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Murphy’s Law | John Murphy X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @montyscupcake: I’m sorry for so many requests 😥 Can you write an imagine where it’s christmas, and everybody is happy and giving each other presents, and nobody (without Bell) cares about Murphy? Then YN gives him a present, and he is very happy? (MODERN) Thanks😳

Characters: Murphy/fem!reader, slight Bellamy/Clarke. Raven, Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper are mentioned.

Modern AU.

Word Count: 1419 words.

Christmas is a day that must be spent with the people you love. Family. Friends. No one should be alone. And these were the words that Bellamy kept repeating to Murphy while trying to convince him to go to the Christmas party he was going to throw, well, that his sister was going to throw, and Bellamy, who considered Murphy one of the his closest friends, was convinced to make the boy go to the party.

After what seemed like the thousandth time that the Blake boy said that the party would be fun and that it would be worth it if Murphy went there, he finally accepted the invitation, although he wasn’t very excited for it. Then, at the appointed time for the party, Bellamy dragged Murphy to his house.

John knew everyone there, though no one seemed interested in going to greet him. He saw Clarke, who was talking to Raven about something. Neither of them were very friendly to him. The Griffin girl’s eyes lightened slightly as she noticed that Bellamy was there. Jasper and Monty weren’t too far from the girls. The two boys were talking excitedly about something, they were excited enough not to notice Murphy coming into the room.

Miller was near them, listening to the conversation and laughing at whatever they were talking about, he nodded to Murphy as he entered the place. They weren’t close, but Nathan was a nice person to everyone. Some other people were chatting around the room while Octavia was busy trying to talk to all of them, moving from group to group.

And then Murphy’s eyes stopped in (Y/N). She was talking to Harper excitedly, but she waved at him when she saw him come in, giving the boy a warm smile. (Y/N) was the closest thing he had to a friend after Bellamy. They got along, and their conversations were always exciting and fun, but they just saw each other in events like that, which Bellamy had to drag Murphy to come, so he considered her a semi-friend.

Bellamy smirked as he noticed Murphy looking at her, which made John roll his eyes. Once he had told the Blake boy that he thought (Y/N) was nice… And hot, and after that Bellamy was always pointing out the crush Murphy was developing for her, what Murphy thought that was foolish, he didn’t have a crush on her. No way.

“At least you have food.” Murphy said as he approached a table with Bellamy, who had his eyes fixed on something else at the party. Or someone else.

“What kind of party would it be if there was no food?” Murphy nodded, taking one of the cookies on the table and eating it. Delicious. “I think it was your girlfriend who made them.” a smirk formed on Bellamy’s lips as Murphy rolled his eyes.

“Well, it’s your girlfriend who’s coming this way.” John nodded at Clarke, who was walking up to them, well, to Bellamy. The Blake boy nudged him discreetly, making him laugh.

But the girl just walked halfway, calling Bellamy to come and talk to her. Of course. Bellamy gave Murphy a brief apologetic look before heading towards Clarke. John looked around, picking up another cookie and heading toward the couch, sitting down. A movie was going on TV, a guy trying to save his family’s Christmas, it sounded pretty boring, yet watching it seemed to be the only thing left for Murphy to do at that party.

While he paid attention to that guy’s effort, shouts of happiness and laughter began to draw Murphy’s attention, causing him to look where most people were. They were handing presents to each other. Murphy felt a slight panic seeing all those gifts, he hadn’t bought anything for anyone, but then he began to realize that no one even seem to notice his presence there, left alone having bought him a present. He didn’t know why, but it bothered him. He usually didn’t care when Bellamy’s group of friends didn’t care for him, but seeing everyone fraternizing and exchanging gifts left him with a little envy of their friendship.

He was so distracted thinking that he didn’t notice (Y/N) looking at him and the grin that came to her lips before she started walking toward him with a package in her hands.

“Merry Christmas for who?” the girl’s voice made him jump slightly before looking at her. “Exactly, for you.”

