. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to kiss me. Of course I wanted to!

I was just so… shocked… I couldn’t stop myself as I backed away from him with a gasp.

“What the shuck?” Minho managed to utter as he lost balance, taken aback by my reaction.

He took me with him too as he fell, but he managed to turn the fall a little so he didn’t crush me with his weight on top of me.

His arms around me protected me too as we both fell on our sides, still hugging each other.

“I’m sorry!” I apologized, resting my back on the floor. “I was just surprised, I didn’t mean to… Min, I…”

Minho chuckled too. I expected him to be mad, but he was just amused.

I looked up as he rested his hands at both sides of my head and looked down at me. Behind him, I saw the mistletoe that hung at the door, the one that was directly upon us.

He had tried to position us under it the whole time.

“Are you hurt?” Minho worried, pushing the hair away from my face sweetly.

“No” I giggled, feeling silly for my mini freak out.

To make it up for him, I leaned forward and kissed him right in the lips.

Minho gave in the kiss after a second of daze and then stared deeply into my eyes as he pulled away.

Nimbly, he stood up and offered me a hand. I took it and he pulled me up effortlessly.

Once the both of us were on our feet, he smirked. I didn’t need to hear any words from him to know what he was thinking that time. His smug smirk told me that he loved the fact that I kissed him because he was irresistible to me or something along those lines.

So I just pursed my lips together in a coy grin as he squeezed the hand that he was still holding and pulled me closer to him.

I decided to pipe up and tease him for once.

“If you wanted a kiss you could have asked for it, stupid” Instead of sounding smug and smooth, I stuttered and it came out low as a whisper.

Yet it amused Minho, because he let out a heartfelt guffaw and kissed me in the forehead.

I hid my face on his chest and hugged him tight, feeling lucky that I got what I wanted for Christmas.

In fact, it seemed like the both of us got what we wanted.

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Crave - paperstorm (4100 words)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings
Characters: Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Explicit Sexual Content, Bottom!Luke

Summary: Michael has one complaint about being Luke’s boyfriend. Just one.

I have the best readers in the entire world! I am truly humbled by the amount of hits and kudos and comments my 5sos stories get. You guys always fill the comments with such amazing, beautiful words that make me smile and make my day brighter and make the times when writing is frustrating completely worth it. I am grateful for every single one of you, and I’m sure not all of you celebrate Christmas but I do, so I wrote a little bit of Clemmings smut for you as a Christmas present. Because what better way to celebrate Jesus’s birthday then with gay porn?? I hope you enjoy! Merry whatever holiday you celebrate and best wishes for 2016!

Love Andie xo

anonymous asked:

Hi i hope it's okay if i leave a Sterek prompt for you. One where Stiles makes one of those videos showing the presents he had for Christmas.Just as he thinks he's finished Derek says he's forgotten one then hands a confused Stiles a small box and a note.

I couldn’t figure out the note part, so I changed it a bit. I hope you still enjoy it Nonny!

I based Stiles channel off of DanTDM.


The video begins with Stiles leaning back in his computer chair, chewing absently at his bottom lip. Behind him is a large floor to ceiling bookshelf where a hole in the wall used to be, and the loft is full of end of day sunlight. Stiles squints down at the bottom of the screen and attempts to flatten his hair, before rolling his eyes and giving up.

“So…I’m supposed to be doing a Christmas video. You guys have sent me so many amazing things and I wanted to open a few in front of you, but I gotta be honest with you, my closest nine million friends, I’m just not feeling it. I’m feeling pretty Grinchy, in fact.”

He pulls his legs up and crosses them beneath him, leaning forward with his elbows planted on his knees. “Actually, I think I’m more like CindyLou Who…living with THE GRINCH,” he turns his head and shouts the last two words off camera. “Derek’s been in a funk all week and he refuses to tell me what’s up. He keeps insisting that he’s fine which…fuck that…like I don’t know him well enough to know when something’s bothering him. He thinks it’s okay to just lie to my face. And then he gets mad at me for asking!”

Stiles throws his hands up in the air and his eyes widen as the chair tips back a little too far, flailing wildly before catching his balance. He lets out a shaky laugh and shakes his head.

“Well, obviously none of that is gonna make it to the final cut. Derek would kill me for complaining about him to the whole world. Or our YouTube world anyway.”

He performs a little wiggling dance in his chair and shakes his hands out, preparing himself. After exhaling a forceful breath he sits up straight in the chair and waits a beat.

