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Scottish Terror

“Hey, I was wondering if you could write an imagine where George’s girlfriend gets a pet Scottish Terrier  and madness ensues. Thanks, and you’re work is simply smashing! :)” -Dianedancer18

Btw, this is a Scottish Terrier if you needed reminding, look at his widdle legs! (Yes that’s Jock from Lady and the Tramp)

Here’s a short little one I just wrote while drying my hair before going to the dentist. Time to get baked from the giggle gas!
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“Y/N wake up!” Ginny shook you awake. “Hurry up, it’s Christmas!

It was that time of year again for when the legendary Christmas with the Weasleys would commence. You had been with George for a little more than a year now, but this was your first Christmas at The Burrow.

Ginny pulled you out of her room by the arm and raced down to the living room, where all the presents lay under the tree. As you were walking down the corridor, someone grabbed you from behind. “Merry Christmas babe” your boyfriend whispered in your ear. You spun around to face him, as he was pointing up to a piece of mistletoe above the two of you.

“It’s almost like you were waiting for this exact moment” you teased, “It’s almost like I had to get Ginny to wake you up because it’s almost like i’ve been waiting for about fifteen minutes for you”

“Wow, my own broom!” you could hear Ginny call from downstairs. You had almost forgotten about the best present in the world you had gotten for your boyfriend. “Come on Georgie, let’s go downstairs”

You were so excited to bring out George’s present from behind the tree. It was easily the biggest present, so you wanted to hide it before anyone else grabbed it and shook it. That would be a disaster.

You reach around to your hiding spot to grab the massive box, to see the top of it had been ripped wide open, and the box was empty.

“Something wrong, Y/N?” your boyfriend asked as you stared at the empty box in disbelief. “Pardon my muggle, but oh shit” As you start to explain the situation to George, you hear a shriek from the kitchen.

“WHY IS THERE A BLACK MOP WITH A FACE RUNNING AROUND MY KITCHEN” Mrs. Weasley shrieked once again. Again, shit. You wondered to yourself, do wizards even have dogs?

You ran into the kitchen to see Mrs. Weasley on top of the bench pointing a wooden spoon at the dog prancing around yapping at her. “Stay back Molly, it can probably sense fear” Arthur said from the other side of the kitchen. George looked down at you with a look of suspicion on his face. You looked up at him, wide eyed and panicked.

“Stop, stop, stop! He’s harmless, I promise!” You ran into the middle of the kitchen and patted your legs to get the puppy’s attention. He came bounding over to you and you gave him a big pat. “He’s a Scottish Terrier, he’s playful and likes pats, see?” You demonstrate as he rolls onto his back for a tummy rub. “They’re like cats, but more excited and playful”

You turn around to look at George, shaking his head at the chaos you mistakenly caused, “Merry Christmas, Georgie” you tried to say confidently, but it came out much weaker than you hoped.

George came over and crouched down next to you, much to the little dog’s pleasure, and began to rub him behind the ears.

“Mop” he said. “What?” you asked. You just explained that it was an animal, not half a piece of cleaning equipment. “That’s what we’ll call him. Mop” he smiled and continued rubbing Mop’s fur as he rolled around and yapped happily.

Soon enough the whole family was crouched around Mop as he played with his little ball you had also bought, and impressed them all with how he would follow instructions, like ‘Sit’. Of course, they thought that the dog would obey every command, such as “go and get the door” and “would you be a dear and set the table”.

It was the cutest disaster to happen that day, and the family loved him just as much as you hoped they would.
Hope you enjoyed, sorry it was only a short one!

in which tiny loki ruins christmas

by telling everyone what they’re getting before they can open their presents. what a jerk.

First of Many

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Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 1,240
Request: Anonymous. Request; Reader and Castiel spend their first Christmas together and it’s super fluffy and he’s so sweet to her and buys her all kinds of gifts and all that ❤️

Christmas masterlist

You and Cas had begun seeing each other in March, and it was now the middle of December. The fact that you and the boys were in some cheap motel in Tennessee (or was it Vermont? Maybe Kentucky? You weren’t even sure anymore), could have bothered you. You’d spent hours the week before decorating the library as a surprise for the boys.

