merry christmas charlie manson!

  • Cartman: How much further is it to Grandma's house? I wanna see what kind of present she got me.
  • Liane: About another hour, hon.
  • Cartman: Why does Grandma have to live so far away? Why don't we just stick her in a nursing home closer to us so I don't have to drive six hours to get a goddamned present!
  • Liane: Now, Eric, let's try to get out of that grumpy mood before we get to Grandma's.
  • Over the meadow and through the woods,
  • Liane and Cartman: To Grandmother's house we go!
  • Kyle: Oh God...
  • Kyle: This is not Mr. Hankey! This is a fake!
  • Mall Hankey: It's okay, kids. I'm real. Hoooowdy ho!
  • Kids: Hoooowdy ho!
  • Kyle: Why are you people doing this? Why would you lie like this? To children?
  • Mall Hankey: Look, kid. There's Mr. Hankeys like me in every shopping mall. There is no real Mr. Hankey.
  • Kyle: What?! What did you say?!
  • Stan: Oh, boy. You've done it now.
  • Mall Hankey: Huh?
  • Kyle: [stands up and rips off the mall Hankey's helmet] Behold! Here's your false prophet!
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Hipster Kyle makes his appearance here (“I knew Mr. Hankey BEFORE he was famous”) and there’s also Cartman beating a child with a stick. Fun!