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Merry Christmas - Deadpool x Reader

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Summary: Christmas Request. Deadpool and reader are best friends and he is head over heels for her. On Christmas day he shows up at her house to surprise her….
Notes: I really like this request. It’s super cute. So thank you. I always need more Deadpool in my life.

The gift giving was over for the most part and it was that time in the day when everyone had had significant alcohol and food so were either sleepy or full on loud. 
You heard the doorbell ring and used it as an excuse to excuse yourself.

Opening the door, you found yourself face to mask with your best friend, Wade WIlson.

“Wade! Merry Christmas!” You yelled, enveloping him in a careful hug without knocking his plate full of Chimichangas.

“Yeah, Merry Christmas (Y/n).” He seemed a little nervous, which was unusual.

Suddenly noticing what he was wearing, a laugh escaped your lips. Along with his mask, Wade wore dark jeans and a Deadpool Christmas jumper.

“I love it!” You said, poking him gently in the chest.

You thought he was grinning but you couldn’t really tell. 

“Well, these are for you.” He handed you the plate of Chimichangas and your grin widened. 

“Thank you so much! I got you something but I ordered it online and it hasn’t arrived yet.”

“That’s fine, I’ll await it eagerly.” He suddenly took your hand and your grin faltered slightly but only in confusion.

“(Y/n), alright. So I sort of made a deal with myself that I would tell you before the year was over and you know me- I always managed to talk myself out of it. But it’s Christmas!” He looked around excitedly.

“It’s Christmas so I wanted to tell you that I am head over heels in love with you and I love being your friend and you’re basically the best person I know. And that’s including me!” Wade placed a hand on his chest.

A small smile tugged at your lips.

“Okay. I’ve said it. So laters! I’ll see you sometime soon I hope.” He suddenly turned away, running off away from your house.

“Wade!” You cried, placing the plate of Chimichangas on the ground and running after him, “Wait!”

He had trouble with opening your gate so you caught him up just as he had given up and started to scale the fence instead. You grabbed his leg, and he turned to look at you, not saying a word.

“I love you too you idiot.” You managed, raising an eyebrow at him expectantly.

He slowly tilted his head, “Oh. I uh… wasn’t expecting that.”

“Will you come down?” 

He slid off the fence, to stand in front of you. You looked up at him, taking his face in your hands. 

“Can I take it off? Is that okay?” You asked.

He nodded and you lifted the mask up to sit on his forehead.

“Much better.” You smiled and Wade placed his hands on your hips, pulling you towards him as he crashed his lips to yours.

Merry Christmas indeed.

Distraction - 17 (Harrison Reader)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part TenPart  Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen

(Note: Not Edited!

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Christmas…It used to be a the time of year you looked forward to…Family, loved ones…

Now your heart just ached.

You were waiting in Cisco’s lab for Harry to wander in. You knew eventually he’d find the group annoying enough that he’d want to seclude himself. Caitlin had graciously volunteered to babysit. 

You smiled at the picture she had just sent to you of them both. You asked her to be her godmother the other day and it took you an hour to get her to stop crying. You still needed to ask Barry to be Ronnie’s godfather, but he’d been so busy lately you couldn’t find the right time to do it.

“What are you doing here?” You looked over to Harry. He looked tired and angry.

You swallowed and stood up, “I wanted to talk to you.”


“Us.” You looked at him as he shifted on his feet clenching his fist.

“Why? I think I’ve made it clear…”

“But you haven’t.” You interrupted him causing him to look at you with surprise, “I’m tired of guessing and I know I’m a fool thinking that anything is…actually going to work out. You’re… you, and from a different world…but I can’t not talk about it…I’m chalking it up to being a woman…”

You got a small smile from him easing the tension in the room, “Fine…speak…but you’re right…we’re from two different worlds. I realized that, and I’m going to go home eventually with my daughter.”

“Yes, you are.” You reaffirmed for him smiling as you stepped toward him, “That’s all I want for you, but I can’t help feeling that you’re pushing me away because you’re afraid to feel… something.”

“It’s not that I’m afraid to feel.” He answered quickly starring down into your eyes when you stopped in front of him, “I’m afraid to feel too much…I lost you once…I don’t want to do it again.”

“Then make a choice…I have.” You crossed your arms bracing yourself, “But, whatever your choice is…I’ll respect it.”

“Choice for what?” His eyebrow raised up slightly with the question.

You rolled your eyes a little, “If there’s a ‘we’ or not?”

