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Uchisaku, Sakura attends an Uchiha family Christmas?

“This is a mistake,” Naruto hisses under his breath, loosening his bowtie.

“We’re already here,” Sakura replies, checking her eyeliner in the side mirror. It is absolutely on point and in stark contrast to her ugly Christmas sweater. Perfect. She can’t wait to give Sasuke a conniption over her nutcracker sweater. There are even little lights twinkling on it. “It’s a bit late to turn back. Besides, I wouldn’t put it past Madara to put up tire spikes to mess with his relatives. Ol’ Kyuubi couldn’t handle that.” She pats the rusting orange truck affectionately.

“But Sakura…” Naruto whines. “They’re gonna hog your attention! This is the first time you’ve been back from medical school!”

Sakura rolls her eyes. “I’ve been hanging out with you, Sasuke, and Ino nonstop since getting back a week ago.”

“Still not a fan of this,” Naruto pouts, crossing his arms.

“Deal with it,” Sakura says, hopping out of his car. “We can’t break Mikoto’s heart.”

Naruto huffs a sigh, but allows Sakura to fix his bowtie so she counts it as a win.

“C’mon,” Sakura says.

They make their way up the staircase to the large doors.

“Last chance,” Naruto hisses.

Sakura rolls her eyes and push through the doors.

“May I take your coat sir, miss?” the butler inquires.

Sakura pulls off her peacoat, snickering at the shock on the butler’s face as he comes eye-to-eye with the monstrosity on her sweater.

Naruto sighs but says nothing as they make their way into the dining room. There is a sea of dark hair, restrained music, and oppressive atmosphere, all signs of a Uchiha-exclusive party.

“Oh boy,” Sakura murmurs. Sasuke didn’t tell them that this was a Uchiha-only party.

“Sakura!” Mikoto exclaims, pulling Fugaku along with her as she runs (in a dignified manner) to hug her. “It’s been so long!”

“Indeed,” Fugaku says, gaze surprisingly warm. “My sons have been excited to see you.”

“What a quaint sweater!” Mikoto says, smirk tempered with mischief. “You must let me know where you procured it.”

Sakura meets Fugaku’s pleading eyes and grins. “Well Mikoto…”


Sakura and Mikoto’s plan is rudely interrupted as Sakura finds herself lifted into the air and spun around. She blinks down into the red eyes of Madara.

“It’s about time for you to visit,” he admonishes.

“Put me down!” Sakura demands. He hesitates and she grabs his ear. “Madara…”

He sighs gustily and places her back on the ground where she belongs.

A weight settles across Sakura’s shoulders. “Sakura!” Shisui butts into the conversation, placing himself between Sakura and Madara. “I can’t believe you haven’t stopped by the station to see me yet!”

“She spent more than enough time there during high school,” Sasuke says, moving into the circle. He releases a strangled sound as he catches sight of her sweater.

“Only to bail you and Naruto out of trouble!” Sakura replies. “Where did Naruto go?”

“I believe he is enjoying the hors d’oeuvres,” a soft voice says.

Sakura smiles. “Hi Itachi.”

“Sakura,” he greets, ponytail falling over his shoulder. He looks her over, smiling faintly. “I enjoy your festive sweater.”

Sakura flushes. “Thanks.”

“I like it too!” Madara says, sidling closer to her. “It’s…it’s majestic!”

Sakura makes eye contact with Naruto as the Uchihas around her devolve into extolling the virtues of her sweater.

“Told you so,” he mouths.

She lifts her middle finger his way.

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I can see a hella cute, fluffy fic featuring Remus using 25 and 44!

25. “You’re mine. I don’t share.” and 44. “Cuddle me.” 

I went overboard with this and had to finish it quickly. Christmas in July…right? I might turn this into a fic later on around Christmas. 

