merry christmas bb!

BIGBANG and Christmas Trees
  • Taeyang: *Puts up a tree in his living room*
  • Daesung: *Bakes cookies in the shape of Christmas trees*
  • Seungri: *Buys a pot of soil, smashes a pinecone into it, sticks it by the window* LOOK I PLANTED A TREE
  • G-Dragon: *Dresses as a Christmas tree*

Happy Merry Christmas Eve…  at least in California…  for those of you ahead of us, waking up to gifts and cheer, happy Christmas, but there’s more to come from Star Wars Countdown, so stay tuned!

The Christmas Spirit Awakens by @landomcquade

The Force Awakens is here!

519 Days until Episode VIII








Merry Christmas!

There was a box. It sat there in the middle of the room, taunting him by the little piece of tape that held the top closed. He could breathe on it and the thing would open and reveal what was inside.

Jonathan knew very well that Evan had left it sitting there in the middle of the living room on purpose. Because Evan knew that Jonathan couldn’t resist. It was a test of patience and Jonathan was anything but.

So there he was silently freaking out over the limited edition collectors edition of the Friday the 13th game. He nearly shoved his fist into his mouth to keep from screaming and waking up the entire apartment building.

He placed the wimpy piece of tape back on the box and went to bed with a smile, curling up extra close to a warm and oblivious Evan who hummed sleepily and pulled him close.

“I love you.” Jonathan whispered and got a kiss on the nose before he fell asleep.


Christmas morning came and Jonathan tried to hide his disappointment when the box was nowhere to be found as they opened their presents from each other.

The game never surfaced and he tried his best to brush it aside. He forgot about it and kissed Evan softly as they cleaned up all the paper and destroyed tissue paper that was scattered around them.

Then he felt guilty as they sat there messing with their gifts. He glanced up and watched Evan in the dark early morning hour. The lights from the Christmas tree were shining in his eyes and he fell in love with him just a little but more when he looked up and grinned.

Right then, he didn’t care if he never got to see that game in his hands. As long he could keep Evan, he’d be the happiest man in the universe.


Evan looked over at him as they drove in the nasty Christmas weather. “What?”

Jonathan giggled. “Let me ask you something. Who else would you be driving to Taco Bell with on a rainy Christmas morning while listening to 50 Cent if you didn’t have me?”

Evan broke into a smile and threaded their fingers together. “No one. Because there’s no one I’d rather be with.”

“Me either.“Jonathan gave him a warm grin and squeezed his hand before turning his eyes back on the road.


Even though he was over it and he’d accepted that he may never see that game, he still felt like something was off about it. Maybe Evan had forgot, but he knew he laid it out on purpose. He just didn’t know why.

Not until they met up with some of the guys in a park while the sky darkened on that cold, wet Christmas evening. String lights made the misty sky glow and it was almost like a fairy tale but Jonathan didn’t say it out loud. They’d laugh. But he had a permanent grin the whole time they strolled together, talking about the gifts they’d received.

Evan stopped and held up a finger. “That reminds me. I’ll be right back.”

Jonathan watched him go and return from their car a minute later with gifts in his hand. Along with the box.

His heart soared, but plummeted just as soon as Evan handed that one box in particular to Marcel instead of him. And to have to stand there and watch as they unwrapped their gifts, to have to see that look of disbelief on Marcel’s face, it was heartbreaking.

He’d done it to himself, he knew that and he hated that he could never control his curiosity.

“And for you …” Evan turned his way, his eyes catching the sadness in Jonathan’s.


Evan took his hand and smiled as he took a deep breath. “Yes you. I have something else for you.”

“What?” Jonathan asked dumbly and blinked a few times before it registered when Evan kneeled down on one knee.

“Jonathan …”

Jonathan’s chin trembled and his heart flew. Hot tears ran down his face and he almost let a sob ring out.

“Evan …”

Evan caught his terrified eyes and asked, “Will you marry me?”

He nodded and laughed when Evan broke into a beautiful smile. “Yes.”

Jonathan couldn’t stop his hand from shaking as he watched Evan slip the thin silver ring onto his finger. Then he was being wrapped up in his big arms, in a hug he was so familiar with, an embrace he could live in.

“I love you, so much.” Evan said as they guys clapped and hollered around them.

“I love you, so much more. I’m sorry I peeked at that game.” Jonathan buried his face in the crook of his fiancé’s neck.

“I knew you would. But I wanted you to see, so you would be disappointed and then turn around and be given something so much better.” Evan chuckled.

“This was so much better. I’ll never peek again. I’ve learned my lesson this time.”

Evan pulled back and took his face in his hands, “But just so you know, I did get you one, too.”

Jonathan snorted on a laugh, “You asshole.”

But he was cut off with a warm kiss in the cold wind and he made Evan stay up all night and watch him play Friday the 13th until the Asian persuaded him to come to bed. Jonathan could never resist when he promised kisses and cuddles and happy endings.


Mass Effect Holiday Special 2016

Dec 23: Snowflakes/snowfall

Snowy mshenko! Let’s all think happy thoughts. They just finished a mission on a snowy planet, no one died, everything turned out ok, and they kiss before boarding the shuttle. All is as it should be.

I’m gonna dedicate this to @geeky-sova because she’s awesome and deserves nice things. Merry Christmas bb, I’m sorry I’m not as talented as you, but I hope you like it nonetheless :3