The girl handed the package to Murphy, who looked at her confused for a moment until he realized that the present was meant for him. The boy took the package in his hand, looking at it suspiciously, but still opening it, facing a shirt. Murphy’s law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. An involuntary smile appeared on Murphy’s face.

“I know it’s not much, but…” (Y/N) spoke again, drawing his attention. “It reminded me of you and I was, like, ‘why not?’” (Y/N) shrugged, staring at the boy, expecting some kind of reaction from him.

Giving that present to Murphy didn’t seem like much to (Y/N), but kind of meant something to him. Someone, besides Bellamy, had cared for him. Cared enough to buy him a presente. Murphy, strangely, couldn’t get the smile off his face and it was the only way he could react. He wasn’t one of the best people with kind words and he didn’t want to ruin the moment by saying something wrong to (Y/N), so he kept the basics.

“Thanks.” he said, looking back at his shirt.

“You’re welcome.” she said, giving him a cheerful smile. “You seem to be having a good time.”

“Oh yeah.” he said pointing to the TV. “This movie is the best thing here.”

“You’re saying that now, but wait until the Karaoke session begins.” (Y/N) sat down on the couch beside the boy. "I’m serious, there are many talents hidden here.”

"Are we talking about you?”

“We’re talking about Miller.” she nodded at the boy who was talking to Harper, laughing, probably telling a joke. “Have you seen that guy singing?”

“I can’t wait to see that.” Murphy chuckled, being followed by the girl.

The karaoke session started a few minutes later and it turned out that Miller was a good singer indeed. Everyone was invited to sing, even Murphy, who was dragged by (Y/N) to sing along with her some Elvis Presley song. Wherever she went, the girl insisted on taking Murphy along so he wouldn’t be alone, but most of the time they were on the couch talking. Just before the party was over, he put on the shirt he had earned from her over the one he was wearing.

“I think the shirt got big on you.” she said with a sad smile as she looked at the boy.

“Nah, it’s good.” he said, noticing that the sad smile remained on the girl’s face. “I… Liked it very much.”

“I thought you’d like it.” a big smile appeared on her lips as she gently looked at him. “After Bellamy told me you were coming, I couldn’t stop thinking about what to give you.”

"You didn’t have to give me anything.”

“Well, it’s my way of showing you that I appreciate you and your company.”

Something warmed in Murphy’s heart as he saw those gentle eyes looking at him. But it wasn’t (Y/N)’s eyes that caught his attention at that moment, but her smile, the lips that formed it. She must have noticed he was staring at her as a rosy tinge came over her cheeks as she stared at the boy’s lips as well, but her eyes turned to his, trying to figure out if he meant to do something.

A smirk appeared on Murphy’s lips before he leaned toward (Y/N), who did the same, until their lips were pressed against each other. The kiss was gentle and, somewhat, innocent. Just touching the lips of that girl who cared about him was enough to make John’s heart race.

“I told you it would be worth it.” Bellamy’s voice made them pull away.

Bellamy looked at them with a grin on his lips, nodding at Murphy before turning to Clarke again. John looked back at (Y/N), noticing the embarrassed smile she was sending to Harper, who was also looking at them, giving her friend thumbs up. (Y/N) looked back at Murphy, the same gentle look in her eyes that made the boy’s heart warm. Maybe he had a crush on her after all.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a gift to anyone who sees this post - a list of absolutely amazing Gallavich fics I’ve had the pleasure to come across. It’s got funny ones, sad ones, fluffy ones, angsty ones, all the ones! Read these to take your mind off of what’s really going on in the show. Hopefully they will lift your spirits and let you have a happy holiday! :) :) :)

You’ll notice that a few authors are repeated on this…that just means they’re really awesome and you should totally check out their other works as well!

(Ones marked with a *  are my personal faves..)

