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Keep Me Warm

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,280

Prompt: A Chris Evans/Steve Rogers angst/fluff. Your prompt is “Scarves.”

Warnings: Just a bit of fluff

Author’s Note: This is my fic for @formyfandoms as part of the Christmas fic exchange @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit set up. I based it around the song “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” by Dean Martin. Merry Christmas and I hope you like it!

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Christmas Morning (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Christmas Morning (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Summary: Ashton and Y/N spend their first Christmas together in Australia, since they’ve moved in together.

Requested: no

Warnings: none

A/N: I wrote this at a Christmas party in my phone notes, so I apologize if it’s not my best work! I hope you all had great holidays!

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Christmas Morning

“Y/N” you hear lightly, then feel a kiss to your forehead.

“Y/N” you hear someone sing again, and feel kisses to both of your cheeks.

You rub both of your eyes, blink a few times to see your boyfriend Ashton leaning next to you with a Santa hat on and the biggest smile on his face that you can see his defined dimples.

“Merry Christmas babe” Ashton says to you when he sees you’re finally awake.

“Merry Christmas love” you say yawning and stretching out.

“C'mon sleepyhead, time to open presents.” Ashton says excitingly, while jumping out of bed.

“You’re such a child.” You laugh, “Carry me?” You say putting your lip out with your arms stretched out at Ash.

“Oh and I’m the child.” Ashton says sarcastically, while carrying you into the living room in the apartment you both share.

“Ash, it’s beautiful in here. It reminds me of Christmas at home.” You say looking around at the living room completely decorated. He put your wrapped presents on one side, and the presents you wrapped for him on the other side under the tree. The fire place is blazing, he has a plate with crumbs on it that has a note next to it with “to Santa” written on it. On the coffee table he has French toast, egg nog, and hot chocolate for breakfast. There are stockings hung above the fire place with “Y/N” and “Ash” on it.

“Well, I know it was hard for you to move to Australia away from your family, so I thought I would recreate the Christmas I spent with you at your family home here.” Ashton says lightly placing you down onto the couch.

“Thanks babe, it means a lot to me. You have no idea.” You say grabbing his face to give him a kiss.

“Anything for you my love.” He says making an overdramatic gesture, which makes you laugh.  

Ashton grabs the presents that he wrapped for you, while you lean over to grab the presents that you wrapped for him.

After unwrapping a few presents from Ashton, you got fuzzy socks, books that you’ve been wanting to read, a 2017 5 Seconds of Summer Calendar,  vinyl records of your favorite albums, and some clothes that Ash saw you looking at whenever you two went out shopping.

“And now, I have this gift that I wanted to save for you to open last.” He says handing you book. As you look at it, you realize it’s a scrapbook. When you open the scrapbook, you see drawings and song lyrics. Each drawing is a drawing of a major moment in your relationship, with a postcard or something that represents the places those things happened, or where you both have traveled. There was a postcard from Boston where you both met, with a drawing of you sitting at a restaurant with song lyrics that represents how he felt the first time he saw you, then he has a napkin from your first date from the restaurant you two went to, and so on.

“Ash” you say just flipping through the book with happiness filling your whole body while all these past event flooding your memory.

“I hope you like it, and you don’t think it’s too dorky. Sorry about the napkin from the restaurant, I didn’t know what to grab without making it weird.” He nervously laughs.

“Ash, I absolutely love it.” You say leaning over and grabbing his face to give him a kiss.

After you two both look through the scrapbook together, you give Ashton his presents. You gave him lots of 5 Seconds of Summer merchandise as a joke, Vegemite again as a joke, a framed picture of you two in Bali from last year, a couple of customized notebooks for him to write his thoughts down, and a suitcase because he always talked about how he only has one suitcase and the wheels don’t work.

“Now, like you, I have a personalized gift for you. It probably doesn’t compare to yours, but, I hope it means a lot to you.” You say handing him a box.

He kisses you on the cheek, and grabs the box in which he unwraps fast. When he opens the box, he recognizes something, but is confused until he pulls the item out of the box, and lets it fall open.

