merry christmas everyone celebrating it

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A herd of holiday halla 

Edit: I realized that I made a fatal error and should have called this ‘deck the halla with boughs of holly’ 

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From the start of the month before Christmas, Iwaizumi and Oikawa start posting random posts among their usual ones on Instagram with a similar hashtag “#ifoundit.

It’s not hard for their friends to notice there’s something up their sleeves, especially with the increasing amount of Instagram posts on Iwaizumi’s account. 

Kuroo is the first to figure out what it might be after his shared calculous class with Iwaizumi. Oikawa has visited them before the class started, rubbing his hands while accepting the hot chocolate Iwaizumi got from the cafeteria with a happy thanks, then saying how he’d want to get a new scarf, preferably red with cute reindeers on it, because the weather is trying to murder him.

That night, Kuroo sees a new post on Iwaizumi’s account of a red scarf with reindeer and tree patterns. Its caption read “They don’t look that cute, but the trees are nice.” with #ifoundit. 

Similar posts continue and whenever anyone asks the dating couple what it is, the only answer is always “they are potential shopping list.” 

They didn’t lie though. It’s their little game ever since they started dating in high school when Iwaizumi got all worried and panicked about not knowing what to get for his now-not-only-best-friend-but-also-boyfriend for Christmas. Not wanting to spoil the surprise of the gift, Iwaizumi started posting anything he thought Oikawa would like on Instagram and waited for Oikawa’s reaction to the posts. 

It somehow becomes a tradition between them after that year and they’d now leave every possible hint starting from the very beginning of December just to tease and challenge the other to see if they could figure out the surprise.

It’s a guessing match because it’s like their thing to turn anything romantic, or simply just anything, into a competition. They’d guess, before the other presents the present, which, out of the numerous photos, would be their actual gift. If one guess right, the other has to wear the ugly Christmas sweater they pick up together that year for a whole day on Christmas. 

They end up both wearing the sweaters more than once, because they always leave hints under the posts with the things they like by hearting it or leaving messages. 

Since, to them, the point is not winning, albeit how much they love it and hate losing. The point is when they present the present, there’d be a smile lighting up the other’s face, either excited or victorious.  

It doesn’t matter, both suit the other man just perfectly.

On Christmas Eve, they post a selfie of them wrapped together in a stupid reindeer scarf and Iwaizumi pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek while holding out a new pair of sport sneakers. 

No caption. One hashtag.


Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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can I get the uhhhh Boneless™ homestuck lesbians

High school au: Kanaya is the super quiet Indian girl in an all white school that no one rlly pays attention to bc they think she’s shy but Rose moves to school and at first Kanaya goes from “finally someone else who isn’t white” to “holy shit she’s really hot” and Rose hears the snarky shit she says under breath like the time some shit ass white boy asked her what day it was and Kanaya accidentally said “time is an illusion you fuck” and Rose snorted and it was love at first fuckin sight

Cashier au: Rose is visiting her brother in the middle of buttfuck nowhere Texas so she gets a part time job at the nearby Dollar General and Kanaya comes in like everyday and feels super awkward about it bc Rose sees her coming in everyday and how the fuck is she supposed to explain why she’s there literally 50000 times a week buying useless shit and Kanaya always feels the need to explain herself “haha..ha,,,uhh,, back again hah,,just needed some ughhhmmm. You know. Uhhh” Rose just checks her out and bags her shit without batting an eye and “I get off at 7”

Barista au: Kanaya works at Starbucks during the dreaded holiday season and doesn’t fucking celebrate Christmas so she always says happy holidays or happy candlenights when she’s feeling particularly ornery and Rose is in line for her fucking straight up black coffee behind some trick ass white lady with a dog in her purse who throws a fit bc Kanaya refuses to say merry christlmistle and it’s!!! The war on Christmas is never ending!!! Everyone celebrates chcristma s this is aMerica?? And Kanaya’s eye is twitching but she has to smile and nod until Rose steps up, grabs her raw coffee, says “I’m Jewish u nasty thot”, then slips Kanaya her number like the ostentatious over dramatic lesbian she is

