merry christmas everyoneeeee


Originally posted by ftsoo

  • Shopping with Coups for Christmas presents for the svt members 
  • Coups literally not knowing what to get for his children
  • Starts panicking because “o no (y/n) cHRistMAs is toMorRow??? I don’t know what to get themmmm help meeeee”
  • He literally gets the worst gifts, he’s like “WHAT ABOUT THIS wiLL jiSOO like this??” 
  • and you just stare at him in disbelief like WHy wouLD you get him that?? He just said he wanted ____ a few days ago???
  • And Scoops is just like O YA how could I have forgotten I LOVE YOU 
  • pOOR papa!cheol because you know he cares for the members so much and wants to get them the best stuff and wants them to be happy during christmas!!
  • you love him so much so you’re like OK I’LL CHOOSE THEM FOR YOU
  • You basically end up getting all the gifts
  • Cheol then becomes your personal bag carrier just like YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE LET ME CARRY YOUR BAGS FOR YOU MY QUEEN
  • super happy with the gifts you chose and so is svt because you are a shopping pro (all that winter sale shopping experience paid off amirite who says shopping is bad)