“It’s a blanket of all of the t-shirts from the concerts you’ve either played, or you’ve been to. It’s like walking down memory lane, and you can always take it with you wherever you go. I know you love music, and-”

Ashton grabs your hand and says, “Babe, I love it.” He says kissing you passionately. “And to think about it, I was wondering where some of these t-shits went.” Ashton says jokingly. “Thank you, I love it. I can bring this on tour with me.” Ashton says kissing you again.

“I’m glad. Merry Christmas, I love you.” You say.

“I love you too. Successful first Christmas in Australia?” Ashton says hopeful.

“Successful first, but not last, Christmas. ” you says smiling.

A/N: I hope you guys like it! It’s a little bit rushed, and I wrote this in my notes on my phone. I just had this idea in my head, and I couldn’t wait to get my computer to write it or I would lose the idea, so I wrote it on my phone. Merry Christmas my loves. I hope you guys got everything you wanted!


This little Drarry one-shot is written for the ever-wonderful, ever-amazing @soupy-george!! Happy birthday, love, Merry Christmas, and I do hope you get to enjoy some well deserved time off!! <3 

(Also, also, a massive big thanks goes out to @ash-castle and @chiseplushie for alphaing in a pinch. My friends are fantastic! Thank you so!)

The ceiling was snowing.

Laid out, flat on his back, on the Gryffindor house table in the Great Hall, Harry peered up at the enchanted sky, trying to pinpoint the exact moment the snowflakes stopped falling and disappeared from existence. It was 2:30 am on Christmas day, and he knew he should be in bed. Draco had planned their day out to the very minute, and he wouldn’t be happy if Harry put them behind schedule because he’d slept in. He had, in fact, already gone to bed a couple of hours before, but had gotten up again when sleep just wouldn’t come.

It always seemed to do that at this time of the year.

Harry wasn’t entirely sure why he was choosing to spend his hours of insomnia in the Hogwarts Great Hall. He’d always been fascinated by the enchanted ceiling – enchanted by it, you could say. The room felt even larger when it was empty, and with the lights glowing so very softly on the Christmas trees dotted at irregular intervals around the room, the air felt warm and gentle, giving the illusion of melting the snow that fell high above. The room made him feel accepted, as did the entire school, which had been a very rare event when he was a child.

Hogwarts had always been home to Harry. Now he… well, he guessed he just needed some of the magic the memories of his school years brought with them.

His father had probably laid here. Harry’s lips twitched at the thought, a sigh following the amusement like gloomy, rain-filled stormclouds. That was what his heart felt like at the moment. Heavy with not-quite-sorrow, but something awfully similar, and he stared up at the snowy ceiling, his imagination providing him with scenario after scenario of the Marauders during their years in school. Holidays had to have been a joy for them, hadn’t they?

Merlin, he wished he could have seen some of the pranks they’d pulled…

He’d never really thought about his parents at Christmas when he was at Hogwarts. He’d been too entranced by actually celebrating Christmas to give too much time to the family he’d lost as a baby. He had thought about them, of course, in the back of his mind – especially during first year – but the excitement of presents, and Christmas ham, and treacle tart had outweighed the constantness of missing his parents. That had changed after he’d left school, however, and now this sadness was a yearly tradition. One he didn’t much enjoy.

Thoughts of Remus and Sirius in their dorm, opening presents; thoughts of James and Lily married and decorating a tree, full of hope for the future. The war had shown him the meaning of loss, and seeing the anticipation of the students’ faces as Christmas approached made him crave what he should have had with an absurdly wicked keenness.

Why couldn’t that have been him?

Why did fate have to hand him such a raw deal?

“You’re being ridiculous.”

Craning his head back at the sound of a very familiar drawl, Harry watched his husband stroll down between the tables, heading in his direction. His dressing gown a pure silk, its colour somewhere between blue, green, and grey over a mint-green outfit he’d never admit to being pyjamas, Draco Malfoy looked like he should’ve been strolling the halls of some posh, upper class manor – like the one he’d grown up in – instead of an old stone castle. His pale blond hair was soft and clean, falling into his face in a way that defied the fact that he’d been dead to the world when Harry had gotten out of bed not long before, and his expression was still; calm.


Until you looked into his eyes.

