merry christmas sweetheart

Meowy Christmas

Summary: You give Cas a kitten for his anniversary and Christmas present, and he gives you something….very different. (MY SUMMARIES SUCK, IM SORRY)

Pairing: Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: smutty smut, CAS IS SO SILLY AND PRECIOUS, who knew kittens were such cockblocks?

A/N: Honestly had so much fun writing this haha. I hope y'all enjoy it!!

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This Christmas was going to be a special one.

Not only was it going to be yours and Cas’ first-year anniversary, but you also had one hell of a Christmas present up your sleeve for your sweet angel boyfriend: you got him a kitten.

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I Want Crazy (Christmas Edition)

Summary: Jensen surprises you for Christmas while you’re at a family party

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: outrageous amounts of fluff

A/N: Sort of threw this together for you guys. It’s not in the timeline of the story or anything (happens in the future of where the fic currently is). Hope you guys like it. Again, I apologize if this is a little scattered or anything. Brain not up to speed after finals.

Find the rest of this series here: I Want Crazy Masterlist

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Secret Santa: Check Yes or No: Part one

Merry Christmas @takemeawaytocamelot !!!
Are you surprised, or did you have an idea it was me all along? I hope you enjoy this, it is a three-part story, you get part one tonight, part two on Christmas Eve/Christmas day and part three on NYE.  I had a bit of trouble getting an idea to stick for what I actually wanted to write out for you, but finally after hearing a sweet country, song inspiration hit! Can’t wait to hear what you think and if you have questions I’ll happily answer, cause I am in love with this story. Thank you so very much to @moghraidhjamie for setting up this lovely secret Santa exchange, I am honored to be part of it and eternally grateful to you for getting me writing again.

Jamie sighed in ever increasing frustration as he tried to rub off some of the smudged grey covering the left side of his hand…he hated pencils and hated more being told that if he would just hold his hand correctly when he wrote it wouldn’t happen. Above and beyond the annoyance of being told the way he naturally did things was wrong, the grey smudge was a visible sign to those around him that he was different, and oh how he hated that. Thankfully, the other boys in his class didn’t tease him much anymore, not after the last time, when he had to be pulled off another boy the school yard. Girls, however, were different; he couldn’t fight them when they made fun of him. He had been crushed last month when Lizzy MacCowan said rather loudly in front of the whole class that he was dirty and strange because the paper he passed back to her had dirtied when he rested his hand on it before passing it on.

Sighing audibly, he tried not to think on it and instead focus on the notes he was supposed to take from the blackboard. He was about halfway through when the classroom door opened. Mrs. Fitz cleared her throat and addressed the class once everyone had looked up.

“Everyone, we have a new student! This is Claire Beauchamp; she’s just moved here with her uncle. Say hello class.”

His brain went blank, a simple “hello” was beyond him. Looking at her was like touching an open electrical outlet. He had never seen a lass that looked like her before; she was tall, had curly brown hair and the deepest blush he’d ever seen covering her face. Waving slightly at the class, she looked as if she’d be more than pleased should the floor open up and swallow her.

“Why don’t you tell us about yourself Claire?” Mrs. Fitz cheerfully prompted

Claire went to speak just as Jamie in his stunned stupor leaned a bit too much into books, pushing them off the desk. The room’s silence was shattered with the booming thud; causing the whole class to jump and bust into fits of laughter. With the expectation of further introductions lost, Mrs. Fitz showed Claire to her seat.

Leaning down to clean up his books and papers, Jamie mentally cursed himself in both English and Gaelic for causing such a scene, sure that he had now showed the fascinating new girl just how clumsy he was, and knowing that he’d lost any chance of her seeing him any differently than the other girls did. Finally, getting his things together and getting his blush under better control, he placed the last book back on his desk and quickly scanned the room. She had vanished, no longer at the front of the room, he looked through the rows of desks. He hadn’t thought to check the desk to his left, it had been empty since last year when…

His thoughts were interrupted when a hand tapped him on the shoulder, looking over, he was met with a sweet shy smile and an outstretched pencil.

“Hi, I’m Claire, you seemed to have missed this.” she said in a soft English accent.

“uh, I, I’m, uh Jamie.”  He said, accepting the pencil.

She looked as if she wanted to say more, but as she opened her mouth Mrs. Fitz resumed her lesson.


Jamie took longer than normal to walk home, his mind playing over and over the events of the day. He knew he’d be asked what had kept him, and knew he’d have no answer that would excuse him neglecting his evening chores and the delay of starting his homework. But, what he did know is that should anyone ask of his day, he’d be able to tell them everything about the new girl in his class. He knew he wouldn’t be able to supply any other information about his day except for how her curls bounced up and down when she walked, how the deep purple of her dress shown so brightly against her skin, how the blue bow in her hair was slightly uneven and beginning to unknot; how when she moved past him all he could smell was the strawberries.  He had never had felt this before, never with any of the other lassies in his school. He had been mostly indifferent to them and they mostly spent their time avoiding or teasing him. She was different though, hadn’t known him his whole life, didn’t seem bothered by the things others found strange.