Prompt list | request

Christmas certainly was the best time of the year. Hogwarts basked in the festive glow that Christmas usually inspired; the hallways were infused with the scent of baked goods, decorations adorned classrooms and the great hall, from sparkling fairy lights to the grand Christmas tree that stood, flaunting an array of small, beautiful ornaments. You couldn’t think of a better place to spend Christmas at. Especially when you’d spend the day with the Marauders.

“Rise and shine, darling,” whispered a soft voice and your eyes flew open to find Remus hovering over you wearing a small, boyish smile, “Merry Christmas, love.”

You beamed up at Moony, admiring his elegant beauty and benevolent eyes. “Have you been watching me sleep this entire time?”

“Maybe,” he grinned, “Maybe not.”

You gave Remus a sleepy smile before Peter came into your peripherals and you focused your gaze on him. He wore a bright green sweater with a very creepy-looking-Santa emblazoned across it with the words ‘He sees you when you’re sleeping’ scribed across the top of it.

“Peter!” you giggled, “What possessed you into wearing that creepy sweater?”

“James and Sirius,” Wormtail replied, quite simply, “They made It especially for me…”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, bitches!” boomed a voice and before you could blink, Sirius Black burst through the door. He wore a bright red Christmas sweater which showed an upside-down snow man. Two golden bells hung just below the snow man’s long, orange nose, depicting a crude picture of a man’s…well…crotch area. Across the top of his sweater were the words ‘Jingle my Bells’ that he had charmed to flash in different colors. You clamped a hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter.

“I’ve been working on this baby all year…” Sirius retorted, proudly.

“It’s true,” Remus added, “he has.”

“Oh I believe you,” you shook your head, a broad grin still curving your lips, “Never ever decide to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Sirius.”

“Why, don’t you like it?” Sirius wanted to know in mock offense. “Can’t you handle my acute fashion sense?”

“No,” you laughed, “I don’t think the world is ready for it yet. It’s a good thing you’re pretty…”

You let out a laugh before you were joined by the third Marauder, James Potter, who pranced into your dorm looking ridiculous. He, too, had an ugly looking sweater, this time he wore Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, whose notorious nose was glowing red. James had animated Rudolf so that he could move and the reindeer was just as proud as his maker. He held his gigantic head high and batted his eyes at you, checking you out in a not-so-subtle way.

“Like my sweater?” James asked, clasping his hips and strutting toward you.

“Oh you have no idea.”

“There’s more,” James added, excitedly, “Look.” He spun around and, on the back, was the rest of Rudolf’s body. His fluffy tail wiggled excitedly while, just below, hung two very large Christmas ornaments, an exaggerated display of Rudolf’s…balls. “If you caress him, he gets all happy. Sirius, play with his balls!”

You choked on your laughter as James spun back to face you and Sirius obeyed James’s stupidly immature command. You watched Rudolf’s face contort with pleasure and that enticed more laughter, so much so you were convinced that you had cracked a rib.

“I don’t know whether you two are genius’ or idiots,” you remarked, “because I feel both amused and violated by the sight of your sweaters…”

“Wait until we show you Minnie’s” Sirius smirked, “She’ll love it…”

As a matter of fact, Minnie, better known as McGonagall, did not love the sweater however she couldn’t bring herself to dish out detentions on Christmas. Dumbledore, however, saw the humor of it and chided James and Sirius for not making him one.

After a say spent gallivanting in the snow, (in which Sirius tried several times to dangle mistletoe over you in a poor attempt to make you kiss him. Remus kept shooing him away) the five of you returned to the common room where you lounged in front of the fire. Sirius and James sat on the floor, immersed in a game of wizard chess while you watched from your seat on the long couch beside Remus. You rested your head on his shoulder as you refereed the game, Remus playing with your hair absentmindedly. Peter sat on the armchair, watching with a bowl of candies.

“James is making you his bitch, Sirius,” you observed, laughing lightly at Sirius’s expression.

“I know,” the Marauder grumbled. Rudolf beamed at you before sending you a wink.

