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Note: This is my first Jordan Fisher imagine! Hope y’all enjoy. I’m hoping to write many more of these.

Word Count: 1483

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader

Warnings: none. just fluff. 

“Jordan, this is your chance, man. This is an opportunity that you have to take up. I mean, this is Y/N we’re talking about. The girl you-”

“I know, I know.” Jordan replied, cutting off Oak before slipping on his white coat for the first song. They were getting ready for the matinee show. “It needs to be special.”

The cast and crew of Hamilton decided to do a secret santa thing for Christmas 2K16, so when Jordan found out that he was going to be your secret santa, he needed help on deciding what to get you.

He’d had a crush on you since the first time he talked to you, but did a good job of hiding it. Jordan didn’t want to mess up on his gift to you.

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Request:  “You’re still mine, right?” prompt request for Parrish. Maybe a break-up and make-up scenario will do. And make it during Christmas time :)

Author’s Note: I liked this a lot c: I hope you do, too! Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; some sexual content


“Mmmm, that’s feel so good, baby,” I mumbled against Jordan’s lips as we kissed, his hand down the front of my panties. I gasped when I felt one of his fingers slide into me, his lips trailing to my neck. “Fuck, Jordan,” I breathed, my head going back as I bit my lip to hold back a moan. I was riding his fingers, enjoying every second of pleasure I could get out of this. It had been awhile since my boyfriend and I had had time to do anything like this. And now, on Christmas Eve, we finally got a free night.

Until his phone started going off. I saw his eyes widen, but he didn’t stop.

“I swear to god, if you answer that-” I panted, not wanting this to end as I started to undo the buckle on his belt. 

“I won’t,” he assured, letting it go to voicemail. Then I was kissing him again, tugging his jeans down as I did. We were interrupted yet again by the shrill ring. “I’m sorry, just-” Jordan removed his hand, picking up his phone with the other one and answering, suddenly becoming business-like. I whined and started to kiss his neck, sucking a mark into his skin. “Babe, let me up,” he whispered, moving me off of him and heading to the other room. I groaned and plopped down into the couch, waiting. When he returned, he had a frown on his lips.

“Where were we?” I purred, sitting on my knees and reaching for his pants, ready to get things going again, but he stopped me.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I have to go, that was the station-” he started, buckling his pants back up and walking to grab his uniform shirt. 

“Are you kidding?” I deadpanned. “They called you in? On your first day off in like a month?”

“They have to dispatch and they need someone to come in and just sit at the desk for a couple hours, so I told them I was free-”

“Wait, wait, wait,” I interrupted. “You volunteered?” 

Yes,” Jordan answered, buttoning up his shirt as he came back in. I was standing now, my arms crossed and eyebrows raised. “It shouldn’t be long, though.”

“I can’t fucking believe this,” I mumbled, tossing my hands up.

“Y/N, don’t get mad, it isn’t a big deal,” he said, giving me a stern look.

“Not a big deal? Jordan, you’re picking work over sex with your girlfriend!” I nearly yelled. He rolled his eyes, picking up his equipment. “Which, by the way, has not happened in a long time! I’m a little lonely over here.”

“That is not what I’m doing!” he insisted, slipping on his shoes. 

“Yes it is!” I yelled. “The one night I actually get with you, and it’s ruined. And Christmas Eve of all nights!”

“I said I’ll be back in a couple of hours! You’re overreacting.”

“Oh my god,” I said, voice getting dangerous. “I can not believe you just said that to me.”

“Well, it’s true,” he insisted, pulling on his coat. 

“Do you understand how much it hurts to be put aside like that?” I asked, eyes narrowing. “You’d rather go sit at a desk by yourself than have sex with me!”

“It’s my job to protect people, Y/N. Do you not get that?”

“That isn’t the point, Parrish!” Tears were welling behind my eyes from both hurt and anger.

“Look, I don’t have time for this right now. I need to get down there. I’ll be back soon,” he said, dismissing the subject. I shook my head, a few droplets escaping as I slipped on my shoes and coat and grabbed my purse.

“I’m going home. Merry fucking Christmas, Jordan,” I told him, shoving past and heading for my car. I saw him run his hand through his hair and toss his arm up as he watched me go. When I got to my place, I crawled into bed, letting the tears fall until I finally fell asleep.

