merry christmas m'love


This writing is based on the snap we got of Niall’s adorable grandpa slippers, and I added a Christmas-y element because that’s the kind of mood I’m in right now. Also, I took some liberties and speculated that the slippers were L.L. Bean because I live for everything L.L. Bean and the thought of Niall having their stuff gives me heart palpitations. I promise it’s not an actual product plug. This is very fluffy and cute. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

It all started when you borrowed your boyfriend’s slippers to take out the trash one day. Niall was out while you had a day off, and you were just hanging out in his apartment getting cleaning and work done. The trash was full but you had more to throw out, so you tied off the bag and walked over to the door. It was getting colder out, what with winter approaching fast. You were going to slip into your flip-flops, but decided on Niall’s slippers, sitting by the door where he had taken them off before putting on his regular shoes to leave. You slid them on your feet and were met with warm, soft, comfortable material. They were too big for you, obviously, but for going outside it was no problem. You took the trash down to the dumpster, hugging your arms around yourself as the cold air raised goosebumps on your skin. As you walked your heels came out of the slippers, causing you to shuffle to keep them on. When you got back inside, you decided to leave the slippers on, continuing to clean and do your own work on the couch, your laptop perched on your lap. Your toes stayed warm, usually an impossibility with the hardwood floors of the apartment and Niall’s tendency to set the thermostat low. You held your foot up, admiring your boyfriend’s taste. The tan moccasins were well made, L.L. Bean, and broken in but taken care of. You smiled, thinking of the lovely boy they belonged to. Who, coincidentally, was walking in the door. “Hi babe, I’m home!” he called from the doorway. Getting up from your spot on the couch you walked over to greet him, eager to see him. “Hi baby,” you said, smiling as you approached him. He wound his arms around your waist and you brought your hands up to rest on his chest. “Missed you,” he said softly, a smile playing on his lips. You tilted your head up and kissed him, relishing in the feel of his soft lips against yours. He held you close to him, simply enjoying greeting you for a moment. “Missed you too,” you said when you pulled away from him. “Did you have a good day?” He nodded. “We made some good progress with recording and we’re right on track with where we want to be.” “I’m glad.” You moved away from him to let him finish taking off his coat and shoes. “Babe?” he said. You hummed in response and turned back around for a moment. “Are those my slippers?” he asked, chuckling a little. “Oh yeah, I borrowed them to take the trash out and left them on because my feet get cold. Is that okay?” you asked, knowing Niall could be particular about his belongings. “Yeah, o'course. They look good on you. A little big though.” He smiled and followed you to the couch.

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