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Christmas Morning (Preference)

In the holiday spirit, and instead of making separate imagines for everyone, I made one big one !! Hope you guys like it ! Also, a big thanks to anyone who followed me from my previous acc, thank you so much!! Much love to the current following and those to come, happy holidays guys!

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Negan: You’d wake up to the sight of him making pancakes, in his pajamas with an apron draped over him. You’d hug him softly from behind.

“You weren’t supposed to be up yet, Merry Christmas babe” Negan chuckled.

“Merry Christmas” You’d whisper back making him smile and turn to see you.

“Never thought I’d spend another Christmas with a woman I love, but here I am”

You’d then spend the morning exchanging goods, from which he had collected from other groups. You had gotten help from Simon and Dwight to get stuff for Negan.

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Rick: You’d lay in bed with him until the last minute, before cries from Judith and impatient whines from Carl. No matter how old Carl was, Christmas still made him turn into a 5 year old inside. When the frist cry from Judith was heard you were both awake but stayed still. You made the first groan.

“Merry Christmas” He’d mumble.

“Merry Christmas”

Then all four of you’d sit around the tree, watching the kids open the few gifts you’d managed to find. They weren’t disappointed. Rick got you a gift even though you both swore not to get each other gifts. You’d felt bad but he said it was fine with a small kiss.

Daryl: You two didn’t do much for the occasion. Didn’t bother with a tree and not many fancy gits. There was no waking up early, it was just another day. You’d wake up to him stroking your hair softly, staring down at you.

“Mornin babe, it’s Christmas” Daryl said in a raspy voice.

“Yeah, Christmas” You groaned and he kissed me.

“Gotcha a lil somethin” He said handing me a box from his bedside table “Not much but I thought you’d like it.

I opened the box and saw it was a Polaroid. He picked up soem extra film, also.

“I didn’t get you anything” You said upset.

“Slim pickins nowadays, I didn’t expect nothin so I a’int disappointed”

“Sorry babe, but I love this” You say holding up the camera.

You took your first picture of him in bed on Christmas morning.

Glenn: He’d wake you up early and frag you to the tree.He was excited for you to see what he got, not many but quantity didn’t matter anymore. You groaned as he took you to the tree, still in your post sleep grog.

“Merry Christmas!” He said and shoved his present in your hands.

You opened it and saw a necklace with your name on it.

“Thanks, hun” You said before wrapping your arms around his.

You’d spend the day visiting the rest of the new group and spending time together, now safe again in Alexandria.


After a mission goes awry, Len’ and Sara find shelter in an old, abandoned cabin. 


SECRET SANTA! ♥ @ccss2016 @stillthewordgirl

“Prompt:: Captain Canary and ‘Snowbound for Christmas.’”

@stillthewordgirl MERRY CHRISTMAS (SLASH WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE IF NOT CHRISTMAS) i really hope you like it! ♥

many thanks and love to anyone and everyone who organized the SS! ♥

appleshipping au idea: while you were sleeping

okay so idk who even knows this old ass movie but here we go:

Yugo is a train fare collector who’s developed this huuuge crush on this woman that comes by this station to scan her pass every day.  They’ve never spoken two words to each other but he’s developed this entire imaginary scenario in which they get together and he uses the daydream to pass the time during his shifts.

On Christmas Day, he’s still working because he’s the only person on staff who didn’t have anyone to go home to see for Christmas, and mystery girl passes him again, telling him merry christmas which is the first thing she’s ever said to him.  Yugo is reeling a bit and almost doesn’t notice in time as the woman gets suddenly mugged on the station, the mugger grabs her bag and when she tries to yank it back she loses her balance and falls onto the tracks, hitting her head and going unconscious.

Yugo rushes to her rescue, pulling her out of the way of the incoming train and then getting her to the hospital.  He tries to go visit her, but because he’s not related to her in any way he’s not allowed.  He mumbles to himself that “he was going to marry that girl” which a nurse overhears and mistakenly believes that he is her fiance.