All he wanted was to know more, to talk with her and be around her. Unfortunately, though, he had missed the opportunity earlier when Mrs. Fitz asked if anyone would be willing to show Miss. Beauchamp around after. Rupert and Angus were assigned to escort her around, because they were the most social. He knew they would do a fine job, and they were two of his closest friends, but he couldn’t help but be more than a little annoyed that he would be missing the moments they would get. They would get to hear her laugh, they would get to know little things about her, they would get to spend time with her. He was suddenly and inexplicably jealous. He wanted that, and had no notion as to why or what to do about it.


Dinner was unusually quiet and Brian had just about enough of it. Asking his children to clear the table, he told Jamie to join him in the study once he had finished. It had been a rough few years for their little family, and he was still navigating the waters of single parenthood. It didn’t take much to read his young son, contrary to what Jamie himself might think, but one look at the lad and his faraway expression, Brian knew what was going on. A while later Jamie knocked on the study door and slowly pushed it open at Brian’s bidding him to come in. He stood awkwardly in the doorway shifting from foot to foot for close to five minutes. Brian smiled a bit watching his son, but did not speak, he knew with what he assumed to be eating at his son, the conversation would have to start from Jamie.  



“Do ye miss mam?”

The question was asked so quietly that Brian had almost missed it. He was sure that his face showed the confusion and concern he felt with the question. He was suddenly worried that the lad thought somehow that he didn’t, that Jamie mistook his ability to seem okay for his children with not having his heart break again and again each morning when he woke to a half empty bed, where once his heart lay. Trying to calm himself, he took a deep breath, schooled his features in the hope of not showing the depth of his pain and looked his son directly in the eyes. What he saw then almost made him laugh; Jamie’s question was nothing more than just a question. It was a question to break the ice, one of many he would more than likely be asking. Letting the tension leave his shoulders, he smiled as best he could when talking of Ellen and said:

“Aye I do, every second of every day. I love her vera much, son.”

Jamie nodded at that, the tension in his own small shoulders seeming to leave immediately, he continued:

“How did you know?”
“Know what?”

“That mam was the girl you loved the most and when?”

“Ah!” He smiled then, concern washing away only to be replaced with sudden understanding. “The very moment I laid eyes on her. We were about your age, ye ken. We knew each other most of our lives, aye? Well, the moment I saw her in the school yard, I was done for. That was it, my heart was hers, and always will be.”

Jamie didn’t say anything, just stood there for a long while, a small smile pulling at his lips.

Pushing a bit, Brian asked “So, what’s her name, son?”        

A visible start shot through Jamie but the smile only widened, giving away anything he might’ve tried to hide.

“Uh, weel, um…”

Brian didn’t say a word, just raised an encouraging eyebrow.

“Claire, Claire Beauchamp. She’s new, and she sits next to me, and she English, but I don’t mind, and she sits next to me and she wore purple and…”

In that moment as Jamie continued on at lightning speed telling him everything about this new girl, Brian was sure his heart couldn’t be more filled with love. He knew it would be a difficult road for the lad, love always was, but what a ride! Later he would talk more seriously on it, warn him, advise him; but for now, he’d let Jamie have his happiness.

After getting Jamie to stop talking and convincing him that he did in fact still have to get ready for bed, he helped him pick out his outfit for the next day and promised to help with his hair in the morning, agreeing that he should look his best tomorrow.  After all of the details were sorted for the next day, he left Jamie’s room, leaning on the door for a moment to say a silent prayer for his love sick son. As he walked into his own room, he spoke out loud: “Watch over him, protect him, and guide him. Because, and God help him Ellen, he’s in love.”


A few weeks later Jamie had come to some conclusions: wearing his best shirt to school was a terrible idea as he was far to clumsy not ruin it, Rupert and Angus were no good, terrible friends and he would have to pummel them at some point soon, and Claire knew far more bad words than he did.

He had spoken to Rupert and Angus about their helping Claire around, and annoyingly they had begun to tease him about his interest in the new English girl. He was sure he couldn’t blush any more as his so called friends made kissy noises at him in the hallway, but then Claire showed up. Having overheard their teasing, she promptly told them to piss off and leave him alone. This, of course, did nothing to dissuade their teasing, and Jamie was sure that his face was red enough to be confused for sun poisoning. The upside however, was that from that interaction they began to talk and he walked her back to class.

           In the weeks since Claire had arrived, she had made friends fairly easily, played with a few of the girls in their class, Geillis, Mary and Louise mainly, but now seemed more interested in spending what free time she had with him. She would seek him out in the lunch room, during their outside time they would sit on the swings and talk about their families and the places she had been with her uncle. Jamie was fascinated, and more than please that she chose him to be near.

A few days before the holiday break, Jamie found Claire sitting on the steps outside of the school as he left for the day. She was clearly waiting to be picked up.  Mrs. Fitz had come out a bit later to inform her that her uncle had called and said that he wouldn’t be able to pick her up and that she could walk home. Jamie jumped at the chance before him and offered to walk her home. Neither of them lived far, but they had never interacted outside of school before. He was unsure of what to say or do and more nervous than he’d been in a very long time. They both tried talking but ended up jumping from subject to subject with nothing really being said. They both kept their eyes straight ahead avoiding meeting each other’s eyes directly. When they turned onto her street, she stopped suddenly. He looked around and seeing that they were only just on the corner and still a good distance from any of the houses. Confused, he cocked his head a bit and was just about to say something; she took a deep breath, leaned in and kissed him. Pulling away quickly a fierce blush coloring her face she said:

“Thank you for walking me home, Jamie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” and turned on her heel and walked the rest of the way to her house.