When I got up in the morning, I went out to my living room, sighing at all the presents under my tree. They were mostly for Jordan. With how things ended last night, I wasn’t even sure when or if I’d be seeing him again. I made myself breakfast and then curled up on my couch, watching some Christmas movie until a knock on my door prompted me to move.

“Hey,” Jordan said as I revealed his large frame. I blinked at him, not really sure what to do.

“Hi,” I replied lamely. He stood there watching me, a sorry expression on his face.

“About last night,” he started, flicking his eyes to the ground for a moment. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

“It really hurt, J,” I mumbled, kicking my foot at the floor lightly.

“I know, baby, I didn’t mean to do that to you,” he said. “I should have told them no, spent the night with you.” I nodded at his words. “I wanna make it up to you, Y/N. You’re- you’re still mine, right?”

“Of course, Jordan!” I told him, melting instantly at his nervous expression. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him inside my apartment. He pulled back and pressed his lips to mine in a happy kiss, one that I gladly returned. 

“I uhm- I want to give this to you now,” he said softly. “I just can’t wait anymore.” Jordan pulled out a little box from his coat pocket, opening it to reveal the diamond earrings I had pointed out months ago.

“Jordan!” I gasped. He chuckled a bit, offering the box to me. 

“I started saving the night you showed them to me,” he admitted. I pulled him in for another kiss. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Parrish,” I replied, hugging him tightly.


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Request:  Oh gosh darn it…. The 3 and 5 was a Parrish request sorry I thought I added the name. I guess I did not

Author’s Note: I really needed a cute Parrish imagine. Having some stress lately. Also, my L key is not working well, so I apologize for the impending more-misspellings-than-usual that are bound to occur. Enjoy!

Warnings: Feels; language

#3: Mistletoe kisses + #5: “You taste like candy canes”


“Baby, did you already take the bags to the car?” I called, running around and trying to get all of my stuff together.

“Yeah, hon,” Jordan called back. “Everything is ready to go.”

“Well, I’m not,” I grumbled, throwing clothes around the bedroom as I tried to find my damn jacket. “Can you get mine back out? I forgot my grey jacket and my creme scarf! I’m gonna need it for dinner, don’t you think?”


“On second thought, I can just pack another bag.” I heard Jordan huff and walk down the hall, leaning against the door frame.

“Y/N, we’re going to be late,” he told me, giving me that look. I sighed and shook my head, throwing my hands up as I continued to run around. “Plus, I don’t think there will even be enough room in the car for an extra bag. Not with all the gifts.”

“Shit!” I said, hurrying past him toward the living room. “I forgot the cookies for your mom and her card in the tree!” I began to frantically search the tree, not finding the envelope and freaking out a bit.

“Babe, calm down,” Jordan chuckled, walking behind me as I rushed. 

“I don’t have time, J!” I went to walk around him again, but he grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to meet his eyes.

“Hey,” he said, his voice calm, yet somehow commanding. “It’s alright. Just take a deep breath.” I did as he said, nodding my head when I felt some of the stress leave my body. “I have your brown jacket waiting by the door and I already got the card. Mom can live without the cookies. I’ve got you, okay?”

“Okay,” I breathed, smiling up at my fiance. He beamed down at me, leaning to press a sweet kiss to my lips. “Let’s go.”

We were finally able to get on the road, heading for Jordan’s parent’s house. Once we arrived, the rest of the family was already there. We were greeted happily, exchanging many “Merry Christmas!” sentiments, and ended up sitting  around by the fire and visiting while we waited for dinner.

“Is there anything I can help with?” I asked as I headed for the kitchen, smiling at Jordan’s mom.

“Oh no, sweety,” she insisted. “It’s all almost ready.”

“Please, let me do something,” I told her, placing a hand on her back and offering a grin that she returned. 

“Well, if you’d really like to help, then can you finish setting the table?” 

“Of course!” I began to take the food out, placing it on hot plates and adding silverware when it was needed. Once I got all of the dishes out, I called for Jordan to help with the Turkey. He happily set it on the table, returning to the kitchen just as i was trying to head out the doorway. We got a little caught up trying to get around each other and laughing a bit.