However, you knew that there wasn’t anything that could keep Cas from spending Christmas with you. Whether you were mid-hunt in some motel with bad head, on the road home, or safe and warm in the bunker.

“I’m freezing my balls off here.” Dean groaned, rubbing his hands together. The room you were in had a very picky heater. Only working when it wanted to. “This sucks.”

You rolled your eyes and pulled out a ten. “Go get us all some warm coffee, and some hot food. Okay?”

Dean’s face lit up as he took the money. “Cas is a lucky, lucky man, sweetheart.” He kissed your forehead before bolting out the door, making you laugh.

Sam shook his head, chuckling at his brother’s dramatics. “So, first Christmas with Cas, huh?” He smiled at you. You blushed and nodded. “I happen to know that he’s spent the past couple months hunting down presents for you.”

“What?” You looked at the tall hunter in shock.

“Don’t worry, I’m not saying that you’re going to be overflowing with things, either. He just took forever thinking each one through. What did you get him?”

You chewed on your lip. “Promise you won’t think it’s silly. I mean, he’s an angel.”

He gave you a reassuring smile. “I promise.”

“A star.” You said quietly. His eyebrows went up. “Stupid, I know.”

Sam shook his head. “I think it’s actually pretty awesome.”

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Imagine asking Crowley to come over to celebrate Christmas with the boys and you.

“So, y/n,” the boys began as they walked into your room.

“Oh god, what did you do this time?” you asked, knowing that every time they started off the conversation like this something was up.

“What? No. We didn’t do anything we just wanted to tell you something.”

“We couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been texting a lot more than usual lately and smiling every time you get a text, and we’ve came to the conclusion that… maybe… you have a boyfriend, and we were wondering if you would like to invite him over for dinner on Christmas.” Sam explained quickly.

Your mouth dropped open. Of course you had a boyfriend, but he wasn’t exactly someone the boys would approve of. He wasn’t even human! Instead, he was something better. A demon, the king of hell. Crowley and you have been together for a while now, but it has been a secret since day one. No one knew about the two of you, expect the demons in hell, but Crowley had already threatened to smite them if they even spoke your name.

Now, the boys were wanting to meet your boyfriend, and they wouldn’t be meeting a new person come dinnertime. They would be meeting an old enemy instead.

“Um, I don’t know. He might be busy… He’s not the Christmas type.” You said, trying to think of any excuse.

“What do you mean not the Christmas type? What is he, the Grinch?” Dean joked. “Just give him a call and let us know.”

You nodded and they left the room, Dean rambling on how excited he was about all the pie he was planning to buy for the Christmas dinner.

Now what? There was no way Crowley was going to come over and have dinner with the boys and watch Christmas movies afterwards. Hell would freeze over before he would do that. Plus, the boys would escort him back to hell themselves if he ever showed up at the bunker door.

You dialed his number with shaking hands.

“This is the king.” Crowley said once he finally answered.

“Hey, Crowley.”

“Darling, what’s wrong?”

“What? Nothing!”

You knew very well that Crowley wouldn’t believe you. He always knew when something was wrong. It was like he knew you better than you knew yourself. Maybe it was the way your voice would change, or the way you would get quieter. Maybe it was the way your eyes changed? Whatever it was, Crowley could always notice it.

“Darling,” Crowley laughed. “You know you’re such an awful liar, right?”

You sighed. Great. Now you would have to ask him and only hope that he would come up with an excuse.

It’s not like you didn’t want him to come over to the bunker, because you did. You just didn’t want to watch Sam and Dean beat him into a pulp. Talk about ruining Christmas. You loved Crowley and would do anything to protect him, and if that meant keeping your love for him a secret, then that’s just what would have to happen.