Jamie stood absolutely frozen on that corner for what felt like forever. He was stunned, she had kissed him! He didn’t know that kissing could stop time; no one had ever told him that before.  He always thought kissing would messy, it always looked gross to him and he’d always said so when his mam and da would do it in the kitchen. But this was different, and as time began to move again, he started to make his way home. For the rest of the night he was in a haze unable to focus. He knew he looked foolish, but he was unable to keep the smile from his face, especially when he would lick his lips where hers had pressed, and he was still able to taste the fruity lip smackers she used.

A few days later when they went back to school, everything had changed. He had walked into their classroom eager to talk to her, to see how her holiday was, and to tell her of his. Finding Angus in her seat his heart sank, he looked around and found her clear across the classroom sitting with the girls, laughing and doing her best not to look at him. He held her spot at lunch but she never came, stayed with the girls and didn’t play on the swings during recess. In fact she only showed that she recognized his existence when he spoke directly to her, and even that was just a simple “hello” before she turned away from him and continued talking with Louise. He was crushed and so very confused; what had happened? He couldn’t sleep that night, kept running over what could have happened, why didn’t she like him anymore?


Two weeks, she hadn’t spoken to him in two weeks when his father had been called into the school because they had become concerned when they noticed a sudden change in his behavior. Normally a model student, he was now dozing off in class and having trouble paying attention when he was awake, showing no interest in any of the material. Mrs. Fitz had brought up her concerns remembering the year before when he lost his mother and wanted to make sure his father was aware of the situation before it got worse.

Unbeknownst to the Frasers, Lambert Beauchamp and Claire also had an appointment in the office that day. Passing the waiting area with his father, movement caught Jamie’s attention and he stopped as he saw Claire sitting next to who he assumed was her uncle. He face was drawn and it was clear that something was very wrong, he made to stop, to say something, anything; but just then they called for Claire and the man to go back and Brian pushed lightly moving them forward out of the office.  

Apologizing for the interruption, he his way through the class to his desk and quietly began pulling out his books for the lesson. When he opened his notebook a small piece of folded paper fell into his lap. Opening the note, he was sure his heart stopped.



       I’m sorry. I miss you.

Do you like me, would you maybe be my friend again?

Would you walk me home today?
Check yes [ ] or no [ ]


PS. You can hold my hand, if you want to.


He shoved the note back into his desk before Mrs. Fitz could see it and quickly tried to look like he was engrossed in his work and like nothing had happened, ear to ear smile notwithstanding. Finally managing to get a grip on himself, he had managed to get every note and problem off the board without issue before Claire reappeared in their classroom. Looking up to watch her his smile fell from his mouth in an instant, she looked like she had watched something terrible happen, dried lines streaked her face from recent tears. It took all the effort he could muster to focus on what Mrs. Fitz was going over, but he had promised his da, and thankfully did make it through the rest of the day with no issue. Though his mind had stayed on the look she had on her face and a few minutes before the bell rang he pulled out her note again and hastily scribbled something down.

He found Claire on the front steps arms wrapped around her, staring off into space.

Worry suddenly sinking in, he asked, “Claire, what’s happened?”

She didn’t answer, just simply shook her head and began to walk in the direction of home.

Halfway through their silent walk, she slipped her small cold hand into his. Neither of them said anything, but he squeezed gently and continued on. She stopped at the corner again, released his hand, took a deep breath and looked up to him.


He knew whatever she was going to say was bad and couldn’t bear it just yet. Before she could continue he thrust her not into her hand saying:

“I forgot, I got your note. Here, you’ll want the answer, aye?”

She nodded and slowly opened it, and burst into tears.

Jamie moved to hug her to say something, to sooth her, but she backed away shaking her head, not saying anything. She let her tears fall freely, but didn’t break eye contact.

Finally, when she spoke he heard his heart break. It was a small, clean sound, like the snapping of a flower’s stem.

“Jamie we’re moving; we leave in the morning.”

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Soldier AU: Henry's first christmas

Christmas in the Locksley household started at six am that year. It was at that time Henry started to cry, demanding his breakfast. Regina pulled herself from Robin’s warm embrace and trekked down the hallway to the nursery. She picked up her crying son, clad in a sleeper covered in reindeer, and carried him over to their rocking chair. 

Henry happily nursed and his hazel eyes focused on Regina as she smiled down at him. She ran her hand over his soft brown hair. “Merry Christmas, Henry,” she murmured.

“Happy Christmas, you two,” Sarah said softly from the door. She smiled at the two. “I heard him crying. I’m going to make some coffee. You want some?” 

“Yes, please,” Regina said, almost groaning in anticipation. “Thank you.” 

Sarah chuckled before closing the door. Regina turned her attention back to Henry. “We’re really lucky your grandparents were able to come in from England to celebrate your first Christmas,” she said. “We’re going to open presents and see what Santa got you. Then tonight, everyone is going to come over to celebrate as well.” 