“Oh! Wait!” His sister said, stopping us before we went our separate ways. “Mistletoe,” she informed us, pointing up with a smirk. Jordan and I looked up only to find the little plant dangling above our heads.

“You know what that means,” his mother added with a wink, making us both blush.

“Mom, I don’t know-”

“Now, Jordan, i didn’t raise you to question your mother, did I?” she asked sternly. Jordan sighed and looked down at me, giving me a sympathetic grin as his cheeks tinted pink.

“She’s right,” he mumbled. I chuckled and placed my hands on his shoulders just as his wrapped around my waist. He leaned down and our lips met, smiles on both our faces as we kissed. It was lingering and soft and loving, one of my favorite kinds of kisses. We heard squeals from the other women in the room, causing us to pull away and laugh. Jordan hugged me against his chest, placing his lips to the top of my head briefly.

“You taste like candy canes,” I giggled quietly. I felt the vibrations in Jordan’s chest before he pulled away, lacing my fingers with his as he led me to the table, the others following and some already waiting.

“I snuck one earlier,” he confessed in my ear. I slapped his chest playfully as we sat down next to each other, ready to dig in and enjoy the holiday.

Hell Hounds Celebrate Christmas Too - Parrish Fluff

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Request; @demwebbedtoesdoe said: Hi! I’ve read the rules. And after clearing up the whole Parrish thing, I’d like to request a Christmas fluff imagine. Maybe where it’s the reader’s first Christmas with him, and as a present you got him a little hellhound figurine for his desk. :)

Warning; fluff?

note; I quite like this one actually, I hope you’re okay with it. I know the hellhound didn’t have a massive thing in it, but I found this fitting a little? Anyway I hope you like, merry christmas :)


You closed the door to your car and looked up at the station. First christmas with your new boyfriend, and he had to work.

Well, you weren’t going to let it go to waste.

You pulled the bag of presents from your car and took them inside, greeting the woman at the front desk who let you in. You dropped a small present on her desk before you continued to put small little things onto everyone else’s, before you knocked on the sheriff’s door, finding Stiles in there too.

“Hey guys,” you grinned as you opened the door after being called in. “How’s your christmas going?” you asked.

“Hey Y/n,” Stiles sighed. “It’s going all right. Just waiting for dad so we can pick Malia up and grab some dinner,” he told you.

“Out on a call or?”

“Just a call. It’s a full moon, and everyone goes crazy around this time,” he shrugged.

“How’s Liam dealing with it?” you were kept up to date with everything going on in the town, thanks to Parrish’s constant worrying about being something, but no one knew what. He had a few nightmares before, and you demanded to be told about everything. Now you knew… You even helped the sheriff and Parrish out when the supernatural was involved, but you thought you all deserved a bit of time free from it, at least for Christmas Eve.

“He’s fine, actually. Scott said he was good to be left alone,” Stiles shrugged.

“Great! Well, this is for you, and for your dad, and for Malia,” you pulled out three small presents and walked towards him, putting them in his hands as he just chuckled.

“Thanks Y/n, that’s- you really shouldn’t have,” he told you.

“Well I thought it was a tough couple of months, you guys deserve it. I have more for Scott and the others too, I’ll see them tomorrow at the pack thing, but now that I see you, I thought I’d give them to you.”

“That’s so nice, thanks,” he grinned.

“No problem. Enjoy the dinner,” you told him.

“Enjoy your first Christmas with Parrish,” he replied with a wicked grin as you rolled your eyes.

“You’re so immature.”

“We all know what you’ll be doing tonight, Y/n,” he laughed as you just stuck your tongue out - because you’re that grown up - and then left him in the office, going straight to Parrish’s desk and sending him a grin as he finally looked up from his computer and turned his chair as you sat down in his lap and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips before you reached down into your bag to grab the carefully wrapped present.

“I got you something,” you told him as you sat back up and he reached behind him to pull up a bag from your favourite take out and another box with your name on it, literally.

“Ooh, presents,” you grinned like a five year old, making him laugh before you got up and dragged a wheely chair beside him and sat down, letting hm unpack the food as you put both of your presents on his desk.

“I’m really sorry that this is our first christmas. Tomorrow will be better,” he told you with a small sigh, picking up a box and starting to eat while you took the other.

“It’s cool, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you smiled, leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.