The nurse lets him in to see her….just as her ridiculously huge family all bowls into the tiny hospital room to see her and they’re like “wait who are you?”

Yugo finds out that mystery girl’s name is Selena, and she’s been kind of estranged from her family for a while.  the nurse also informs the family that Yugo is Selena’s fiance, which Yugo panics and fails to correct in all the commotion.  The family is surprised, but since Selena hasn’t been home in a few years, they reason it’s possible.

Yugo is almost immediately swept up into Selena’s big, complicated family while she’s still in a coma, and they drag Yugo back with them to spend a late Christmas.  It’s at this point that Yugo meets Selena’s sister Rin, who isn’t convinced that Yugo and Selena are engaged.  Selena’s godfather Crow accidentally finds out the truth, and in order to not upset people, agrees to keep Yugo’s secret for the time being.

Yugo and Rin end up spending more time together and Yugo slowly falls head over heels for this huge, friendly family, which is something he’s never had.  He also starts to fall head over heels for Rin, specifically.

Selena eventually wakes up from her coma a few weeks later, and when she quite obviously doesn’t remember Yugo, the family all assumes she has amnesia.  Crow asks her to at least give Yugo a chance, and although they try it again, Selena is Gay and Yugo ends up tearily explaining to her what happened in a panicked meltdown.  Selena agrees that everyone was ridiculous but Yugo seems like a good kid and Rin likes him, so they both approach the family, explain what happened, and before Yugo can do it, Rin proposes to him first, just glad that she’s not stealing him from her sister.

Yugo and Rin get married and Yugo gets to join this big happy family and it’s sweet and adorable and happy ever after the end <3


I AM SO LATE, I KNOW. Visiting relatives have made it difficult to work on anything this week. Hopefully you don’t mind seeing some leftover Christmas cheer on your dash. xD I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Or….a great December 25th for those of you who don’t celebrate it. :P

Allison Argent x Reader:  You Haven’t Said It Once.

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Request: YESS a part 2 please!!! The imagine was amazing! Part 2 about them trying to rebuild their relationship on trust or something like that

A/N: I did my best with this request, even though I wrote the first part a long time ago, I really like how this one turned out. 

Part 1 can be found *here*! 

Also Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates it! And Happy Hanukkah for anyone who celebrates it!!

Allison… didn’t know what to do.
It had been two months since the both of you had decided to try to see if a relationship could work out again. Dates had become regular between the two of you. She had even called you a few times when it was late at night because she knew your voice was the only thing that would put her to sleep. She would drift off to sleep while your sleepy words rang in her ears.

You two had a bunch of study sessions that drifted off to the two of you cuddling and kissing until one of you needed to leave. You had called her sniffling after a fight with your family.

She really thought that she could trust you, and it seemed like you trusted her again too.

And yet, she still had no idea what was going on between the two of you.

Because of one word.

One word that you just would not even dare to utter.


You wouldn’t call her your girlfriend.

Through everything that the two of you had been through, and you didn’t even think about calling her your girlfriend.

She glanced at you out of the corner of her eye with a sigh.

What am I supposed to do?

Allison knew that she hurt you. She knew that you needed time to rebuild your connection and trust. She tried her best to respect that, and she thought that she had. She wanted to do her best to respect you and to try to move on.

Allison couldn’t stop the knife that went through her heart every single time you came up with something else to call her.

Friend. Girl from school. Tutor. Study partner…

The list went on.

Her stomach was tying itself up, making her feel heavier than steel. She was pulled out of her thoughts with a sharp gasp as you gently touched her arm with soft eyes. “Alli, what’s wrong?”
Her body relaxed into your touch and a tiny smile appeared on her face, head tilting to the side as she nodded. “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong,” she whispered as she turned her hand over and squeezed yours.

You furrowed your eyebrows as the corners of your mouth pinched in the corners before you sighed, accepting her answer. You squeezed her hand back before you turned back to the table’s conversation. Allison’s eyes drifted towards your connected hands as she pressed her lips together.