Feeling said eyes focus fully on his face with unnerving intensity, Harry turned back to the snow falling from the ceiling. He didn’t look away when a shoulder pressed against his, nudging him over until there was enough room on the table for two. His breath left him in a rush at the feeling of an ankle hooking around his, a single, soft slipper brushing against the sole of his bare foot. His eyes closed.

The fucking twat always, always, knew how to get to him.

“Missing my family at Christmas is ridiculous?” he asked the man next to him quietly, voice sounding shockingly loud in the vast room. The snow should’ve had a muffling effect. Then again, it wasn’t real snow, so…

Warm fingers laced with his.

“No,” Draco said, the drawl gone now; his camouflage gone. He only ever did that with Harry, lost the mask that he wore constantly in society. It was something that Harry cherished. “Of course not. But mourning a life that never happened is.”

Harry sighed again and opened his eyes, his head turning until he was looking directly at the man he’d been married to for four years. The man who’d willingly moved to Hogsmeade when Harry had become the DADA professor at a school that, in later years, hadn’t held many happy memories for someone whose only choice was to become a Death Eater while still very much a boy. Draco didn’t see Hogwarts the way Harry did. But he’d still moved back into the area, and he still frequented the school when necessary – like now – because it was where Harry was happiest.

Because coming back to his home meant the world to the man Draco loved.

With that thought running through his head, Harry turned completely and shuffled over until he was lined up right against Draco’s side. Their ankles still twined together, he pressed his face into his husband’s chest and brought their intertwined hands up until they were clasped over his heart.

Draco didn’t say anything at Harry’s obvious need for comfort. Instead, all he did was wrap his arm around the other man’s waist and tug him closer.

“Your mother and father wouldn’t want you maudlin at Christmas, you know,” he murmured, still watching the snow, idly trailing his fingers over Harry’s pyjama-clad hip in a gentle caress Harry wasn’t sure he was aware of making. Huffing softly into the cool silk of Draco’s robe and pressing himself tighter, he ignored his husband’s rather indignant splutter when his forever-unruly hair invaded Draco’s mouth.

“I know. Can’t seem to help it.”

Draco spat out the last of his hair and hummed quietly. “Not sleeping isn’t helping. Sleep is more important than watching fake snow at three in the morning.”

Warmth lighting his chest, Harry chuckled and dipped his head to brush his lips over the fine, pale knuckles of the hand holding his. “You’re beginning to sound more and more like Hermione every day.”

He sensed more than saw the sharply arched brow. “Good grief, Potter, what a thing to say. And here I thought you liked me.”

“I do. I love you.” Then, a sigh. “Can’t sleep. Wish I could.”

Draco’s pause was as heavy as the flurry of the snowstorm mirrored in the enchantments blanketing the ceiling. His hand wrapped around Harry’s hip, pressing hard into cotton, but his voice was no different than normal when he spoke next.

Still quiet. Still composed.

Ever Harry’s anchor.

“Then you will come to me,” he said, tone so steady it was almost conversational. “I don’t know why I even have to say this. When you can’t sleep, when you can’t stop thinking, stop missing what never was, you will come to me. That is what I am here for.”

He turned then, until his front was to Harry’s front, sharp grey eyes locked on Harry’s. “You will not have the chance to miss a family that is right here. Understood?”

The words, the truth behind them, spoken by the man that he adored with every fibre of his being, rang like a bell through Harry’s blood. His body curled, heart racing, and Draco let go of his hand to wrap both arms around him, fingers intertwining at his back. How long they stayed like that, Harry wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he felt safe.


“Happy Christmas, Draco,” he mumbled, eyes closed and hands clutching green/blue/grey silk. Draco’s body shifted slightly, his cheek coming to rest on top of Harry’s head.

“Happy Christmas, Harry.”

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Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!!! I love doing these, and this year I’m thankful I could be a part of the Magi Secret Santa. Thanks guys!

My first ever Sharrkan x Yamuraiha piece is for @aria-haru - Merry Christmas dear. Thanks for this fun piece! I’m also a HUGE Sharxyamu fan… so this piece really made my day. Traditional watercolour and Sakura pens.

Thank you all so much! May your season be merry and bright!