“Oh and James, Rudolf keeps hitting on me,”

“Can you blame him?” James smirked. Remus suddenly wrapped a tight arm around you.

“Come on, Moony, please tell me you’re not jealous of my Christmas sweater…are you?”

“N-No,” Remus stammered.

Sirius and James shared an exasperated look before Jame’s knight trapped Sirius’ queen and, thus, ending the game. James cheered, jumping to his feet and parading around the common room, Rudolf and Peter joining in his celebrations. Sirius rolled his eyes and climbed to his feet.

“Losers. I’m going for some fire whiskey,” he announced loudly before leaving with a teasing James in tow.

You moved to get up but you felt Remus’s arms circle around your waist, pulling you back onto the seat. You laughed and snuggled into his embrace while he rested his cheek on your head.

Cuddle me,” Remus demanded in a soft voice and you chortled before he wrapped his arms around you protectively, “You’re mine. I don’t share. Not even with weird, sweater Rudolf”

Sexy Santa [a Ray Palmer imagine]

Request: I’ll be a bitch and ask for 2 one-shots. You could do both, one of them or neither. Could you write 8 with Winn Schott and 20 with Ray Palmer pretty please?😙

‘20: “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.”’

a/n: i died writing this; plus dat gif. Rip Jules.

Ray is ecstatic when this time of year rolls around. He started decorating the Waiverider the day after Thanksgiving. Not just Christmas decor either; Hanukkah has to be recognized as well. Ray doesn’t discriminate. Honestly, it would be cute…if you weren’t hit with a flying dreedle this morning.

You’re met with a string of tinsel when you enter the main room. Sputtering stray strands, you glare up at your fiance; who’s nailing it to the doorframe, wearing a long Santa Claus hat that ends just below his butt. “Oh, hey honey! Ho, ho, ho; merry Christmas! Or happy Hanukkah! Whatever works, I guess!” he grin like a Cheshire cat, going back to the nail.

Giggling, you pawl at the white pompom, making him startle; almost hitting his thumb with the hammer. “You know, this hat ends at the right spot.” you smirk, watching him step down from the ladder. “You’re like a…like a sexy Santa.” you purr, pulling the collar of his ruby red sweater, which makes him blush.

He laughs nervously, peering down at you. The hammer rest in front of this stomach and lowers ever so slightly. “Well, I wouldn’t say sexy…” he snorts, walking around you to put the hammer on the table. “But I do have a present for you!” he exclaims excitedly, spinning on his heel to find you pressed up against him.

Watching the way his adam’s apple bobs, you bite your lip, running your hands up his chest. “See, that could sound soooo wrong if it wasn’t you…” you pause, “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.” you snicker in his ear, eyeing how his jaw clenches. “Because, I mean, really, he is.” you shrug, peppering kisses along his neck.

Ray giggles; hands descending down your body and pulling your waist. His doe eyes sparkling wide, he smiles from ear to ear. “No! You can’t tell our children that! It would ruin the holidays for them!” he argues, “Now do you want your present or not? Sexy Santa doesn’t have all day!” he chuckles, grabbing your hands.

A sigh escapes your mouth and you nod your head. Ray gives you a cheeky smirk, pecking your cheek before going to move. Pressing your palm to his chest, you stop him; your gray shirt sleeve riding up. “Wait, is it you? Do I get to unwrap you?!” you ask happily.

Whining, he nibbles on his lip, “…Later.” he confirms, sneaking around the desk to grab the medium sized box with snowman wrapping paper. “Tada!” he rejoices, placing the gift in your hands. Immediately, you tear the paper off, finding a small leather book with (your first initial).P. “Y/N Palmer.” Ray mutters, blushing, “I know it’s early, but-”

“I love it.” you cut him off, pressing your lips to his. Unlatching it, you open the book, finding notes on every page, all starting with ‘To my Y/N’. Tears begin pooling at your eyes, “Aww, Ray…” you blubber, attacking him with a hug, “I love you, sexy Santa!” you sniffle, kissing his grinning face.