“Hi guys! Merry Christmas, or you know…whatever you celebrate. We don’t judge here at StilinStiles HQ. Merry Whatever Day! So, I know I promised I’d be playing with the new Minecraft Santa mod soon but since I have the best fans in the Universe, I’ve decided instead to open presents! Seriously, I have a whole pile and I’d like to open a bunch on camera so you guys can see it.”

He picks up a box with comic-book wrapping paper and shakes it beside his ear. “This is a total blind reaction, so hopefully no one sent me a dead bird.”

He looks at the pile and frowns. “Damn it. I forgot the ones that came in yesterday. Uggghhhhh.”

“I might just leave this in. I’m way too lazy to re-do the intro. So. Wait right here. I’ll be right back,” he mumbles to himself.

He stands up, the only thing visible to the camera is a close shot of his t-shirt that says “Mustache Rides” beneath a black cartoon mustache, until he walks off frame muttering. A couple of minutes later another man walks into the frame. He has stubble and muscles for days, but with a serious case of bitch face. He frowns even harder and shuffles his feet; he doesn’t seem to be aware that the camera is watching him. He tilts his head and takes a deep breath, his chest visibly rising and falling. He rolls his neck and shakes out his hands before dropping to one knee.

“I’m cooooommminnng. I decided I am definitely not going to bother editing this out either ‘cause I’m a lazy biiitch,” Stiles’ voice precedes him and he’s still talking when he comes back into view of the camera. He’s clutching a bunch of stuffed manila envelopes, his grip precarious, but he stops dead when he sees the man on the floor.

“Derek?” He squints and then looks at the camera, confused as though the audience will answer his unspoken question.

Derek clears his throat and pulls a small black box out of his pocket, holding it out in the palm of his hand. His face is terrified and his body looks tense. Stiles’ mouth drops open and all the packages slip slowly out of his hands, making soft plats as they hit the floor.

“Stiles, I love you. I love your humor, and your kindness, and your unending loyalty.”

Stiles’ eyebrows have hit his hairline. “Derek…”

“I have a speech, Stiles.”

“Oh. Right. Sorry.”

Derek glares at him and shifts a bit before starting again. “I love that you’re mean sometimes, and petty, and hyperactive. And that you cannot, for the life of you, put the towels in the hamper after your shower.”

“Are you proposing or insulting me?”

“I. Have. A. Speech.” Derek grits out through his teeth. He waits another beat. “My point is, if you’d let me finish, that I love everything about you. I want you here in my home and my life forever, Stiles,” he takes a another deep breath. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh my god! YES!” Stiles’ eyes look a little shiny and he launches himself at Derek in a flurry of limbs, knocking him to the floor. Derek catches him and controls the fall with suspicious grace, only a small thump audible when they land. On his way down, Stiles’ foot catches at the power cord and the camera tilts wildly until all that’s visible is their feet; Stiles’ converse tucked up against Derek’s bare feet, accompanied by wet smacking sounds and a deep groan.

“Oh shit! The camera’s still on.”


Stiles stands up and rights the camera, giving a sheepish smile and a little wave before the camera goes black again.

Across the screen slide garish colored letters in an equally garish font.

“I didn’t edit any of this. 'Cause I’m getting married, bitches! To the hottest guy on the planet. I’ll make a proper video after Christmas. I promise!”

A SHINee Christmas

Jonghyun: merry christmas you guys i hope you enjoy your gifts :)

Kibum: why is a devil worshipper like you celebrating christmas?

Jonghyun: oh my god


Taemin: i don’t need your gifts i have money

Onew: I know what it is anyway


Minho: i’m sure whatever it is it’s very nice :)

Jonghyun: thank you tall man :)

Onew: oh surprise surprise it’s a copy of both of his albums and his book

Kibum: for fucks sake

Taemin: we get it oh my god you had two solo albums and you have a book! let us live and move on!

Kibum: you copied taemin anyway



Kibum: YOU

Taemin: ARE

Kibum: AN



Kibum: my gift was better

Taemin: those ugly dog sweaters?

Kibum: …bitch


Taemin: sorry but you made ugly sweaters



Minho: i thought everyone’s gifts were wonderful!

Onew: why am i not drunk yet

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Imagine holding a small Christmas party for Seventeen after their concert where you guys exchanged presents and had an overall great time.

BONUS: After receiving Woozi’s present, you opened it only to realize that he got you something you’ve been wanting for a while now. You looked at him in disbelieve because you didn’t thought he’ll remember about it before pulling him into a hug to show your gratitude.

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