Henry finished his meal with a yawn, closing his eyes as he nuzzled her breast. Within seconds, he was sound asleep again. She knew some people would think she was crazy for going all out for a holiday he wasn’t going to remember. But she also knew that though Robin hoped she would stay stateside now that she was a mother, she had to go back to the front lines eventually. She knew she probably wasn’t going to be here for next Christmas. And so she had to pack two Christmases into one. 

She also wanted plenty of pictures for him to look at just in case….well…just in case. 

Regina fixed her nightshirt before standing while cradling Henry. She followed the smell of coffee and sausage downstairs, feeling bad that Sarah was making breakfast while a guest in her house. Infant or not, she still needed to be a good hostess. 

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart,” Robin said, standing at the stove as sausages sizzled in the frying pan. He wore pajama pants covered in candy canes and a long sleeved shirt with a giant Santa face on them. His hair was mussed from his sleep and his scruff was scruffier than usual.

He looked absolutely sexy. 

She placed Henry into his bouncy seat, covering him with the blanket they kept there, before going over to kiss him good morning. “Merry Christmas,” she whispered. 

“Mum made coffee,” he said, motioning to the fresh pot waiting on the counter. “And breakfast will be ready soon. Then we can open presents.” 

“Sounds perfect,” she said, though she didn’t move away. She wrapped her arms around Robin and just relished holding onto him. He didn’t say anything and only patted her hands. 

Merry Christmas, indeed. 

Christmas Special *requested*(Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader


Words: 1,300

“Good mornin’ sleepyhead.” You heard a faint gravely voice say, waking you up. You rubbed the back of your hands against your eyes and yawned, sitting up a little. Daryl was standing in front of you with a tray of food. Consisting of eggs and bacon, with some freshly squeezed orange juice. “What’s this?” You asked gaping at him. “Breakfast in bed. Don’t ya know anythin’?” He said and you just rolled your eyes and smiled at him, biting your bottom lip. He was standing there in a pair of boxers with a white t-shirt, and his hair was in a bit of disarray. You were convinced that there wasn’t a better sight in the world.

He put the tray carefully on top of your lap, and sat down next to you. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” He said kissing the side of your neck. “Merry Christmas to you too.” You said giving him a soft kiss. “I can’t believe you did this.” You told him, taking a bight of bacon. “I just wanted to do somethin’ nice.. I dunno..” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. You could tell when he was becoming self conscious, wondering if he had done something you didn’t like. “Well I love it, and I am going to expect this kind of treatment every morning.” You stated. “Yeah, ya wish.” Daryl answered, feeling relief that you had liked what he’d done for you. “Here have some.” You placed a piece of bacon against Daryl’s lips and he took a bight.


“Alright! Which one do you want to open first?” You asked Daryl, taking a seat on the floor next to the tree. Daryl just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, here lets start with this one.” You said, handing the package to him. He smirked when he opened it, seeing the pants that he told you he didn’t need. You smiled at his expression and handed him the next gift.  His eyes widened when he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brand new crossbow. “Holy shit, where did ya get this?” He asked you, aiming it to check if the barrel was still centered. “A sports shop a few miles away from here.” You told him. “I think It’s the TenPoint Ca-.” “Carbon Xtra Deluxe with ACUdraw.” Daryl finished for you. “Yeah, what you said.” You replied grinning at him, you didn’t know shit about crossbows. “It also has that thingy that holds five arrows, instead of the three yours only allowed.” You told him. “Thingy? Ya mean a quiver?” He asked, chuckling at you. “Uh, I guess.” You replied smirking.

“Do you like it?” You asked. “Yeah it’s great, thank you.” He said leaning forward and giving you a deep kiss. “There’s also something for you in your stocking.” You said giggling. Daryl walked to the fire place, stuck his hand in the stocking and pulled out the motorcycle parts. “Cant believe ya remembered this.” he said in surprise. Daryl never had anytime to do anything for himself, let alone find new items that he needed. He was always thinking of others. “It’ll be nice for you to finally use your bike again. I know how much you miss it.” You told him. “I missed it too. Going on rides together, it’s been a while.” You said smiling and he nodded.

“I got ya somethin’.” Daryl said and you raised your eyebrows. He went over to one of the drawers and pulled out a box wrapped in glittery gold wrapping paper. “Carol wrapped it.” He told you, walking back over to you. He laughed at your eagerness, when you took the box away from him and practically tore it open. “Oh my god, Daryl.. I can’t believe you got me a polaroid camera.” You said, turning it around in your hands to get a good look at it. “Hearin’ ya goin’ on ‘bout it was almost as bad as Mrs. Niedermeyer and her damn pasta maker.” He mentioned, grinning at you. “I love it!” You shouted and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face.


For most of the day you went around Alexandria taking pictures of your family (for all intents and purposes). You got a great one of Rick holding Judith, with Michonne standing next to him on thei front porch. Carl putting his hand in the way so you couldn’t get a clear picture of him. Glenn and Maggie, walking down the street with Santa hats on their heads. Eugene staring blankly at the camera. Rosita sitting on Abrahams lap. And Carol, who was working on cooking for tonight, with Sasha and some other members of the town. Last but certainly not least was Daryl, he was the one you were taking the most pictures of. One of your favorites was him putting on the new parts you had gotten for his bike, kneeling on one knee.

