merry christmas everyone celebrating it

Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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Keezy (x)

A herd of holiday halla 

Edit: I realized that I made a fatal error and should have called this ‘deck the halla with boughs of holly’ 

merry christmas eve & happy hanukkah to everyone who celebrates either or both!! my mom’s girlfriend just proposed to her in their kitchen 💕💕💕 when she went to get the ring my mom said, “you’d better not have gotten a gift for me! you’re rotten!” (since they agree every year not to buy presents for each other) and when she saw what it was they both cried out of joy and now they’re eating dinner together and planning their wedding 💕💕💕💕💕💕

#ifoundit #merrychristmas #iwaoi

From the start of the month before Christmas, Iwaizumi and Oikawa start posting random posts among their usual ones on Instagram with a similar hashtag “#ifoundit.

It’s not hard for their friends to notice there’s something up their sleeves, especially with the increasing amount of Instagram posts on Iwaizumi’s account. 

Kuroo is the first to figure out what it might be after his shared calculous class with Iwaizumi. Oikawa has visited them before the class started, rubbing his hands while accepting the hot chocolate Iwaizumi got from the cafeteria with a happy thanks, then saying how he’d want to get a new scarf, preferably red with cute reindeers on it, because the weather is trying to murder him.

That night, Kuroo sees a new post on Iwaizumi’s account of a red scarf with reindeer and tree patterns. Its caption read “They don’t look that cute, but the trees are nice.” with #ifoundit. 

Similar posts continue and whenever anyone asks the dating couple what it is, the only answer is always “they are potential shopping list.” 

They didn’t lie though. It’s their little game ever since they started dating in high school when Iwaizumi got all worried and panicked about not knowing what to get for his now-not-only-best-friend-but-also-boyfriend for Christmas. Not wanting to spoil the surprise of the gift, Iwaizumi started posting anything he thought Oikawa would like on Instagram and waited for Oikawa’s reaction to the posts. 

It somehow becomes a tradition between them after that year and they’d now leave every possible hint starting from the very beginning of December just to tease and challenge the other to see if they could figure out the surprise.

It’s a guessing match because it’s like their thing to turn anything romantic, or simply just anything, into a competition. They’d guess, before the other presents the present, which, out of the numerous photos, would be their actual gift. If one guess right, the other has to wear the ugly Christmas sweater they pick up together that year for a whole day on Christmas. 

They end up both wearing the sweaters more than once, because they always leave hints under the posts with the things they like by hearting it or leaving messages. 

Since, to them, the point is not winning, albeit how much they love it and hate losing. The point is when they present the present, there’d be a smile lighting up the other’s face, either excited or victorious.  

It doesn’t matter, both suit the other man just perfectly.

On Christmas Eve, they post a selfie of them wrapped together in a stupid reindeer scarf and Iwaizumi pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek while holding out a new pair of sport sneakers. 

No caption. One hashtag.


Christmas Amis

-Grantaire and Enjolras are made to wear a two person ugly Xmas sweater to “spend quality time together” so they don’t argue.

-The sweater gets passed around and everyone takes pictures in it. Marius even offers to get a 3 person one for Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta next year.

-Feuilly gets a polaroid and takes so many pictures of everyone. He gives a lot of them to Enjolras to add to his growing collage of photos with his friends.

-Cosette and Bahorel bake cookies, but they get distracted and almost start a food fight in the kitchen while they’re goofing off. They end up with bombass gingerbread and spiked eggnog though.

-Jehan and Combeferre drew each other for secret Santa and somehow end up getting the same exact gift. It’s a book on African mythology, and they’re super psyched because they had planned on borrowing it when the other was done anyway.

-Courfeyrac just has part of a mistletoe with him and goes around kissing everyone with his hand raised above his head.

-Eponine rolls up with all of the party games: Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Telestrations.. the list goes on.

-Merry Christmas from Les Amis!

I’ll Be There - Part 9

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Member: Hoseok

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 3893 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N:  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays :) After a long break, I’m finally back with the next part to I’ll Be There. A big thank you to @idekwhatsgoingonanymore​ for editing 💕 I don’t know how good this part will be because I struggled a lot with writer’s block, but i hope you guys still enjoy Xx (thank you everyone for being so patient 💖) 

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“Y/N, come back! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say that!” Hoseok shouts after you, but you’re already out of the school.

“Y/N! Please! It’s been a long day. You know that I don’t find you annoying.” Your pace quickens.

“Y/N!” He finally catches up to you and takes hold of your wrist.

“Let go Hoseok.” You say bitterly.

“Not until you forgive me.” Hoseok replies sternly.

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