merry christmas bill

Angel of Desire

Pairing: Bill x Reader 


Summary: Bill having sex with you Christmas Morning. This was based on an ask I got. Also the title is a play on words from an Allen Ginsberg Poem Thanks to @skrsgards for the proofread.

Warnings: NSWF Content. Sex and strong language.

You awoke to his soft kisses across your cheek. The house was quiet and still. You looked over at your alarm clock on your bedside.  “It’s four in the morning,” you mumbled. 

You stroked his hair as he kissed your jaw. “I had the most amazing dream about you,” he said.  

“Tell me about it,” you smiled. You continued to play with his hair. His hands were all over your body, not leaving any part of you untouched. 

 “Well, Charlotte was at my mom’s house and we were alone.” You could hear the longing in his voice, he hadn’t been like this in a long time.  

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Much to the dismay of Nora, Nick Charles uses the Christmas tree for target practice in The Thin Man (1934)

Featuring: William Powell and Myrna Loy

Christmas party (Reddie)

Hey, i thought id take a crack at some fanfic, and i love reddie so fucking much i wrote one from a dream i had. Hope you enjoy/ tell me if u want more of these?-

Richie didn’t think he looked nice that often, he didn’t have many clothes, ones that he liked nonetheless, but this Christmas eve was an exception. His grandma gave him a bunch of his dad’s old shirts for Christmas, and they fit his thin frame perfectly. He walked down the street to the Denbrough’s annual Christmas dinner. He had a three quarter length mint collared shirt, with tiny black dots all over, with black slacks and shoes to match, with a huge marshmallow coat covering the whole ensemble. His hair was not having any taming that day, he decided to not poke the beast. He felt good, he doesn’t feel that too often. His hope was that somebody special noticed this time. He shook his head,

“Why do I care about what Eds thinks? I mean Eddie- Shut the fuck up!”

He was looked down, stepping on the new fallen snow with a satisfying crunch. He made his way to the door to see Santa barfed all over Bills foyer. The banisters were wrapped in gold and red ribbon, mistletoe over every doorway, there were bows on top of every mirror, and all the rugs were replaced with Christmas themed ones. He noticed when he saw he was rubbing the snow off his shoes onto Santa’s belly. He disposed of the gawdly coat, and wandered to the living room. He saw the room was lined with adults, with a huge tree in the middle with a bunch of gifts under it.

“Rich kid’s” 

Richie said under his breath as he adjusted his shirt.

“Richie!” Mike called to him from the piano by the window.

He strut over to see the group clouding around Bill, who was failing at playing rudolph on the piano.

“Oh no Billiam! This is how we play it in the theatre!” Richie said in a pompous british accent, as he started slamming the keys.

The adults looked at him in confusion, then went back to their separate conversations. The losers rolled their eyes.

“And a M-Merry Christmas to you Richie” Bill said with the most attitude.

“Hey, where’s my teeny amigo? Jerking off to windex?” Richie says as he looks around the room, the group smirks, knowing their playful flirtings ever since that one day at the lake, but none of the losers wanted to out them so they kept it to themselves.

“What?” Richie asked,

“Your boy toy is on the mission for some bottled water, he refused to have some punch” Stan says, the least caring about their obvious secret.

Richie’s face blushed to a light pink,

“fuck off man, I’m gonna get some of that punch” he says as he punches Stans arm and walks to the kitchen, he couldn’t help let out a smile.

“Boy toy? That was pretty weak if you ask me”

he thinks as he gets to the kitchen.

“He shouldn’t talk about my Eddie like that”

he starts pouring his punch when he hears from behind him

“Richie you made it! I could’ve driven you!” he freezes, dropping his cup in the bowl and rotates. His mom, obviously tipsy, is standing in front of him. She walks over and grabs his shoulder, he tenses.

“What are you doing here mom?” He said so quietly she could barely hear.

“I thought I’d get out of the house, spend some time with you! You hang around with those kids way too much, especially that Eddie kid” she slowly shakes her head, her drunken state taking over. “Don’t tell anyone, but I think that kids a bit queer, to feminine for a boy!” Richie grabs his mom’s arm and forces it off him.

“What the fuck mom.” he says in an angry whisper as he stomps out to the hallway.

She yells out to him but it’s too late. His glasses start to fog by how mad he is.