“Come on Daryl I just need one decent one.” You weren’t able to get one of his face because he would always dodge it. “Please, for me.” You looked up at him innocently, swaying back and forth. “Fine.” He sighed and stood next to you. “You have to smile though.” You instructed him. “I ain’t smilin’.” He sternly told you. You ended up telling him a dirty joke that he actually laughed at and snapped the camera with perfect timing, putting your head close to his. “Look at this! It came out so cute.” You said, showing him the picture. He couldn’t believe it, he actually looked happy. He cupped your face in one hand, kissing you softly and you took the opportunity to quickly take another picture of you two kissing. “Fuck, I’m never gonna be safe am I?” Daryl said and you shook your head laughing a little.


“Dance with me?” You asked Daryl. You were at the Christmas party and Daryl was being his usual antisocial self, leaning against the wall. “Nah, I don’t dance.” He said looking at you as if you had grown a second head. “Ok. I’ll admit I’m pushing my luck a little.” You said chuckling. “Rick will you dance with me?” You asked Rick who was standing next to you and Daryl, talking to a couple of people. “Sure.” He said smiling at you and followed you to where everyone was dancing. Daryl just stayed there and watched you laughing and having fun. He noticed you glancing over at him a few times. Daryl wanted to be able to do that kind of stuff with you, but for some reason he just couldn’t. You both were complete opposites of each other, however there was no denying that you belonged together.

“C’mon, stop bein’ such a pussy. Do this for (Y/N).” Daryl mentally scolded himself. He made his way through the crowd to you. “Mind if I cut in?” He asked Rick, who had a surprised look on his face and so did you. Rick bowed to you and you did a little curtsy, laughing at each other. When Rick left Daryl slid his arm around your waist and you placed your hand in his. “Yer gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” He asked you. “You’re actually good at this. Who would have thought?” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He rolled his eyes and grunted.


When the party started to die down you and Daryl went back home. “So how was your Christmas?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his shirt collar. “Best I ever had.” He said leaning his head down for a kiss, but you slid out of his grasp. “Well it’s still technically Christmas and I have one more present for you.” You said winking at him, taking slow steps backwards. Then you hurriedly scrambled up the stairs laughing the whole time, with Daryl following closely behind you.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fun and safe holiday everyone! Please comment, letting me know if you liked it and would like more stories like this in the future! Xoxo

Holiday Cheer

to the anon who requested this drabble, i’m sure you’ll recognize the prompt once you see it. thank you for the suggestion–i changed a few things to make it more Christmas-y :)

to everyone else–Merry Christmas! thank you so much for the love and support from this fandom, as well as the bounty of Everlark fics over the years.

rated M.

The whisky scorched Katniss’ throat as she swallowed it, but she didn’t flinch. She followed it with a swig of beer, the piss-flavored swill Haymitch said was on special for the holidays.

Merry Christmas, or whatever.

Licking her lips, she slammed the empty shot glass down on the bar top. “One more,” she told the disgruntled bartender, who was watching her with a flat-eyed scowl. He shook his head but poured her another anyway.

“Don’t you have family to spend Christmas Eve with?” he asked, far too judgmentally for her taste.

“Actually, I don’t. Thank you for reminding me,” she said before knocking the second shot back. He frowned at that, and she decided his pity was worse than his disapproval. Wiping the back of her hand over her mouth, she sighed. “I’d hoped my mom and sister would come visit, but my sister wanted to spend Christmas with her new boyfriend, and my mom was too scared to make the plane trip by herself.”

Haymitch’s mouth relaxed, and he nodded, wiping out a pint glass with a towel. “So why not go to them?”

She tensed in her seat, knowing her face darkened. Haymitch might be suitable enough company in this town where she had few other friends, and he might even do as a sympathetic ear for her family woes. But she had to draw the line at divulging her humbling financial situation to him. She had too much pride for that.

“Guess I’m just a Scrooge who’d rather spend Christmas alone,” she said instead and swallowed more of her beer. Two whisky shots and two beers–even if they were on special, she knew she was going to regret this small indulgence later when she checked her bank account.

Haymitch grunted. “You and me both.”

She stared at him, her unease giving way to alarm. Oh god, this was her future. This was some weird Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come moment, and looking at Haymitch in this moment was like Ebenezer Scrooge discovering his own grave.

Time to go home and wallow on the couch under a mountain of blankets with a pile of Chinese food.

“I need my tab.”

Haymitch shook his head. “It’s on me. Merry Christmas, sweetheart. Just do me a favor and get an Uber home.” She wanted to protest but bit her tongue. He wasn’t pitying her, just being nice. She mustered a mock salute, though hopefully her small smile conveyed her thanks.

“Hey, can I get a beer?”

Katniss glanced toward the new voice, her eyebrows jerking up at the sight of the man to her right. He was a cute one. Curly blond hair, marble-cut profile, broad shoulders. Her eyes dipped downward. Great ass. She made herself look away before he could catch her ogling.

