merry christmas guys


           aggressively, we all DEFEND the role we play
     regrettably, the time’s come to SEND you on your way

                                                        ❇︎  the town with pep!  ❇︎
                        ❇︎  independent discord group verse based off of cw’s riverdale  ❇︎
                                           ❇︎  graphics created by CASSIE LYNN ❇︎

Alice Cooper played by @beautifullytragicmuses
Archie Andrews played by @kalxidoscopc
Betty Cooper played by @sweetlycourageous
Cheryl Blossom played by @eternalandiconic
Fangs Fogarty played by @yourpalfangs
FP Jones played by @jonesdad
Jughead Jones played by @joneshead
Reggie Mantle played by @reggies
Sweet Pea played by @brassloyalty
Toni Topaz played by @southsidelover
Veronica Lodge played by @rxvenhairedprincess


Christmas Klance!!!!! also no more pining they are ALREADY BOYFRIENDS HERE  sdfgsasssfaffsss

The gifs are quite big, so click if they’re not working!


PLEASE check out the prologue(?) here I made 3 parts in the end, not 2 haha (part 2 is this).

Perfect, Ed Sheeran

Part 2 of 3. -3,1,2