This. This was why she could deal with this heavy and heart wrenching stabbing. Even if you didn’t want to label it, you cared about her. She couldn’t act like you not calling her a girlfriend suddenly destroyed your feelings for her.

You, Allison, and Malia sat on the couch in the middle of the party, talking with everyone in the room. During a lull in the conversation, Allison turned towards you and said that she was getting drinks, a smile coming across her face as she felt you shiver slightly from her breath on your neck. She stood up and quickly made her way into the kitchen, grabbing the drinks before she rushed back to the couch.

Just as she stepped back into the living room, still not being able to see you from the crowd, her mouth went dry as she heard a girl from one of the other schools speak to you.

“Are you and Malia dating?” the cheerleader teased with raised eyebrows.

Allison moved her head to the side to catch a glimpse at your face, wanting to gauge your reaction. Her body went cold as she saw your flustered stance, eyes glancing down, and you struggled for something to say. 

She stood still for a few moments, not sure what to do. Her breath hitched as she realized that Malia had changed the topic of conversation. 

She didn’t hear you deny it.

Allison blinked rapidly as she rushed outside, dropping the drinks in her hands somewhere along the way. She wrapped her arms around her as the night air stung her lungs with every breath. Allison clenched her jaw as she paced in the backyard of a stranger’s house, thankful that no one else was out here.

She thought that she could handle the painfully slow pace that you two were going at. However, she couldn’t handle the fact that your first instinct wasn’t to deny that you were in a relationship with Malia. What if you didn’t care about her in that way? What if you cared about Malia that way? What if you couldn’t even think about dating her because of what she did, and you just didn’t want to reject her when she asked you out?

Her most sordid and terrifying nightmare was happening right in front of her. She let out a deep breath through her mouth, lips flapping as she did. She needed to calm down.


Her eyes widened and she wiped at them before she turned towards you. “Yeah?”

You pressed your lips together. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” She shook her head.

You looked down with a scrunched up face, hurt flaming up in your chest. “Don’t lie to me Allison, please,”

She looked over at you for a moment before she sighed and shut her eyes. Allison licked her lips. “Do you actually think this could work out?”

Your breath hitched as you struggled for something to say. “If what could work out?”

“Us. Me and you. Do you think that it can work? Or did I mess it up when I ended it?”

You took a deep breath as you spoke, each word chosen carefully. “I…. don’t think it’s ruined. I thought we were working back to a good relationship. I thought we were fine,” 

But I thought that the last time you added internally. 

Allison licked her lips and shook her head. “I don’t know. I wanted to think that we could but…” she shrugged. She wasn’t even sure what she was thinking. Her thoughts were a tangled mess. 


“I think I just need to be alone for a while okay?” She sent you an attempt at an assuring smile. She wanted to tell you that everything would be alright, but she wasn’t sure. She had been holding in everything for so long; she didn’t know how to act. “I’ll text you later,”

Before you could say anything, Allison walked past you. You stood still, feeling just as off-guard and hurt as the last time she said that she needed some time alone and would text you.

Last time that happened, the text she sent you only destroyed you. Those words rang in your head as you wiped at the tears that escaped from your eyes.

I don’t think that we can make this work out. Me and you don’t work out. I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. I never want to do that, and I think ending things between us is the best way to avoid that. 

You stared at your phone resting on your pillow as you laid on your bed. It had been a few days since the party, and Allison had avoided all contact with you since then. You had even tried to talk to Lydia, but she couldn’t tell you anything about how Allison felt. According to her, Allison had avoided talking about the two of you and what was going on, even with her best friend.

You pressed your lips together as you turned onto your back and stared at the ceiling. You couldn’t tell what set her off. Where did this problem come from? Last time, she was getting worried about your safety, but that couldn’t be helped now, whether or not you and Allison were together or not. Maybe this time…. she just didn’t want a relationship with you.