College Party au: Kanaya is the upperclassmen girl under the flashing lights looking like a literal otherworldly goth goddess and Rose is having heart palpitations because she has a huge lesbian crush on this chick who probably wouldn’t even give her freshmen ass the time of dAy until she sees some drunk frat douche hitting on her and she swoops in and says something lame like “I see some eldritch fuckin terrors in ur future if u don’t step the fuck off literal piece of white bread” then turns to Kanaya and stutters out a hello meanwhile Kanaya is choking because a girl is actually talking to her?? what thef uck

I really hope they include some domestic fluff in the next season considering they still live under the same roof… it would be interesting to see their lives outside of the rink :’)

Also a very happy birthday to Viktor!!!! so old now he’s practically 30 lol
and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!

and yes those are hickies on their necks lmao let me throw a lil bit of sin in there just cuz :3c

hey, i just thought i’d put a little personal wlw cuteness out there for you guys on christmas!!! my moms just opened their presents from each other and without any planning beforehand they got each other nearly identical heart-shaped pandora bracelet charms. one of them says “you are so loved” and the other says “a dream is a wish your heart makes”; they love them SO much and seeing the joy (and laughter) on their faces was truly a highlight of my morning. merry christmas to everyone who celebrates and i hope everyone who doesn’t has a really good day too!!! ♡♡♡

Secret Santa headcanons

Lucy Heartfilia

  • Lucy’s secret santa is Gray.
  • Lucy buys Gray a black beanie and black scarf along with a gift card to his favorite frozen yogurt place. She neatly wraps it all in gold wrapping paper and carefully arranges it in a green bag with a simple holly pattern.
  • Gray guesses Lucy on his first try and she’s upset that it was so obvious that it was her.

Natsu Dragneel

  • Natsu’s secret santa is Jellal.
  • Nastu buys Jellal the ugliest Christmas sweater he can find. He sloppily wraps it in brown paper and ties a red bow around it. He has Happy write the tag so that Jellal can’t tell whose handwriting it is.
  • When Jellal has to guess who gave him his gift, he doesn’t have a chance to because Natsu busts out laughing the minute he unwraps the gift.

Gray Fullbuster

  • Gray’s secret santa is Juvia.
  • Gray buys Juvia bath salts as well as various types of soaps for bubble baths. He also buys her a little pale blue wash cloth with a snowman on it. He wraps it all in white tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with reindeer on it.
  • Juvia immediately guess Gray first, and when he admits it is him, she nearly faints from absolute joy.

Juvia Lockser

  • Juvia’s secret santa is Mira.
  • Juvia buys Mira a cute floppy pink hat and a pink flower charm on a silver necklace chain. She puts the hat in a hat box and wraps it in gold tissue paper. She puts the necklace in a little pouch and places both gifts in a white bag with sparkly white snowflakes.
  • Mira could tell from the start that it was Juvia from the way the girl was sitting on the edge of her seat and looking nervously from the gift to Mira. To humor her, Mira guesses it is Juvia on her last try and Juvia happily confirms her guess.

Erza Scarlet

  • Erza’s secret santa is Gajeel.
  • Erza buys Gajeel his own wireless microphone. She shakily wraps it in snowflake tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with a snowman on it.
  • Gajeel is so happy with his gift that he almost forgets to guess, but he doesn’t guess that it’s Erza anyways.

Jellal Fernandes

  • Jellal’s secret santa is Laxus.
  • Jellal buys Laxus a pair of headphones that are also earmuffs. He carefully wraps the boxed gift in green wrapping paper and finishes it off with a big red bow.
  • Laxus guesses Jellal on his first try, but it was a fluke. He was just randomly picking people in the circle and Jellal happened to be the first one he laid eyes on.