“Marry her,” you both turned to see the sheriff and Stiles standing outside of his office.

“Oh, Sheriff-“

“Don’t worry Parrish, it’s all right. Enjoy christmas. Call me if you get an emergency, but otherwise, take it easy,” he smiled.

“And marry her, for real, not enough girls would say that,” Stiles said before the sheriff lightly hit his sons shoulder and steered him towards the exit.

“Thank you for the present, Y/n,” he added before following after his son, who said the same and then wished you all a merry christmas before saying bye and leaving.

“No problem!” you shouted after them, “Merry Christmas!”

“You got everyone a present?”

“Yeah, well you know, spreading the christmas spirit and all,” you shrugged, continuing to eat.

“That’s so sweet of you,” he grinned.

“All right, shut up messenger of death, open your present,” you laughed as he just watched you with amazement.

“Okay, fine, what did you get me?” he asked, placing his portion on the table and then picked up his present. He found the edge of the paper and gently took off the sellotape, keeping the paper intact and torturing you. You just wanted to know what he’d think of it, but he was up to make it a slow process. Once he finally unwrapped the whole ting, he turned the small hellhound figurine in his hands, seeing the engraving on the bottom.


“It’s great, thank you, I love it,” he smiled wide and glanced up at you before he pecked your lips again and pulled your chair right beside him as you chuckled and put your head on his shoulder.

“Merry Christmas Jordan,” you told him with a fond smile.

“I love you,” he suddenly said. You looked up from him before you grinned and put a hand at the back of his neck, pulling him to you as you kissed him properly, both of you smiling into the kiss.

“I love you too,” you told him once you slowly pulled back. “That’s the best christmas present, I don’t even mind what’s in that thing,” you told him with a happy grin.

“Well, you might want to know,” he laughed.

“But I love you too, either way.”


A Best Friend for Christmas

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Request: 23 with Parrish and a lot of fluff!!! :D 

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to start writing these Christmas prompts!!!! I hope you like this one, I tried to make it super fluffy and cute c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Jordan Parrish should be a warning himself…

#23: “You’re freezing, get in here!”


I trudged through the snow toward my neighbor’s house trying to keep my head down and shield my face from the large snowflakes that were falling down. The temperature had dropped significantly once the sun went down and the biting wind didn’t help either. After what felt like forever, I finally made it up the steps and knocked on the door. Parrish answered after only a few seconds. 

“Hey!” he greeted happily, slight confusion on his features. I offered a nice smile, shivering a bit at the wind.

“Hi,” I said. “I had some extra cookies and stuff so I thought I’d bring some over…” I held up the tray of goodies for him to see. He chuckled a bit, a huge grin on his face. “I know how much you love sweets, even if you won’t admit it.”

“You know my secrets,” he replied playfully, shaking his head as he took the tray from me. I couldn’t help the small shiver and gasp that left my lips as another bought of wind came. “You’re freezing, get in here!”

“Thanks,” I said, gratefully walking inside and peeling off my coat and boots as Jordan took the tray to the kitchen. Once I had removed my winter gear, I followed, laughing as I saw him grabbing some stuff for hot chocolate while eating a cookie. “Already digging in I see. They must be good.”

“Y/N, you know I love anything you make,” he replied, his words muffled by the cookie. A tiny blush crept onto my cheeks, but I played it off as my skin warming from the cold air. Jordan and I had been friends ever since I moved in just a couple houses down. We grew pretty close, clicking instantly. We spent a lot of time with each other, including holidays because neither of us really had any family, and I considered him my best friend. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a bit of a crush on him, too.

“You want any help?” I offered, biting my lip nervously as I watched him try to prepare the hot chocolate. He shook his head, insisting on making it since I brought over the treats. After a bit, he finally got it together and handed me a steaming mug, a proud grin on his face. We moved into his living room, bringing the tray with us.

“So, you have plans for tomorrow?” Jordan asked as we sat down on his fluffy couch. I shook my head, eyes scanning his decorated tree. 

“No, not really. I wanted to make a Christmas dinner since I’ve never really gotten to do it before, but…” I trailed off with a shrug. I didn’t need to finish for Jordan to know what I meant. “You?”

“Nope,” he said. “You know, if you want to make a Christmas dinner, you could. I would eat with you.”