“Okay, listen,” you stopped to take a deep breath. “Sam and Dean have figured out that I have a boyfriend, but they don’t know that it’s you. And the best part is, they want me to invite my new boyfriend over on Christmas so they can meet him… Which means they would meet you, which also means they would find out about us. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to watch you get murdered on Christmas!”

“What? The king of hell celebrating Christmas? The holy holiday?”

Yes. you thought to yourself, a feeling of relief washing over your body. He’s not going to co-

“I’d love to!”

Well, fuck.

Christmas was finally here! Two days wasn’t even close to being enough time to prepare for the hell that was about to break loose. Even with the Christmas music and the smell of food filling the bunker, you were still nervous. Crowley would be here any moment and then you would walk into the kitchen with your hand in his, showing the two men who might as well be your brothers your new boyfriend.

“Merry Christmas, darling!” a voice said from behind you, causing you to jump and draw back your fist.

“Crowley! You scared me to death!”

“I’m sorry, love. That wasn’t my intention!”

You sighed and placed a kiss to his lips. “Come on, the boys are waiting for us down stairs.”

The walk down the stairs was absolutely terrifying. Your heart was racing and your palms grew sweaty. This was going to be awful. Absolutely awful. Not even Crowley’s sweet kisses and kind words could calm you down. This was going to kill you before the boys even had the chance.

You stopped at the kitchen door, looking up at Crowley one last time before entering.

“Guys. This is my boyfriend. Crowley.” you said in a shaky voice.

Both of their heads whipped around quickly, jaws dropping when they saw your hand locked in his.

“W-Wait. W-What?! Crowley is the dude you’ve been texting!” Sam shouted.

“I’m gonna be sick.” Dean added as he stared with wide eyes.

“Merry Christmas, moose, squirrel.”

“Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.” Dean repeated over and over again as he shook his head. “Not gonna happen. Noooo way!”

“Oh come on, Dean! You were the one who wanted to meet my new boyfriend!” you said annoyed. “Now, Crowley is staying and we are going to have a merry freaking Christmas even if it kills you!”

When Crowley placed a kiss to your lips, you thought the boys were going to faint. You were surprised that they weren’t angrier. They would be later once the shock wore off, but until then you might as well enjoy the calm.

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cheesies  asked:

you're the racist one here. and just because I'm white doesn't mean I support whatever white person there is? I don't support Darren Wilson. you're assuming that all white people do. and that's wrong. but whatever, it's fine! go ahead and accuse all white people of being racist and see how far that gets you! oh, and I hate pumpkin lattes. bye.

Stay pressed white girl, Merry Christmas from my white boyfriend and I from our lavish home in Orange County. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3 

gunpowder-and-corsets  asked:

"Merry Christmas Eddie~~~!" Devota called, as she bodyslammed onto the bed with an armfull of gifts and breakfast on the sidetable as she covered her boyfriends face with kisses.

“Merry christmas” he laughed from beneath her leaning up to kiss her softly

dandygirl  asked:

"White people" don't try this pseudo intellectual bull shit you know fair well that condensing an entire group of people and trash talking them is incorrect! Not every white person is a hell demon. Also not all white people are the same race, the same goes with black people. I mean I'm from aus and to me something's gotta give

Stay pressed white girl, Merry Christmas from my white boyfriend and I

Stay pressed I’ll stay blessed. <3 


Sebastian groaned a bit as he heard the alarm go off on the bedside table. He moved as his arms wrapped back around his boyfriend, burying his head against Blaine’s back. “Remind me to say fuck you to whoever decided to make you have a matinee on Christmas.” He muttered into his skin. His lips moved against the soft flesh tiredly, but more energy growing as he slid down, his hands following suit before resting on his hips. He smirked to himself as he shifted under the covers and began kissing down Blaine’s front until he came to his boxers. The fabric was pushed aside and he gently lowered his mouth around his length, doing several bobs before popping off and smiling up at his boyfriend from under the covers. “Merry Christmas.” He was ready to continue, but he also wasn’t sure how tired Blaine was this morning. If it was a slow morning, the other might need a bit more time to get ready, but he hoped that he could get something in before they left for the theater.