“Y/N…” He looked away as he began to play with his hands, “…I can’t…”

“Right.” You forced a smile. You were good at it now, “Okay, good. Problem solved and everything is cleared up.”

He grabbed your arm as you moved past him. You looked up at him staring back into your eyes, “Let me finish…”

You turned to face him as his hand moved down your arm taking your hand, “I want it…all of it…I want to get to know you. Find out your quirks…”

You listened to him as his fingers laced with yours, “Don’t ever think for a second that I don’t want you…I just…I can’t right now and I’m not sure I will be able to…”

“That’s not really a…clear answer.” You looked at your hand in his.

“I know.” He nodded, “You take me to a level teenagery that I haven’t felt in over twenty years and I can’t help but feel like an utter idiot around you. I feel an ache…I want to find Jesse so bad…So viciously…but then I see you and I get pulled two different directions.”

You felt a knot in your throat and nodded, “I get it…so…what do we do?”

“I don’t know.” He took off his glasses sighing, “What I do know is you need to take care of Ronnie…and I need to get Jesse.”

“Of course…” You nodded biting your lower lip, “You’re right…which is why…I was also going to tell you I’m going to be gone for a few weeks. Christmas…all the family wants to meet Ronnie.”

He swallowed letting your hand go. There was something in his eyes. Relief? “That’s good.”

You eyed him, “…So I get the sense something is going on…but the fact that we just established something good and I don’t want to ruin…I’m just going to ask you to not do anything stupid.”

“Nothing’s going on.” He shook his head.

You rolled your eyes and pointed at his neck, “And the light bruising on your neck is nothing…”

He put his hand on his neck frowning, “Uh…”

“I’m not going to keep asking you for the truth. As I said before I’m tired…and I have to catch a plane.” You smiled at him. He looked down at his hands. He was definitely hiding something, “Do one more thing…try not to be a scrooge. It is Christmas and I know it’s hard…but…”

He gave you a look that told you without a doubt he would not try, “Fine…”

“Merry Christmas, Harrison.” You leaned up on your toes and kissed his cheek.

“Merry Christmas…” He watched you head out, “Y/N, wait…”

You stopped and looked at him, “Yeah?”

“…have a good trip…” He told you putting his hands on his hips.

“Thanks…is that it?” You gave him a weird look.

“Uh…” His hands  moved around nervously, “Give…Ronnie a hug and kiss from me.”

You smiled at him, “I will.”

Harry looked at his hand as you walked away. Every time he touched you the sensation lingered. It was like fire and ice. Sending shivers down his spine, but burning everything else. He craved it.

“Merry Christmas, Y/N…” He whispered flexing his hand.

(Merry Christmas everyone! Love you! Probably won’t have an update on this one until January! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!)

🎄A Muggle Christmas Eve with the Marauders Would Include...
  • Baking cookies with Lily
  • Not because you’re the girls, but because the guys would probably burn the entire house down
  • Of course, Sirius and James have to pop up now and then
  • And pull a few tricks
  • They make the bags of flour float above your head
  • And it’s all fun and games until one of them bursts open
  • Above Lily’s head
  • So they run away before she can grab her wand and hex them
  • Very very fast
  • Probably the fastest they’ve ever moved
  • When you go to get a Christmas tree and last minute presents, they can’t stop complaining about how slow driving is
  • “We could’ve flown faster”
  • “Why didn’t we just apparate?”
  • “Are we there yet?”
  • Then, when you finally arrive, they refuse to leave the car
  • Because it’s warm and it’s COLD out
  • You finally drag them out though
  • With promises of firewhiskey as soon as you’re home
  • You find a nice Christmas tree
  • And James is about to Wingardium Leviosa it to the car
  • When you and Lily notice
  • And he’s confused
  • “But it’s so much easier”
  • So you have to shove him into the car before he does something silly again
  • Finally, everything and everyone is shoved into the car.
  • On the way home, they sing along to Christmas carols
  • But they know barely any words
  • Because they’re the muggle Christmas carols
  • So for the most part, it’s just noise
  • Finally, you reach the house
  • You all pull everything out of the car
  • And help each other carry it to the house
  • Sirius grabs the bows and wrapping paper and places a red bow in his hair
  • He’s a lot more amused by this than anyone else
  • James excluded
  • And Remus giggles
  • Peter seems a bit too scared of you and Lily to do anything
  • Because you’d both been angered multiple times that day
  • He doesn’t want to poke a sleeping dragon
  • Nevermind poke two

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how far away we roam

Title: how far away we roam
“I can’t go back. Not without you.”