“Really?” I asked, smiling happily at him. He nodded. 

“Actually, if you wanted, we could just spend Christmas together…” Jordan rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, a small blush on his cheeks.

“I’d like that,” I told him softly. “It’ll be nice to not be alone.” He agreed and we sipped at our drinks quietly.

“Wanna watch a movie or something? ABC Family always has Christmas stuff on,” he offered. 

“Yes!” I shouted, excitement bubbling over. He knew how much I loved holiday movies. With a laugh, he grabbed the remote and clicked on the television. I moved closer to his body as he draped an arm over the back of the couch, his fingertips brushing my shoulder.

“Come here,” he chuckled. “You’re still cold.” I scooted even closer to him until I was nestled into his side, my feet tucked under my body. Jordan’s arm rested against my shoulders, his fingers playing with my hair a bit as we watched The Polar Express. We could hear the wind howling outside, the snowflakes flying past the windows. About a half an hour into the movie, everything went black.

“What the hell?” I said, looking around the darkness. 

“Power must be out,” Jordan mumbled, getting up to check the rest of the house with a sigh. I waited on the couch for him to return. When he did, he had a frown on his beautiful lips. “I think it’s through the whole neighborhood. I just got rid of my damn generator, too.”

“Well, how are we gonna stay warm?”

“I can think of a few ways to conserve body heat,” he said with a smirk. I gawked at him and laughed.

“Perv,” I accused, blushing furiously. Jordan laugh loudly and shook his head. It wasn’t usual for him to make jokes like that, but I sure as hell didn’t mind when he did.

“I can grab some wood for the fireplace,” he said. I nodded and he walked toward his garage. He built up a nice fire for us and I grinned at his survival skills that were on display. “Should be enough to burn through the night.”

“Through the night?” I said playfully. “What exactly do you have planned, sir?”

“Well, I’m not letting you go back to your house without any electricity! Besides, if we’re spending Christmas together then we may as well wake up on Christmas morning together, right?” He came and sat up on the couch, pulling a large fluffy blanket over us.

“You know, I’m really glad that I met you, Jordan,” I mumbled, leaning my head on his shoulder and watching the fire. He gave me a little squeeze and placed a kiss to my temple.

“Me too. It’s great to have a best friend for the holidays.”

Candy Cane Bribes

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Request: Christmas Prompt # 5 with Parrish :) 

Author’s Note: I really thought this was a cute idea and I had a lot of fun thinking up ideas for this one. I hope you like it c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Cuteness

#5: “You taste like candy canes”


“Babe, are the kids dressed yet?” I called from the kitchen as I ran around frantically trying to finish up all the loose ends.

“We’re getting there!” my husband yelled back. Just then, I heard the sound of small giggling and spotted my daughter running through the kitchen in her princess costume. Jordan came hurrying after her, out of breath and her little Christmas dress in his hands. I turned and raised my eyebrows at him, hands on my hips. He gave me an innocent smile and a shrug.

“You seem to be having quite a bit of luck with this,” I said, my lips quirking into a smile.

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Post-Mortem by oliverdalstonbrowning. 
Barduil Secret Santa for prettypaperdoll/@gamoraaaaa.

Ghosts don’t haunt houses, they haunt people. Thranduil is burdened by a past he fears he will never let go, but Bard is determined to help him overcome his grief. And perhaps make friends with the ghosts while he’s at it.


A surprise indeed

Imagine Parrish coming home from overseas on Christmas and surprising you
Author: Femke 
Reader Gender: Female
Word count: 732
Warnings: Bit of violence, Fluff, Implied future smut idekI
(A/N) It’s not Christmas but I think everyone needs a little Parrish in their lives. Sorry for any typo’s or errors, English isn’t my first language. Reviews are welcome. Enjoy 

You were in your car, driving home from work. You were a freelance photographer, and today was a busy day. Around Christmas, every person ever had decided to have their picture taken it seemed. This was great for business, but killing for your mood.

Not that you hated Christmas, not at all. You just hated spending it alone. You moved here to open your own studio, but your family and friends all lived on the other side of the country. The person you probably missed most was your boyfriend, Jordan, who was a deputy. He was working overseas at some project. You would have loved to spend the holidays with him. You did agree to Skype, but it’s just not the same.

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