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I Love It - Dean x Reader

Originally posted by dominicasupernaturals

Summary: Dean x Reader Christmas One Shot. That’s basically it.

“Dean.” You called, sitting on his thighs and bouncing up and down slightly in an attempt to wake him.

“(Y/n)? What the hell are you doing?” Dean, not even opening his eyes ran a hand down his face.

“I’m trying to wake you up.” 

“It’s way to early!”

“It’s Christmas!”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“Wait,” You tilted your head then leaned forward to rest on the sleepy man’s chest, “You actually remembered?”

“Yes. Now let me sleep, (Y/n).” Dean rolled over onto his side, shoving you off him.

You lay on the bed beside him, propping yourself up on one elbow.

“I got you a present.” A smirk tugged at your lips.

“What is it?”

“Open your eyes you idiot.”

Dean slowly opened one eye to see you grinning at him.

“I love it.” Dean pulled you into his arms, resting his head on yours.


“The present. I love her. Thank you.” Dean murmured groggily.

You laughed then, shaking your head, “I’m yours already, stupid.”

“Oh, are you?” He opened an eye again.


“I think I need to prove that.” Dean sat up, pulling you onto his lap and pressing his lips to yours. He pulled you closer by the waist, moving away from your lips to plant little bites and kisses along your neck and collarbones.

You closed your eyes, smiling.

Dean moved up to your ear, “Merry Christmas, sweetheart. I love you.”

All I Ever Wanted (Part Three)

Part One

Part Two

A/N: Happy holidays, guys! Here’s the last part of this R2 x Reader Christmas mini-series! Thanks for reading! :)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader x Richard Speight Jr.

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 2545

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You woke slowly, flashes of white and waves of heat coming into your focus as you blinked your eyes open lazily. Most of your vision was just skin due to having your face crushed against Rich’s chest, his body having turned toward you during the night. You were completely sandwiched between Rob and Rich, their arms strewn across you and each other. A faint giggle rumbled through you, your teeth sinking into your bottom lip to attempt to stifle the sound.

Rob squeezed his eyes shut even tighter as he woke, his body stretching before he huddled even closer to your back, one of his hands reaching up to feel at what was in his hair, which happened to be Rich’s hand. Rob pawed him off sleepily, making Rich stir from his slumber, hazel eyes blinking open.

“Morning,” you chirped quietly, moving your hand to rest on his side, caressing him closer as he rested his forehead against yours.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart,” Rich mumbled back, a sleepy smile crossing his face before he leaned forward to peck your lips softly.

You smiled at the affectionate touch, feeling incredibly light and warm in their hold. You still felt Rob cuddled against you, his face nestled between your shoulder blades. “Robbie, wake up,” you giggled lightly, managing to twist around until you faced him, white sheets draping across the three of you. You gently cupped his face in your hands, lightly patting his cheek to make him at least open his eyes. “Hey there, sleepy head,” you cooed, leaning forward to bump your nose against his.

“Mm … hi, baby,” Rob murmured, a smile immediately playing out on his plush lips as he came around from his deep sleep. He nuzzled his nose against yours playfully before capturing your lips gently, drawing a soft sigh from you.

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A Christmas Miracle part four

Enjoying your presents with Negan

Negan x wife Number 6 (reader Y/N)

2200 words

Warnings- Negan smutty goodness, NSFW, smutty aesthetic, language

Catch up with A Christmas Miracle part three

Not super happy with this. There will be more, this is far from finished

Definitely not tv or comic Negan canon.

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Christmas with the Malfoy's

For @puredramione We were talking about what my next dramione Drabble should be and I suggest Christmas and she suggested with kids.


The Malfoy family is celebrating Christmas with Draco’s parents. Hermione is making sure the kids have everything when Draco goes into their dining room and there’s a package sitting on the table addressed to the Malfoy family. He opens it and inside are six knitted sweaters with the first letter of there name on it. He pulls out one that’s green and has a D on it. He goes up the stairs with the sweater and sees his wife coming out of Xander and Zane’s room. “ What is this?”

Hermione turns around and scrunches up her nose when she sees the green D sweater in his hands. “ Oh no I knew I was forgetting something with making sure we have everything and getting the kids ready and Christmas with your parents I totally forgot to hid Mrs. Weasley’s present.”

“ Hid her present you mean she has been sending theses sweaters to us for the last eight years and you’ve been hiding them?”

“ Yes I know you don’t like the Weasley’s so you wouldn’t wear anything that came from Mrs. Weasley and every year I take a picture of the kids in their sweaters and send it to Mrs. Weasley.”

Draco looks down at the sweater in his arms he doesn’t like the Weasley’s Ron tried to ruin his wedding. He learned to put up with Ginny only because she is his wife’s best friend. But he does have to admit it’s nice that Mrs. Weasley including him and has made him a sweater too.


Hermione had put an bottomless charm on all the bags so they could hold everything Draco and herself need, and their two six year olds and two one year olds need.

“ Hermione are you ready yet?”

Draco has been packed and ready to go for an hour now he even helped Scorpius and Anya bring down their bags and made them a snack. They usually spend Christmas Day at their house but Lucius and Narcissa invited them to their manor. The last time they spent Christmas Day with Lucius and Narcissa was Scorpius and Anya’s first Christmas. “ Coming.”

