merry christmas bby c:


Surprise! I am your Secret Santa my dear! Merry Christmas to you, and a very happy new year! I’m glad I was able to get someone who followed me and when I was given my SS! And of course, now that it’s over I will be following you back my dear!

I’m sorry if I wasn’t the best SS in the world, but I did do my best! Hopefully you are pleased and glad to see me as your SS! I know I’ve enjoyed sending you messages and making these gifs for you! I know this isn’t much of a present and I’m not exactly and amazing gif master but hey, I hope you like them anyways!

Christmas is my favorite time of year honestly! And I think that I love it so much because I enjoy making people smile and what’s a better way then to spread a bit of holiday cheer! I hope I was able to make you smile and make an amazing holiday even better! On top of that, I hope you’re holiday is amazing! Santa better treat a beautiful girl like you right! You deserve it and you deserve to have a perfect Christmas day with all the people you love and that love you dearly! You are a precious gift to the world and I hope people are reminding you of that on this amazing day!

So, I’ll be ending my little note! Merry Christmas! And I hope your day is as flawless as you are my dear!

~Reylynn (Peetatobias)

P.S. By the way! Everyone follow her!