“Me,” Keith echoes back. The tiny spark of hope flares inside, threatening to spread, and his resolve to hold it back becomes a very thin line. His eyebrows furrow as he continues to stare up at the older man, trying to read his face. Feeling daring, he asks, “Why?”

“Because,” Shiro says, his eyes softening, “no matter where I go, I wouldn’t be home without you.”

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Merry Christmas! Written for @sheithsecretsanta2016 and for Prince-ichi! Happy Holidays @prince-ichi! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I hope you enjoy! <3

(Special thanks to @dylogger and @shikoga for helping me beta; and to @stardusted for title brainstorming and last minute revisions. ❤️)

Ever since he found out that it’s been December for a week on Earth, Lance hasn’t stopped singing Christmas songs for four days straight, much to Keith’s annoyance. There can only be so many times a person can handle hearing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” before wanting to shoot his eyes out. Admittedly though, Keith would rather hear that song for the rest of his life than to listen to another off-key rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” wherein Lance unabashedly butchers the high note at the end, every—single—time. Still, there’s something about the former song that irks Keith like it’s never quite done before and it isn’t until after leaving the planet Pothar one afternoon that he realizes why.

“Say, Allura,” Lance says once they’ve gathered together in the dining hall after parking their lions in the castle. “Have I told you how fantastic your hair’s been looking lately?”

He drops his helmet down on the table and bats his eyelashes at her, a classic Lance move when there’s something he really—yup. Judging by the way Allura folds her arms and purses her lips, she’s picked up on his motives already.

“What do you want, Lance?” she asks in a monotonous tone, raising an eyebrow.

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Christmas Day

Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff

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My feet move back and forth as I fight the cold from creeping in, failing miserably. Keeping my eyes on my surroundings I try to spot a familiar figure, again failing to do so. At this point I’m trembling slightly and even hopping on the spot, catching curious glances from passerby.

Not long later, a pair or strong arms encircle me from the back, along with a coat wrapping around me. “Merry Christmas, ________.”

“Merry Christmas, Jungkook-ah.” I turn when he lets me and grin up at him. “Merry ‘white’ Christmas.”

Jungkook keeps his arm around me, the coat that he is wearing stays wrapped around my frame, his warmth surrounding me. “Let’s hope it keeps snowing.” He looks up at the falling snow flakes. “Then you’ll get to stay here.”

“Ey,” I wack his stomach, as much as I could with the little space left between us. “My father is going to hunt you down.”

“Your father likes me.” Unable to restrain myself I slide my cold hands behind his back underneath his coat. How can anyone not like Jungkook? “Did you wait long?”

I shake my head and press my numb nose into his sweater. “No. It’s my own fault for not putting in a thicker coat.”

“Aigoo, let’s go before you turn into a Popsicle.” I feel him stroking my hair and I wonder how he even heard my muffled voice.

But no one of us moves. I tighten my arms, he just feels so warm and cozy. “Jungkook, your heart is beating really fast.”

“It’s because you are so beautiful.” I slap his back because I know that my disheveled self after work did not look pretty at all.

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not.” I feel a light feathery touch against my hair. A sweet peck. “Let’s go, you’re cold.”

Tired, I snuggle deeper into his chest. “But you feel so nice, I could fall asleep like that.”

Jungkook amused laugh meets my ears and it instantly brightens my mood. “Then let’s go like this.”

Pushing against me, I have to walk backwards, our legs knocking against each other. I raise my head and we laugh together, his nose crunching up cutely.

I’m sure we were funny to look at but I don’t think any of us cared. We’re just happy to be together and spent the little time of Christmas we had left in each others company.

“Aish, you’re so slow.” Mischief flashes in his eyes as he unveils my arms from around him and pulls it over his head, as he bend down to lift me over his shoulder. “Let’s, go, go, go.”

“Ya!” I hit his back and blush, embarrassed, when I notice some people on the streets pointing at us. If they weren’t looking before, they sure are now.

The only response I get is his laughter as he rushes through the streets towards his company.

It’s really hard to stay upset with him. Why is his laugh so contagious?

~ ~ ~

The sound from the door closing wakes me up from my sleep. I was leaning against my usual spot on the couch inside the studio, feeling even more exhausted after the short nap.

Unlike before, I am now by myself, Jungkook no where in sight. The lights were dimmed and the computer was on idle, which means that he had left a while ago.

I frown lightly. Where could he have gone to?

Seeing some movement behind the frosted door, I get up to take a look and jump when I come face to face with Jimin, spotting me he jumps too, eyes widening.

“Oh, Jimin-ah. Why are you here? Jungkook isn’t in there.”

