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Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I am so grateful for all my followers, Thank you for making my 2016 amazing!! I got a laptop today so I will be able to start writing again!! I hope y'all have an amazing day!


MERRY CHRISTMAS BABES! As promised here is my gift to all of you, partly a christmas gift and partly a thank you because today I git 1K followers! If you want to hear more about my journey to 1K you can read this post but I know a lot of you probably don’t want to hear me ramble on about that so I’ll cut to the present.

I have created the ULTIMATE Dolan twins masterlist. Basically it is all the most popular/best/my favorite/some of my own (had to) Dolan twins imagines/blurbs/preferences etc. The idea behind it was to have a post for any one in the fandom who loves imagines that showcased all the incredible writers we have in this fandom. This post will be added to constantly so if there are any writers/posts that you want added to this list, inbox/message me and I’ll add them on. So favorite this page, like the post, reblog it, whatever you want and then whenever you are wanting some good writing or need to satisfy your feels you can come back to this. If you ever lose it it will be under the tag ‘dirtydolan masterlist’ or in the description of my blog.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support on this blog, it means the world to me! Merry Christmas! I hope you love it xoxo

-Sofia xxx


Here is my list of favorite imagine blogs, these are the ones that are pretty active. Click their name to go to their blog, if they have a masterlist I have linked that beside it. Enjoy! 

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  • dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
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  • g-e-dolan ♡ masterlist
  • imaginingdolans 
  • imagiinedolans
  • itsniallspotatome 
  • thedolantwins


Here are all the Grayson Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Grayson imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


  • Cute couple ♡ dolantwinsimagines 
  • Teasing Around the Parents (smut) ♡ dolantwinsimagines 
  • Fans Send You Hate ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Fight ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Bestfreinds ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Telling His Parents You’re Pregnant ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • When He’s Angry ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Being Grayson’s Girlfriend ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • “Let’s Go Make Out” ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Hyper ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • You Go to a Wedding ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Are we having twins? ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • It was her boyfriend ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Clingy (whiny) Boyfriend ♡ lilacstiles
  • You and Me Got a Whole Lot of History ♡ imagines16
  • College Girl ♡ elegantdallas
  • Varsity Boy ♡ imaginecrew
  • Something else ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson would involve ♡ omahoe ♡ masterlist
  • Sloth ♡ dolansdonus


  • He leaves for tour ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • He gets in a fight  ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Broken bones ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Boyfriend Girlfriend tag ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • “I think it’s time to confirm everything” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • “Merry Christmas baby” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
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  • Daddy (smut) ♡ thedolantwins
  • Grayson Dolan Headcanons ♡ omahadolansquad
  • Just the way you are ♡ reinaa8
  • Doing Grayson’s makeup ♡ that-onefabfan


Here are all the Ethan Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Ethan imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


  • Pregnancy ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Meeting Ethan at Playlist ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Lacrosse Game ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • Your Brother’s Best Friend ♡ dolantwinsimagines
  • So-called feud ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Controversial ♡ magconimagineornah ♡ masterlist
  • Truth or dare ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • He Gets Hit on by Another Girl ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Going on an adventrue ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • “Please prove them wrong.” ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Babysitting ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Silent Treatment ♡ elegantdallas ♡ masterlist
  • I’m sick ♡ lilacstiles
  • “I like her more” ♡ musicwonderland90 
  • Laser tag ♡ the-queen-of-awesome-sause
  • Youtube time ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Vacation (smut) ♡ explicit00
  • Rain check ♡ bandsximagines
  • Jealousy ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • “You had me at our first ‘Hey‘” ♡ shawndolantho


  • Sneaking in ♡ thedolantwins
  • Jealosy ♡ thedolantwins
  • Divorce ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Boyfriend goals ♡ starlightts
  • Wet dream (smut) ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Bet ♡ justblurbythings ♡ masterlist
  • What’s your name? ♡ hausofgems
  • Rainy Days ♡ that-onefabfan
  • Sneaking in ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Waking up together ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Netflix and chill ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Surprise ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist


These are a collection of imagines that include both twins (mainly bsm) and preferences. Enjoy!

Imagines (mainly bsm):

  • Messy trivia challenge ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • The dizzy challenge ♡ imaginethedolans ♡ masterlist
  • Birthday ♡ ashlerber ♡ masterlist
  • Sibling Tag ♡ fav-imagines ♡ masterlist
  • Better to lose that to break ♡ the-queen-of-awesome-sause


  • New Years kiss ♡ dolan–twins ♡ masterlist
  • Fights ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Something he objects from ♡ caterina-g 
  • Pregnant ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • He teaches you something new ♡ caterina-g
  • Lazy days ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist


Here are a bunch of lists, some are the same idea just written by different people. I thought I would include them all though because the more the better in my eyes. Enjoy!