Without a warning, Ray’s hands snake around your thighs, lifting you up on the table. “Okay, you can unwrap me!” he smirks, placing your hands on his chest. “Wait,” he mumbles, running to the other side of the room; the pompom dangling against his back. He slaps a light green bow on his heart before coming back to you. “Okay, now you can unwrap me!” he says cheekily.

Azusa: How about this one?!

MC: Hmmm… I don’t think it’s tall enough….

Randy: It’s taller than you, shouldn’t that count for something?

Klaus: We’ve been out here for two hours….

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If you still are taking prompts, I would love to see 'person a choking on turkey so person b uses the heimlich' with Itachi and Sakura! (I can totally see Sakura mortified at a Uchiha dinner of sorts with Sasuke snickering in the background).

this became itasakushi somehow? I can’t seem to separate them from each other anymore.

Sakura settles in by the fireplace, glad for the smaller celebration. She’s been to a number of the bigger Uchiha parties, part of dating two of the family’s most prolific members.

“Here you go,” Itachi says, passing her a plate.

“Thanks,” Sakura says gratefully, looking over the plate of turkey, cranberry sauce, twice baked potatoes, and other assorted goods. “What would I do without such a handsome fetcher of items?”

“You could always train a dog,” Shisui says, squeezing into the seat next to Sakura on the couch. “I’m sure it’d give better kisses.”

“Better than you at least,” Sakura says, elbowing him in the side.

“Ouch babe, that hurts!” Shisui exclaims, hand to his chest.

“Your ego, maybe,” Itachi mutters into Sakura’s hair.

She snorts, planting a kiss on Itachi’s cheek. His moments of sarcasm are brief and fleeting, usually brought on by Shisui’s dramatics.

“Enough!’ Sasuke says, plopping into the seat across from them. “I don’t need to see your love lives.”

“Stop that,” Mikoto says, patting Sasuke’s cheek as she sits. “We’re glad to see you all so happy.”

Fugaku grumbles a noise of agreement as Kagami nods happily.

“Merry Christmas!” Sakura says.

“Dig in!” Shisui exclaims, strangely focused on Sakura’s face.

She ignores it, taking a bite of turkey and cranberry sauce together.

“Don’t-” Shisui exclaims, jostling her.

Sakura chokes, grabbing at her throat. Itachi moves into action, moving behind her, placing his hands below the center of her chest, and pressing hard. It takes a few attempts, but Itachi keeps his rhythm steady.

Sakura feels something give as a wet noise leaves her mouth as something hard plops to the ground. She sighs in relief, rubbing her sore chest.

“Thanks,” she says, looking up at Itachi.

“Why’d you try to eat it?” Shisui asks, voice high in panic.

“Eat what?” Sakura says.

“Are you serious, Shisui?” Sasuke asks incredulously, picking something up in a napkin. “This was your grand plan?”

Sakura looks down into the napkin, blinking at its contents.

A ring.

The most perfect ring, art deco in style studded throughout with small diamonds. It is simple and elegant and perfect.

And Shisui put it in her food.

“Seriously?” Sakura asks, rounding on Shisui.

“This wasn’t the plan,” Itachi snaps in a rare show of anger. “Shisui, you moron!” He turns to Sakura, placing his hand on her cheek. “It was going to be romantic, down at the lake, candlelit, everything. There’s a ring from each of us.”

“I didn’t think you’d eat it,” Shisui says, unusually subdued. “I’m sorry for jumping the gun.”

Sakura shakes her head, pressing the ring back into Shisui’s hands. Itachi and Shisui look stricken. “We’re going to take this from the top. Try it again sometime soon. This next time, try surprising me a little less.”

“A little less pain involved would be nice too,” Sasuke mutters.