“She’s just drunk, she doesn’t really feel that way”

he keeps repeating in his mind. He starts to feel his eyes water and he goes in the closest door in the hallway, closes it, and slides down to the floor, tears starting to stream. He keeps his eyes closed and starts crying. Hanging his head down, his shoulders shaking. After a good 20 seconds, he feels a hand creep onto his shoulder. Ever since that thing… it, he’s been hyper aware and grabs the hand before it has a chance to clutch him. He hears a small squeal from something far too familiar. He opens his eyes to see a water bottle on the floor, with shelves of food surrounding the room. He’s in the pantry. He looks up and sees Eddie, in maroon corduroys and the ugliest Christmas sweater he’d ever seen. The boy was kneeling beside him, with his hand trapped by his. His face is flustered. Richie must’ve come in so quickly he didn’t notice Eddie.

“Jesus fuck Eds, don’t sneak up on me like that, I thought you were that clown thing.” and gives a small chuckle. Eddie looked at Richie with concern, He sat down beside him on the wall, the two still holding hands. Eddie looked up at his taller friends eyes through his coke bottle glasses “Why’re you crying Richie?” his eyes were as big as saucers, innocently looking up at him. Richie vulnerably looked down, he started rubbing Eddies soft hand he’s intertwined with. Richie began to speak,

“My mom doesn’t…approve of the…person I love- I mean like…like, ya-like.” He spewed out. “God I sound like fucking Bill”

he thought as rolled his eyes at himself, but the tears started to pour again. The tears just fell down his small chin, he didn’t want Eddie to see him cry and turned his head. Eddie was surprised, whenever things go to shit, Richie always had something funny to say, some way to get out of it, even in the worst of circumstances. He realized this was the one monster he couldn’t swing a bat at. He cupped Richie’s freckled cheek and turned his face to his. Their noses touching, Eddie wiping the tears off Richies pale skin. Eddie nestles his face into the concave of his shoulder and neck. He whispers sweetly into Richies ear

“One day, you’ll get out of that house, and you’ll be able to have your own house” Richie couldn’t help but giggle. It was the mix of his whispers tickling his neck, and the idea of having an actual happy home. He started rubbing Eddie’s hand again, memorizing each nail, fingerprint, and wrinkle. Eddie took the giggles as a challenge and starts making the new life even sillier.

“You’re gonna have a TV in every room, and a pantry filled with all the cookies you could think of! And ten dog! And a whole room dedicated to comic books!” he blows in Richie’s ear, and Richie laughs as as his head falls back, supported by Eddies other hand. Eddie titled his head and placed it on Richie’s shoulder.

“And… you’ll have someone living with you… who loves you…so very much” Eddie tenses, moves his hand from Richie’s face to his own side. He feels awkward,

“did I share too much?”

he questions.

“I wish he knew I wanted that with him”

Richie thought.

The two sat in silence, holding hands, both feeling confused, but they both knew this felt right. Suddenly, the two heard loud, but humming song infiltrate the little pantry. It was White Christmas, Eddie starts humming the song.

“Im, dreaming of a white,Christmas, just like the ones I used to know”

Richie chuckles, his tears dried.

“Care for a dance, m’lady?” He raises their conjoined hand and licks Eddies hand, instead of kissing it. While Richie laughs and Eddie looks in disgust,

“What the fuck Richie!” he tries to retract his hand, but Richie holds it tighter, and kisses it. Eddie squirmed, but still couldn’t help to forgive him. Richie stood up, bringing Eddie up with him. Eddie put his hands on Eddies small waist, just above his fanny pack.

“So I’m the lady?” He crosses his arms. Richie just rolls his eyes and puts his hands around the little boys small shoulders and wraps his hands around Eddie’s neck, forcing their noses to touch. Eddie blushes a bright red, and wraps his arms around Richie’s waist, basically hugging him. The two are face to face.

“May your days days be merry, and bright”

Richie looks at the boy through his lashes, he kisses the middle of Eddie’s forehead. Eddie looks up, and eagerly kisses Richie on the lips, hugging him tighter. At first Richie was a bit shocked, but he let it happen. It was quick, and very sweet. The two were flushed in a light red and Eddie put his head on Richies chest.

“Merry Christmas Eds”

“And may all your Christmases be bright.”

“Ditto, Richie”


MERRY CHRISTMAS! @billdip-week final day! Can’t wait for next Time! 

This little snow angel idea was courtesy of @janeappreciator, so BLAME HIM! (Just kidding, I had too much fun with this.)

Bonus from an AU I’ve had in my head for a while (should have some art forthcoming soonish):