  • Dating Ethan ♡ omahoe ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Ethan ♡ stydiashipper-imaginesships
  • Daddy Ethan ♡ daiintylove 
  • Getting in a fight ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Sex ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist


  • Dating Grayson ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson ♡ dirtydolan ♡ masterlist
  • Dating Grayson ♡ dolayn ♡ masterlist
  • Getting in a fight ♡ jennasfanfics ♡ masterlist
  • Sex ♡ daiintylove 

Both/preference list:

  • Being their best friend would include ♡ complete-bookworm
  • Dating them would include ♡ thedolantwins
all my love

summary: a 95% fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever needmerry christmas, here’s to many more, and i was yours from the start

word count: ~12,200

also read on: ao3,

a/n: This is the last oneshot I think I’ll ever write for this universe as it ties up all of the loose ends really well. I hope you enjoy! Thanks @swans-and-pirates for reading this and flailing for an hour you’re a herooooo <3

(also please listen to this song for the title inspiration) (lowkey it’s emma’s song mkay bye)

The proposal is this: they’ll film them for a couple of months, on and off, and it’ll all go into the production of a short six-episode miniseries that will air on Enchanted TV.

They claim it’s only because Emma and Killian were the most popular couple to come from the show, that the band’s success is a huge pull for viewers, so it’s a win for them and it’s a win for Emma and Killian.

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It’s Christmas and you can hear Mariah Carey softly singing “All I want for Christmas is you” 

Dan: imagine a horror movie where she “follows” you


And Happy Holidays! ♥

i was yours from the start

summary: a pretty darn fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever need, and merry christmas, here’s to many more.

word count: ~4400

also read on: ao3,

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAGAN!! (I know, it’s not quite midnight yet for you, but it is for me so it totally counts!!!!) You’re the reason for this whole universe in the first place and you’re the reason I continue to cry every day about it, so I hope you enjoy this fifth installment!! <3  (and everyone go wish my dearest friend @swans-and-pirates a very happy birthday!)

It’s a rarity in the Jones house for there to be a morning of complete silence. Typically, there are two small bodies bouncing on her, begging her to get up. Or, her second favorite way to be awoken- yelling in her face about Daddy being gone.

Emma narrows her eyes at the sight of her alarm clock reading 8:00.

She turns onto her side, facing Killian’s side of the bed. He’s still sound asleep. He got in late and she picked him up from the airport, so he’s probably exhausted and catching up on some well deserved rest. With a small smile, she watches his chest rise and fall gently.

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Mistletoe (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: You’re an amazing writer. In the spirit of Christmas being right around the corner, could you do an imagine where you’re Peter’s best friend? You go over to his house and decorate the tree. Could you include like ugly sweaters, hot chocolate, and mistletoe? Please and thank you. // hiiii could you possibly write a holiday season themed fluff w/ dorky Peter? xx

A/N: I changed the first request a little so the imagine would be on Christmas day. I thought it would be nice to upload it today, as a present from me to you to thank you for your support and the kind words you always offer me. Thank you ver much for following me and reading my imagines and merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate(if you celebrate anything at all). Lots of love xxx 

‘’I can’t believe you are actually wearing that’’ you said after looking at Peter for five minutes.
He stopped looking at his food and looked at you, furrowing his brows.
‘’What’s the problem? Your sweater is as ugly as mine!’’ he said, sounding offended.
‘’It’s not!’’ you told him. ‘’Mine is ugly, but yours is horrendous. It hurts to look at it.’’
He laughed softly and directed his gaze to his aunt, who was speaking with your parents.
‘’Can we open presents now?’’ you asked, a begging look in your eyes.
Your mother laughed and nodded swiftly, gesturing for you to leave the table and walk to the tree that was in the Parker’s living room.
Peter got up from his chair even faster than you, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the house.
‘’I’m so happy your parents agreed to spend Christmas here this year’’ he said as he pulled you down so you were seating on the ground. You laughed and nodded, looking at him. ‘’Come on, open your presents!’’ he exclaimed.
Your parents and Aunt May rested against the doorframe, looking at the both of you and whispering. You didn’t really care -you just wanted to open your presents.
Starting to unwrap one of them, you stopped in your tracks and looked at Peter, noticing the way his eyes were filled with joy as he stared at you.
‘’Thank you’’ you told him. ‘’I don’t even know what it is, but thank you.’’
He blushed and smiled, shaking his head as if to tell you it didn’t matter.
Just as you were about to finish opening the present, your mother’s voice called your name.
‘’[Y/N], sweetheart, I forgot my phone in the kitchen and I am really tired. Would you mind getting it for me?’’
You sighed and rolled your eyes, but nodded, not wanting to make your mother mad.
‘’Come with me?’’ you quickly asked Peter, to which he nodded and got up, walking to the kitchen beside you.
Once you got there, you couldn’t find the phone anywhere, so you started walking out of the kitchen to tell your mother.
‘’Oh, dear, look!’’ Aunt May said as you were walking through the door, Peter’s hand in yours, her hand pointing to something over your head. ‘’You can’t break the tradition!’’ she said before winking at you and disappearing, walking to the living room.
You lifted your head and found a piece of mistletoe hanging from the doorframe. Peter looked as well and when you both looked at each other, you both blushed, not knowing what to do.
‘’I mean-I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, you k-‘’ Peter started, being cut off by your lips pressing against him, one of your hands still holding his and the other behind his neck.
He put his other hand on your hip, moaning into the kiss. When you pulled apart he smiled softly and let out a sigh.
‘’Wow’’ he simply said.
You laughed and rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes briefly.
‘’I’m too embarrassed to go in there now, so do you mind opening the presents later and watching a movie now?’’ you said, not eager to go back to the living room and have the adults tease you about the kiss.
Peter laughed and kissed you softly once more, running his hand through your hair.
‘’As long as it involves kissing, I’m fine with whatever you have in mind’’ he told you.