“Oh, uh…” Jimin looks flustered. “I-I’m just looking for something.”

“What is it, can I help?” I start searching the ground.

“My… my sock.”

I snicker. “Your sock?”

Scratching his head, Jimin looks away. “Eh, no my… my earring.”

“Oh, again?” I take out my phone and use the flashlight. “Did someone hit you with a pillow?”

He laughs, but it sounds nervous to me. When I look up I see his eyes still glued to the corridor. His expression troubled.

“Everything OK?” I ask carefully.

“Huh? Yes, yes.” His gaze snaps my way. “You don’t need to look for it, I found it earlier.”

“Oh, that’s good.” I smile and look down the corridor. “Is Jungkook in the practice room?”

“No!” Jimin’s loud response startles me. “I mean, no, he’s…. inside the….. toilet…No! Jungkookie is inside the kitchen.”

I raise my eyebrows, amused. “OK? Are you sure?”

“Yes, that’s where he is.” Again, nervous laughter.

“OK, thank you, I’ll go look for him.”

“Yes, he’s in the kitchen.” Jimin repeats and waves with a cute smile.

I walk down the corridor and arrive at the kitchen a while later seeing anyone but Jungkook. He must have left already.

Just then my phone rings. A text message.

'come look for me’

I groan. Not this again. He’d done this the first time I visited him at the company. It took an hour to find him. Turns out he kept changing his hiding spot. Sneaky little…

With a heavy sigh, I make my way to the practice room, as that made the most sense and open the door to find complete darkness.

Before I am able to close the door behind me, light flashes and the room is illuminated with Christmas lights hanging on the wall, revealing a decorated Christmas tree in the center of the room. Music had started playing softly in the background and when I listen closely, I recognize the song in an instant.

Touched, I suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of love. My heart thumbing rapidly as my eyes wander around the transformed room, I feel incredible blessed.

Christmas ornaments were hung on the tree and when I walk closer to look at the decoration, I have to grin. Photos, we had taken together, were hung on strings and when I look even closer, I see that someone had drawn funny things on Jungkook’s face.

What a bunch of dorks.

Moving around the tree, my heart jumps when I see a figure standing behind it. Jungkook.

He grins and raises a mic to his mouth.

“~Aye, love, I’ll confess right now. Without you I’m nothing.~”

My heart swells even more at the sight of him wearing a cute Christmas headband.

“~ Your lips on my lips, you and I, merry, merry Christmas.~”

Without missing a single line Jungkook takes my hand and guides me back to the spot where I had seen the photos and it’s only now that I realize that there was an 'X’ on the ground.

“~Getting to see your pretty smile again. It’s getting me fluttery.~”

My cheeks raise on their own accord. Seeing that Jungkook winks, holding my gaze.

“~With you, shawty with you. With you, shawty with you. With you, beautiful Christmas day.~”

His eyes. All I can do is stare in awe, mesmerized by his voice.

“~For me today too and tomorrow it’s Christmas Day. Kiss me so beautiful Christmas Day.~”

While singing that he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively making me push against his chest with the hand that he had help onto firmly. Different from the original version, the song fades into silence instead of their ending comment.

Jungkook smiles widely, his bunny teeth appearing. “Merry Christmas, ________-ie.” I cannot contain the squeal because he had used the same low voice that I told him I liked so much. He laughs and pinches my cheek after putting the mic away. “You really like that.”

“Hm,” I admit and smile up at him. “Merry Christmas.”

When I think of how much he probably had to prepare for this even though he had so little time for himself, I start to get emotional. “Thank you, this is really the best event someone has ever done for me.”

“Aigoo,” Jungkook’s hands move to cradle my face, his thumbs brushing under my eyes even though no tears had spilled. “Don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying.” I blink the few tears away. “Ah, but, I don’t have anything for you.”

We had agreed to not exchange gifts as we were both busy. It’s a miracle that I get to see him before he departs for his concert.

“You’re here, that’s more than enough.” Jungkook tilts his head and gazes down at me with an affectionate smile. “There is something you could give me as a gift.”

“What is it?” I ask, prepared to give him anything.

His lips twitch and I’m pretty sure I know already, but instead of telling me, Jungkook looks up at the ceiling. Curious, I look up too and giggle with slight disbelief when I see a mistletoe hanging above over heads.

Our eyes meet, he looks at me expectantly and lifts his eyebrows briefly, when I still don’t give a reaction he goes ahead and puckers his lips playfully. The only effect it has is make me burst out into fits of giggles.

What a dork.

