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“ Only Lady Joanna truly knows the man beneath the armor, and all his smiles belong to her and her alone.”

(fancast: margot robbie & alexander skarsgård, for @joannalannister : MERRY CHRISTMAS LAUREN, look how original i am… a Lannister edit!! anyway, sorry i’m late but here your gift ;D)

The Fox and the Dove: An Elucien/Squad Fic

For my @yulemaas Secret Santa - @highfaelucien. She asked for Inner Circle fluff in which everyone finds out about Moriel or Elucien finally getting together, and to my utter shock, I ditched out on my darling children for the Elucien. Merry Christmas, Lauren! I hope it lives up to what you were hoping for. <3

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Summary: Fresh off solidifying the mate bond between them, Lucien and Elain are ready to tell their family about their decision to accept the bond. Lucien just needs to work off some steam first, but much to everyone’s amusement, Elain’s got her own steam to blow off that leads to teasing and taunting and feelings of all sorts.

The Fox and the Dove

Elain tried to wait.

Just a few hours while Lucien worked off some - what had he called it?


Yes, that was it. Just a few hours while Lucien worked off some agitations from the few days they had spent holed up in his manor in the Spring Court.

Elain hadn’t told anyone she was going with him. It was difficult to work up an excuse to be left alone without any chance of someone deciding they could come interrupt her for this or that. She wasn’t even sure how long they’d be gone doing… Well. Elain blushed just thinking about what she and Lucien had been doing.

In the end, though, it hadn’t been as tricky as she thought. Lucien was always skipping off to the Spring Court to help sort it out from the mess Tamlin had left it in after the war, and her sisters were so caught up in their own busy lives that Elain had found it somewhat easy to go. She simply slipped her arm through Lucien’s, gripped him fiercely with her eyes squinted shut, and in a blink he’d taken her to the fields and flowers and songs of another world.

Their world.

She liked their world. She liked it very much. And no one knew about it.

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Merry Christmas you crazy people. I hope you enjoy Christmas with you family and friends aka. Go on tumblr while the rest of your family talks about how your life is a mess and how your grades have sunk faster than the titanic. So I thought that perhaps you would like a collection of my favourite Camren pictures as you get through this holidays. Because Christmas is all about making yourself happy and for me especially, all I want for Christmas is a camren selfie. And this is the closest I could get. I’ve made so many new friends in this black hole of social media and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you so much and what better way to spend Christmas with your tumblr family. Merry Christmas you lesbians/idiots/best people I’ve ever talked too.


Merry Christmas to all!!!🎄🎁

Enjoy all this Nutcracker😘
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Merry Christmas,
I miss you.

I love Christmas. I do.
I love the lights and the laughing,
giving out presents.
I love how the world disconnects
into families,
separate but somehow all together.
I love the crisp, cold mornings
and the long, slow evenings.

I love Christmas. I do.
But I miss you.
So many people, so much everything.
Almost enough that I can forget
the obvious, gaping hole. Almost.

I love Christmas. I do.
But I’m out in the park, my breath blowing out in front of me
and all I can think about is how much I miss you,
how I wish I could dial your number
and just hear your voice,
tell you about my Christmas
and ask about yours.
But I can’t.
Not anymore.

Merry Christmas,
I miss you.

—  Lauren Alex Hooper, Merry Christmas, I Miss You