Gajeel Redfox

  • Gajeel’s secret santa is Levy.
  • Gajeel buys Levy a set of books about dragons and the history of dragons. He wraps the gift somewhat neatly in black wrapping paper with silver snowflakes and completes the present with a red bow.
  • Levy doesn’t guess Gajeel right away and figures it out immediately after she uses her final guess. His bright red blush and shifting eyes gave him away.

Levy McGarden

  • Levy’s secret santa is Lucy.
  • Levy buys Lucy a new pair of Gale-Force Reading glasses as well as the first two books in a fantasy series that Levy loves. She also buys a couple bottles of pastel nail polishes. She wraps the whole gift in candy cane striped tissue paper and neatly arranges them in a cute red santa bag.
  • Lucy guesses Levy on her third and final try because Levy’s large grin made it obvious.

Mirajane Strauss

  • Mira’s secret santa is Erza.
  • Mira buys Erza a membership to the new cake shop that opened up near the guild and a variety of cake mixes that she can try to bake. She makes a cute handmade card and sticks the membership certificate inside and wraps the cake mixes  in blue wrapping paper with silver stripes, a silver bow stuck on top.
  • Erza honestly has no clue Mira is her secret santa and isn’t able to guess correctly at all despite the fact that the card is most definitely in Mira’s handwriting.

Laxus Dreyar

  • Laxus’ secret santa is Natsu.
  • Laxus buys Natsu a stuffed red dragon and a pair of flame patterned underpants. He shoves it all in a red bag with snowflakes on it and stuffs white tissue paper on the top.
  • Natsu finds the gift to be humorous, but doesn’t guess Laxus. His three guesses consisted of “Gray, Gray, and Gray.”

“Michael: Why do you decorate every year?

You: Because we never had this type of Christmas before.

Dean: She always made sure we had our motel rooms decorated and enjoyed the holidays.

Sam: I always loved waking up to her decorating. Over the years she has been pretty good

You: Dean did his best to get Sam and I got presents

Michael: I’ve always wondered what it was like to celebrate like this

Dean: Well you can never say you celebrated Christmas

Sam: Merry Christmas everyone

Dean: Right back at ya

Michael: Merry Christmas

You: I like this

Michael: Me too

Dean: Gross get out of here and get a room”

You and your family begin to decorate the tree along with the rest of the bunker.


AN: Sorry it took me so long to post an imagine or anything really. Work has been taking so much of my time and when work ends, I just want to relax and thats what I have been doing. Since its the long weekend, thought I would finally post something. So here you go and hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays all

The Yule Ball. [Newt x Reader]

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A/N: merry christmas everyone! sorry for the late thingie I was celebrating for a while and had the most horrible hangover ever. This could be tied into Peculiar, but it’s not canonically correct. Either way, names are used. Still, hope you like it! <3 (side note: still working on masterlist. new one should be either today or tomorrow)
Words: 2592
Warnings: none


It had taken all of his courage, despite the two of you now being together, to make those words spill from his mouth. It was a big jumble of incoherent meek murmurs but you most certainly understood what Newt Scamander had in mind when in a heated breath he mumbled, “this—Yule-I…maybe, you…have…” his hands then jittered in the air as if it would be easier to convey his point, “…please?” the look in his magnificent green eyes was hopeful and strained with cracking nerves. The tension in the air – one he was imagining, no doubt – was deflated along with his tensed shoulders as a brilliant smile bloomed on your face with a small tint of a blush on your cheeks.

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Merry Christmas, Mr. Lester


“Aw, do you really have to go?” Dan sighed looking up at his laptop camera.

“Yeah, my parents are going to want me to greet people as they come in. I’ll be back after presents though!” Phil promised giving Dan a huge smile.

“Philip Lester, get down here and say hello to your family!” a female voice called making both boys jump.

“Sounds like you’re being summoned. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lester,” Dan giggled using a goofy voice to keep Phil’s smile intact.

“Merry Christmas, Dan.”

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