Gazing into his eyes, I feel myself getting entranced.

A dork I seem to be falling more and more in love with.

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Merry christmas everyone.

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Now this would be Jungkook’s way of giving a Christmas present but I’m not like that, I have way more to say.
For example: How rude of him to just drop that cover on us with that cute selfie, his voice being too damn nice for me to function at all after listening to it.
Only his voice with an acoustic guitar… orz

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then happy holidays and if you don’t celebrate holidays then happy Jungkook keke.

Bless them for doing a V Live today, this gif came just in time for this scenario/ one shot.
Also doesn’t he look really handsome? *sigh* Are you guys ready for his self composed song because I know I never will be… Bighit is counting down to him becoming an official adult… rip me… Also end year performances…

I hope you like this present, have a wonderful day everyone ^^


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gives eremes a forehead kiss and a soft blanket + sweets merry christmas sweetheart you are so cheerful and lovely and ily ; u ; (+ to frei merry christmas!!! i hope yours is great and calm and festive without any complications ' v ')

thank you anon! ;u; merry christmas to you

There was almost heavy, solemn atmosphere to the Nobel Michel Christmas party this year. The Kings had come as always, but, something seemed to be missing - something that couldn’t be replaced.

“So, what are your plans for Christmas this year?” Edward asked, a smile on his lips but not in his eyes.

“Alan and I are going to the family cabin in the mountains after the official engagements,” Glenn answered, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I have the usual parties; gaudy galas and wild, opulent activists. I didn’t want to go to any this year, but, Cathy insisted.”

“I will be attending a new lights display in the city. My Louis says it is spectacular.”

Wilfred said nothing, staring blankly into his untouched champagne flute.

A strange silence enveloped the group as no one else spoke for a few moments. Roberto chuckled lightly.

“Hey, let’s get into the spirit, guys! You can’t have the holiday spirit without the ho-ho-ho, you know!”

“….he would’ve listed at least six random facts by now; how many chestnuts are roasted on an open fire within the six kingdoms; how many light bulbs are in the best light displays; why reindeer are the best animals to pull Santa’s sleigh,” Wilfred whispered.

The gloom, which had been kept at bay at first, came surging back and no one could speak.

“Any news of Master Jan?”

“He hasn’t been seen or heard from since-since the funeral.”

Wilfred turned away.

“I can’t do this. I’m sorry.”

He placed the untouched champagne on a passing waiter’s tray and walked away. Keith downed the rest of his and left without a word. Roberto murmured a half-hearted excuse before turning away with bright eyes, trying to exit the room as fast as he could. Edward followed him, his eyes full of concern.

Glenn, now alone, looked at the enormous evergreen tree standing tall before him. It was decorated with all sorts of baubles and garlands of every size, shape, and color. He raised his champagne flute in a mock toast.

“Merry Christmas, Joshua. …it’s not the same without you.”


Baby It's Christmas

Anonymous said: Could you do a Christmas imagine that’s deanxreader based off the song baby it’s Christmas? The cover is by Travis-strep graham and Colton Haynes:) thanks!

A/N: Wow, I did not plan for this to be as long as it turned out. Anyhow, I hope you like it!

Word count: 2,280

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mentions of a car accident, sexual innuendo.


“So…you’re not gonna make it then?”

“Afraid not, baby,” Dean sighed, his voice holding the weight of a ton of bricks. He ran a hand through his hair, the short, sleek strands being ruffled easily. “I really wish I could, but this storm’s bitchin’ too hard; we’ll try to head out in the morning, but the roads might still be closed.”

Two days. The roads had been closed for two days, and now it was Christmas Eve, and Dean was stuck in a motel room just a couple of hours away from home. Sure, he had his brother with him, but Sam was also itching to just go and spend the holiday like a real family instead of being cooped up.

“Don’t worry, I get it,” you tried to say firmly, but your voice shook at the end.

Dean sighed once again, closing his eyes tightly and wishing that he could be with you for at least just a second; that he could hold you and wipe away the tears, of frustration and sadness, that were undoubtedly forming in your eyes. Frustration because you there wasn’t anything you could do, and sadness because, as Dean knew, you had promised your daughters that their father would be home for Christmas.

“Baby, I—”

“Dean, seriously, it’s fine,” you interrupted with what sounded like a forced smile. “I get what having this life —what settling down and still hunting— meant. Just come home safe. Please.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” There was a small silence, not awkward at the least, but just filled with the breaths that you each took, making it obvious that you were alive and well. “Did you tuck the girls in already?”