Hermione comes down the stairs with three bags “ Draco do you think your parents will go overboard like they did with Scorp and Anya’s first Christmas?”

Draco nods. Hermione puts her bag and Zane and Xander’s next to his and checks to see if Scorp and Anya brought there bags down. When she sees all the bags are there she takes her wand out and sends them to the manor.

They are using the floo network to get to the Manor. Hermione holds Xander while Draco holds Zane and Scorp and Anya hold on to their parents when they get into fireplace.


The floo network takes them to the Malfoy winter home. They don’t live in the Malfoy manor anymore not since the war. Lucius and Narcissa live in there summer home but when it starts to get cold they move to there winter home.

They arrive and the whole house is decorated like a Christmas wonderland. Snow falling at every entrance, fully decorated Christmas trees in every room, every room decorated from ceiling to floor with red and green ribbons, and bows (more green than red.) real icicles on the window.

Narcissa rushes into the room dressed as mrs. Clause and a house elf behind her with a tray of Christmas cookies. “ You have to come outside I didn’t know you were coming by floo powder.”

The whole front yard and house is Santa’s workshop complete with reindeer, Santa on the roof, the house all light up, lights all down the driveway leading up to an green arch way, all the trees have lights. “Mom, dad can we go pet the reindeer?”

Hermione looks over at Draco who look at his mom “Are they safe?”

“Of course have fun.”

Both parents nod and the twins run over to the reindeer. Xander and Zane are still in their parents arms there looking around. Draco and Hermione bring Xander and Zane over to pet the reindeer, the kids loved all the decorations.


That night after dinner Draco and Hermione unpacked the kids stuff and got them all situated then went to Draco’s old room and Draco sees Hermione looking out the window. He knows something is on her mind something is wrong. “ What’s wrong?”

“ I just wish your dad liked me. Sure he accepts me but we both know he only accepts me because I gave him grandchildren. To him I will always be the muggle born that his sister in law tortured in his living room and friends with Harry.”

Draco pulls her into his arms “ You are the most beautiful, bright and loving witch I’ve ever met. I don’t know why my dad just can’t see that he’s too set in his ways. Do you remember a couple days before second year started we were all in flourish and blotts and Gilroy Lockhart was promoting his books and when you, Potter and the Weasley’s were leaving I stopped you and you met my dad, and he said I told him all about you.”

Hermione nods “ He wasn’t lying. That first Christmas in first year I went home and my mom wanted to know everything. So I told her about the classes and how Pansy, Blaise, Grabbe and Goyle were doing. Then I told her there was this bushy haired know it all girl who is in Gryffindor. She’s so annoying and perfect raises her hand for every question. I talked about you until Christmas break was over. My mom listened to me talk about you everyday. After the first day my dad locked himself in his study and didn’t come out until I changed the topic. Then the next time I went home was summer and when my mom saw me the first question was how was your first year the second question was how is Hermione.”

Hermione smiles into his chest “ You couldn’t stop talking about me?”

“ I still can’t ask Blaise he’s sick of hearing how amazing you are.”

Hermione kisses his neck “ So you don’t regret marrying me?”

Draco slides up her sleeve and on her her arm the mudblood scar from when his aunt tortured her is still there he kisses it. “ Never in the last eight years have I regretted marrying you I love you.”

“ I love you too.”

The next morning Draco and Hermione are woken up by Scorpius and Anya. The six of them go downstairs and Lucius and Narcissa are waiting for them dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause with tea and a whole breakfast layout. In another room that is decorated from floor to ceiling in Christmas decorations with a fully decorated Christmas tree in the corner, snow is falling.

Lucius as Santa passed out all the gifts and everyone watched as the kids open their gifts Zane and Xander are sitting on their parents lap while they open gifts. All four kids got lots of presents but the popular gift this year was the brooms Scorpius and Anya got and were told that they could fly them after breakfast, Zane and Xander also got brooms but they are training brooms that would only go inches off the ground. They also got a toy train, chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts every flavor bean. No matter how many kids Hermione and Draco have they love seeing the excitement on their kids faces at Christmas.

Hermione is leaning into Draco’s side watching their kids play when Draco kisses her cheek and whispers. “ Merry Christmas sweetheart.”

“ Merry Christmas Draco.”


A winter CS one-shot + graphic set for the lovely and amazing seastarved as a Christmas present <3

~ * ~

Emma rested her head on Killian’s shoulder as they watched their little girl trudge with faltering baby steps through the snow.

“Most precious princess in all the lands,” Killian murmured lightly at her side. Emma smiled, a genuine content smile, and Killian moved his lips to kiss the top of her head.
“Second only to her mother,” he finished, pressing a cheek to her hair. Emma chuckled under her breath.
“Trust a pirate to make a girl feel like a queen, hmm?”
Killian hummed deep in his throat.
“I know all sorts of ways, love,” he replied, a seductive whisper at her ear. Emma shivered in her wool coat, nothing to do with the cold, but pursed her lips and swiveled to look her pirate in the eye.
“Is that so, Jones?” she teased, tilting her chin up to look at him with a challenge and the dust of a smile in her eyes. Killian cocked an eyebrow at her, smiling himself.
“Aye, love,” he whispered. “I’d be happy to show you when we get home.”
Emma bit her lip, her eyes flitting from Killian’s lips to his eyes and back.
“Careful, Jones,” she whispered, glancing briefly at their daughter before meeting her husband’s alluring gaze again. “You’re bringing me dangerously close to wanting to make another one.”
Killian smiled.
“With pleasure, Swan,” he said, a grin coming to his face. “This time a boy, perhaps?”
Emma’s lips broke into a full smile, and with a laugh she grabbed her pirate’s lapels and pulled him into a kiss.