“Yeah, Katie helped me make dinner tonight while Emily ran around the house yelling that her sister was going to poison the food,” you laughed, the image of the chaotic kitchen causing Dean to chuckle as well. “They were completely exhausted by eight, although Emily did try to protest to their bed time between yawns. Even though she’s three, that child can be really stubborn sometimes.”

“Like mother like daughter,” Dean teased, almost hearing the roll of your eyes. He chuckled again, making sure not to wake Sam up, who was already lying down and sleeping on the opposite bed of the motel room. There was a small intake of breath from the other side of the phone, the corners of the Dean’s mouth turning up a little bit. “You’re tired, too, baby girl.”

“Nah, I’m completely up and at it,” you said, but another, less hidden yawn left your mouth right after you finished your sentence.

“Go to sleep, (Y/N), I’ll call you tomorrow,” Dean promised, and although he couldn’t see your smile, he knew it was there.

“Okay, okay, I’m going.” Dean heard the sheets of the bed being ruffled as you settled in, confirming your statement. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied softly, hand dropping down and away from his ear as he hung up.

He closed his phone app, the background screen popping out instantly, only blocked by a few things; it was a picture of you and Dean in the hospital with Emily, taken a few hours after she was born. Katie, who was three at the time, was smiling widely at the camera, laughing at the height Sam was holding her at. Dean was sitting next to you, one arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him while he smiled.

But the one thing that always caught his attention, no matter how many times he looked at the photo, was you. There were bags under your eyes, hairs sticking out everywhere, but to Dean, you looked like the most beautiful person in the world. You didn’t even see that the nurse was taking a picture, so you were looking down at the white bundle of blankets in your arms, love and adoration plastered in your features.

With one last look at the image, Dean set down his phone and took off his shoes, his arms folded underneath his head as he faced the ceiling of the room. He’d almost missed last Christmas, but Garth had begged for his and Sam’s help for the case he’d just finished, making him most likely lose the holiday this year.

He took a few moments readjusting his pillow, finally closing his eyes and turning on his side. He could hear the ticking of the motel clock, mocking him, taunting the fact that he didn’t have much time to get to you and his girls.

My baby I’m coming home
This Christmas


Dean woke up at five the next morning, blurry eyed and fighting against the urge to go back to sleep again. He rubbed his eyes, stumbling out of bed and quickly checking his phone. A small grin spread over his face, feeling his sleep fade away.

“Sammy, wake up, man, roads are opened,” he said loudly, throwing his pillow at Sam as he walked into the bathroom, changing in no time and already putting his things in his duffel bag by the time Sam did the same.

“Merry Christmas to you, too,” Sam grumbled, still half-asleep and tying his shoes while Dean waited by the door, impatiently tapping his foot.

“Cheer up, Sam, (Y/N) said she was going to make a salad for you,” Dean grinned, patting his brother’s shoulder as they left the motel room, stopping for a brief moment to check out at the front desk.

Classic rock pouring out of the speakers, Dean backed out of the motel’s parking lot and into the road. He was careful to avoid any ice, but drove as fast as he could nonetheless. He knew he would not forgive himself if his daughters, and you, were to have their first Christmas without him.

His knuckles kept turning white as he gripped the steering wheel when someone in front of him wasn’t going fast enough. The hours went by slowly and silently, snowflakes hitting the windowpane every now and then. It was past midday, and four more hours before he got home, when he had to stop completely.

“Son of a bitch!” he cried out, hands pounding against the steering wheel. Red and blue lights reflected against the white snow that covered the sides of the road. Three cars were in the middle of the road, each with various degrees of damage, but impossible to drive around.

A police officer with a black coat approached the Impala. Dean let down the window, feeling his mood deflating by the second. A cold rush of wind clawed at Dean’s cheek, reddening them almost immediately. For a second, he forgot all about his current position, stuck in the middle of a road for what would surely be a long time, his mind traveling instead to you, wishing to be with you more than anything in the world.

“What’s the situation, officer?” he asked, trying to keep the frustration tearing at the back of his mind in bay.

“Well, firs’ car swirled on the road an’ another crashed against it. Third one ran in to mess, the poor souls,” the officer replied, her voice thick with a southern accent. “Sorry, fellas, but with the ice like it is, you’re gonna have to wait at least three more hours.”

“Thank you, officer,” Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as the officer nodded and walked away. He rolled the window up, small, dim clouds of moisture forming as he exhaled slowly. “Great. Fucking great.”

“We’re going to be there in time, Dean,” Sam assured him, but the words barely stayed on Dean’s mind for a few seconds.

“In time, Sam? We’re seven hours away, at least, man,” Dean groaned, though his sentence was almost drowned by the loud ring tone that came from his pocket. He pulled the device roughly, though his eyes softened as read your name on the screen. “Hey, baby. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too, handsome. How’s everything going?” There were a couple of small squeals from your end of the phone, and feeble patter of feet against the ground.

“Daddy!” two high-pitched voices yelled into the phone, cheerful and full of innocence. Dean cringed a bit away from the loud noise, but smiled, nevertheless.

“Daddy, when are you coming home? We got the best presents from Santa!” Katie shouted with excitement. “Mama even baked a pie for you!”

“She did? Well, sweetie, you make sure your sister leaves a piece for me, okay? I’m gonna be home real soon, and I wouldn’t miss your mama’s pie for the world,” Dean grinned, his previous frustration slowly fading away.

“Okay, Daddy! Is Uncle Sammy with you?”

“Yeah, sweetie, he’s here,” Dean said, glancing at Sam, who also looked better now that he was hearing his nieces’ voices.

“Well, Mama also said that you should wish him a merry Christmas without being an old Scrooge,” Katie said happily. Dean could hear your laugh in the background accompanied by a protest as you took the phone back.

“My, my, (Y/N), what have you been teaching my daughters?” Dean asked teasingly, making you laugh again. “Such corrupt language deserves some punishment,” he added, his voice lower.

“Oh, God, please don’t do that here,” Sam groaned, pretending to gag as Dean playfully hit his shoulder.

“Mr. Winchester, if you’re insinuating what I think you are, then at least be here first,” you teased back, “are you close?”

“Wish I could say that, honey, but there was an accident, so we’re going to take a bit longer than planned,” Dean sighed, absentmindedly watching a couple of snowflakes landing on the windshield. “Sorry, babe.”

“It’s okay, Dean. I’m just happy that you and Sam are coming home, so get here safely,” you said softly, your tone expressing sincerity. “Merry Christmas, baby. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Merry Christmas.”


The sky was dark, and although it glimmered with many stars and the smile of the moon, it made it impossible for anyone to really see what was just a few inches away from their faces. However, a bright, orange light spilled into the front yard of yours and Dean’s house, the glow seeping through the window of the living room.

Dean parked out side the house, him and Sam watching the movie-like scene that was taking place inside; you had Emily in your arms, hoisting her up every few seconds to make her laugh and clap. Katie, who as Dean often liked to say was like a carbon-copy of you, was showing you a few papers, probably drawings she had made. You smiled and encouraged her to keep showing you the pictures, Dean’s red flannel letting you comfortably shift Emily around as you also paid attention to Katie.

“Merry Christmas, Sam,” Dean said with a small smile, too mesmerized to look away from you, but truthfully saying the words now.

“Merry Christmas, Dean,” Sam replied, turning to his brother with a smile. He then looked at the warm moment happening inside the house for a few more seconds before getting out of the car, Dean copying in his actions.

Snow covered the grass, sinking and browning with Dean’s and Sam’s footprints. Sam’s hand trembled a bit from the cold as he raised his fist, ready to knock on the front door, when Dean stopped him.

“Wait a sec’, I want to surprise them,” he explained, taking out the set of keys that belonged to the house. He fumbled with the small, metal objects until he found the one he was looking for. He inserted the key in the lock and turned it around, slowly and quietly opening the door.

“—and this is a cat, Mommy, ‘cause it has triangle ears,” Katie was saying, her eyes bright as she spoke about the doodles on the white sheet of paper she was holding. “And it’s also wearing a hat like Santa!”

“That’s wonderful, sweetie!” you grinned, smiling at Emily, who clapped and cheered with her small hands while she repeatedly said, “cat!”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect my little girl to be such a good artist,” Dean announced, three heads turning his way in surprise.

You froze in your seat for a moment, eyes widening and mouth dropping. Dean’s lips curved up, his bright, emerald eyes meeting yours and watching your reaction. Then Katie ran up to him, her little sister following behind as she scrambled out of your arms.

“Daddy!” they both yell, giggling and shouting as Dean picked them up and hugged them, planting kisses on both of their foreheads. You stood up a few seconds after, the surprise wearing off and being quickly replaced by joy. Dean put Emily and Katie down, letting them greet their uncle, who wasted no time in spoiling them with his attention.

“Hi,” you breathed, coming to stand a few inches away from Dean. Even though you’d been married for more than seven years, there were times when you still couldn’t believe your luck of ending up with Dean.