~ * ~

“I love you, my ridiculous pirate, you,” Emma murmured when they broke a moment later, nestling into his warmth.
“And I you, my beautiful princess,” Killian murmured back, tucking her close as the soft snow swirled around them.

A Merry Balthazar

gif is not mine

Title: A Merry Balthazar

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word count: 774

Warnings: fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @basheverythingyesterday!! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much <3 <3

Last night you went to bed screaming at Sam and Dean.  They wanted to go on a hunt tomorrow; on Christmas day.  They didn’t ask you to go or to help.  They were just going to leave you in the bunker all by yourself without a second thought.  It hurt your feelings that they would just leave like that.  It was all said and done and there was nothing you could do to change their minds.  After all, your job was to save people and hunt things.  

When you woke up the next morning, you could smell food.  It wasn’t a common thing to smell food in the bunker.  Not unless Dean was cooking, but they should already be gone.  You sat up in bed, hearing a set of footsteps coming down the hall.  You took the gun you hid under your other pillow and aimed it at the door.

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Hans: “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Anna: "Merry Christmas you great, big, wonderful, adorable husband you! Do you love me?”

Hans: “Mhm-hm.”

Anna: “How much?”

Hans: “A lot. But not enough to tell you what your Christmas present is.”

Anna: “Now what makes you think that’s what I wanted to know! And what is it?!”

hannaficdump I’m your Secret Santa! Enjoy and Happy Holidays<3

Bonus: There’s a hidden Mickey! :)

Uncle Cap

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 732
Requested by @professionally-crazed:  Bucky request: Bucky and his wife (reader) find out she is pregnant a week before Christmas and they want to tell Steve in a cute way that he is going to be an uncle. Details are up to you. I saw another ask you answered. Much love! 😘 

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           Bucky couldn’t stop looking at you as he drove back home after the doctor’s appointment.

           “Bucky, I’m not going anywhere,” you giggled, but you didn’t mind the looks. Didn’t mind that he was so happy.

           “I’m just . . . gah, I’m so happy, Y/N,” he said, “I never thought something as good as you would happen to me. But this … this is seriously beyond my imagination. I can’t believe this is happening.”

           You couldn’t stop smiling, “You deserve happy, Bucky. I’m so glad that I’m the one that gets to be with you and help bring you happy.”

           “You are my happy,” Bucky said, “Every part of you is my happy.”

           “And now . . .” you put your hand on your belly, “There’s another part that’s both of us. That’s both our happy.”

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 922

Summary: Christmas is here and the reader finds herself all alone.


A/N: Just a cute xmas fic I thought of while getting ready on Christmas Eve. Happy holidays y’all!

ETA? You quickly hit send, eager for a response. 

Hit the road around 1. Should be there in a few hours. Dean texts back, despite the fact that he’s driving. 

You toss your phone on the table and look around.

Dean and Sam had left almost a week ago to take on a hunt, and since it was so close to Christmas, you figured you’d surprise them for when they returned.

Cue the dozens of twinkle lights, leafy garland around the staircase and pillars and a big tree you had Cas help you cut down and decorated, complete with an angel on top. 

It finally looked like the most wonderful time of the year in the bunker, and you really hoped Dean and Sam would like it. 

You had no idea when the last time Dean and Sam celebrated Christmas, so you wanted to make it really special for them.

You had even sucked it up and hit the local mall to get presents for the boys; some records of Dean’s favorite bands, a record player that actually worked for Dean to play them on, some new boots for Sam since his were falling apart and a copy of American Myths and Legends: 23rd Edition you found at the bookstore. You also bought the boys some high end bottles of their favorite liquor; No. 3 London Dry Gin for Sam and Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey for Dean. It wasn’t much, but you knew they’d appreciate it none the less. 

Now, it was 3pm, the cookies were baked, the egg nog was spiked, and you were decked out in your red Christmas dress with matching Santa hat. The only thing missing was the boys.

Your phone reads 8:14pm and Dean and Sam are still MIA.

Update? You type out, hoping Dean will say that he’s right down the road.

Sorry sweetheart. Hitting traffic outside of Benkelman. 

You throw your head back and groan. Benkelman was at least three hours away, without traffic. 

Think you’ll make it home tonight? You text with a breaking heart. This wasn’t how you imagined spending Christmas eve. 

I’ll be home for Christmas. Promise.

You crack a small smile, and as much you appreciate the thought, you know there’s no way he can definitively keep promise. 

You pour yourself another glass of eggnog, your third by now, and turn up Dean Martin’s White Christmas as you plop down in a chair and pray to Cas for the best.

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