“Hi,” he echoed, grin stretching from ear to ear. He was so close to you, that you could see the tiniest glimmer of red on his nose, the cold weather taking blame for it. But before you could look back up at his eyes, Dean gathered you in his arms, cold lips pressing softly against your warm ones.

“Ew, cooties!” Emily shouted, making you and Dean part away from each other as you both laughed, although Dean still held you tight.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Dean said, lips brushing against the tip of your nose.

“Merry Christmas, indeed.”


it would be christmas eve and you had spent the night at some random guy’s party. you were sloshed to say the least. clearly in no state to drive home so you called bestfriend calum to come get you. you stumbled out in your heels swaying side to side to see a very pouty and angry calum with his arms crossed.

“y/n, really? we have to go to your mom’s christmas party in like 16 hours and you are going to have a hangover, your mom will kill me. and you knew you had to walk home in the middle of the night. really, that’s irresponsible as fuck y/n.”

you would start to softly giggle after cal ‘yells’ at you, not knowing what to do. he could not pull off the whole angry thing. you started to bend over from chronic laughing causing his stern demeanour to soften seeing you. he rolls his eyes and slowly walks over to you.

“c’mon, let’s get you home. you know i can’t stay mad at you.” he takes off your heels and hands you his vans and wraps his jacket around your shoulders to shield you from the night. wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you into his side, he starts to slowly guide you home. 

midway through your journey home,  you leaned further into him pulling him into a tight hug. you kissed his chest and whispered, “thank you for always taking care of me. merry christmas cal, i love you.” 

calum kissed your forehead and tucked you under his chin before sighing, feeling his heart pound. “of course i’ll take care of you, what would you do without me. merry christmas babe, i love you too.” 

what would i do without you y/n?

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Here’s my secret santa gift to Feli (whattalovelyscene), Oliver and Felicity being undeniably married + a quote from Sara Bareilles’ song “I Choose You”. :) I hope you enjoy this little gift! I know we don’t know each other that well, but you always reblog from me and I was very thrilled to find out I was your secret santa. So without further ado, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s to a beginning of a new friendship! xo reindeeroliver


SCANDAL just completed their BEST★Xmas 5 event earlier last night! In the 2-hour live down at the SHIBUYA-AX, the girls brought on a total of 17 songs (including a new unofficial cover) and 3 MC sessions. Here’s the setlist for the night:

  • Namida yo Hikare

  • Sparkling


  • Rock'n Roll

  • Queens are trumps

  • Koi no Gestalt Houkai


  • Garasu no Shounen (KinKi Kids cover)

  • Weather report

  • Kagen no Tsuki

  • Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene

  • Runners high (First live)


  • Space Ranger


  • OVER DRIVE (Encore)

  • DOLL (Encore)

All the girls also tweeted after the event to give thanks to everyone who came, as translated below:

HARUNA: “It was an energetic Besu-kuri 5 again this year! It has now endedー(^O^) We hyped it up all the way, and you can truly feel the year-end!! I’m happy everyone sang with us as well during the side show!! It’s been a while since we danced.

TOMOMI: “Thank you to all those who came to have fun at BEST★X'mas 5! This was the best year-end party! It’s also our last one-man live of the year. This has indeed been a great year. What’s left now are the year-end festivals! For those who are coming, let us sum up year 2013 by rebelling togetherーーーーーー

MAMI: “BEST Xmas5!! This year’s Merry Christmas went without a single hitch once moreee!! Thank you to those who came!! It’s been a while since our last live house and it’s been super fun(;_;)This was the best present ever! Hyaaaaarigatou!!!! Be sure to sink in the warm bath when you get back, you all must be dripping with sweat!! A drippy nose is happening.

RINA: “BEST☆Xmas5 completed! It was way amazing (laughs). I’m completely spent and drowning in happiness. Everyone today was really cool! Thank you thank you thank you! So blessed!

SCANDAL BAND: “Besu-kuri has ended! We hyped it up good at this year-end’s last one-man live! Thank you sooo much! Next up are the 2 year-end festivals! Let’s go!

SCANDAL is only left with the FM802 ROCK FESTIVAL RADIO CRAZY live on the 28th Dec, as well as COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14 concert on 29th Dec ♬♪♫ On a side note, it’s Christmas Eve today! Have fun everyone!

It’s that time of year again, where a bunch of people make end-of-the-year follow forevers. I have decided join the bandwagon. Below are a list of blogs whom I’ve been gifted the opportunity to befriend, look to as inspiration and/or simply adore. Thank you so much for existing and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year!!! ♡♡♡

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