You sucked in a deep breath as the thought invaded your mind. You tried to push it out as you exhaled, but only felt worse. Surrendering to your sadness, you reached for your phone and held it for a few moments.

You wanted to call Allison. You wanted to call her and hear her voice. You wanted to joke around with her and feel yourself soar as she laughed. You wanted to give her advice if she was having a problem.

You shook your head; she told you that she wanted some time to think to herself. You sat up in your bed as you searched through your contacts. There was another person you could call that might be able to help you out. You licked your lip as you waited for her to pick up for a few moments, sighing when you heard her hesitate a ‘hello?’

“Hey Malia,” You breathed out.

You heard her sit down somewhere and adjust herself before she responded. “Hey Y/N. What’s up? You don’t usually call,”

You rubbed the back of your head. “I was wondering if you had any advice about Allison,”

“What do you mean?”

“She hasn’t talked to me at all since the party. I’m honestly a little worried about what’s gonna happen,”

Malia sighed into her phone. “Does this mean you’ll actually tell me what happened at the party then?”

“Yeah,” you gave up with a sigh. It was silent for a few moments before you took a deep breath. “Well, I noticed that Allison kinda rushed out of there, so I followed her. We ended up in the backyard, and she suddenly started asking me if I thought me and her could work out, or if I actually had feelings for her, and things like that,“ 

"And what’d you say?”

“I said that I thought we could make it work, but I was mostly too shocked to say anything else,”

A silence fell over the phone call before Malia spoke up, hesitant, “Do you actually believe that Y/N?”

Your eyes widened as you furrowed your eyebrows. “Of course I do, Mal. Why would you ask that?”

“It’s just… you don’t act like it,” she let out a deep breath.


“Listen, I know she hurt you, and I know that you two can’t go back to whatever the two of you were. And Allison doesn’t seem like she’s trying to force that. She’s actually been really nice and patient, probably more than I would,”

“What’s your point? I already know that Allison’s an angel,” you asked, a bitterness lacing your words.

Malia let out a deep breath through her nose at your annoyance, trying to explain herself. “Well, you don’t act like you trust her. You go on dates, but you seem awkward if anyone ever asks if the two of you are dating. It’s been months, and you haven’t told anyone outside the pack about your dates You don’t even call her your girlfriend. Hell, Y/N, if I wasn’t in the pack I wouldn’t know that she was involved in your life at all,” You froze as Malia painted the picture in front of you.  "It just doesn’t seem that you actually trust her, meanwhile she’s trying her best to do that. Both of you need to actually act like you have a chance, or else you won’t have one,”

You sat still for a few moments before you let out a sigh and nodded, “You’re right Malia. Um… can I call you back later?”

She hummed, “Yeah that’s fine. Good luck with Allison,”

“Thanks,” you muttered before she hung up.

You laid back down on your bed for a few moments before you bit your lip. You stood up, grabbed your jacket before you walked outside. The plan formed itself in your head as you made the walk over to the Argent house.

You knocked on the door and swung back and forth on your heels as you waited for someone to open it. Your nerves were shot. Malia’s words rang in your head, making you force yourself to stay on the doorstep. She made you realize why Allison was doubting things.

It was because you were doubting her.

You were about to knock again before the door opened to reveal Allison, face still covered in sleep and her hair pulled up into a messy bun. A small smile appeared on your face at how adorable she looked.

Her eyes widened as she recognized you. “Y- Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Well…. I was thinking about what you said at the party, and I didn’t really understand what you meant,” you started before you took a deep breath, “But I talked to Malia, and everything clicked,”

Allison glanced down. “Y/N… You don’t have to do this,”

“No, I do. Because she made me realize that you’ve been amazing, and I haven’t really done the same in return,”

Allison’s eyes snapped towards you. “What do you mean? You have been grea-”

“No. I haven’t,” you interrupted, “You’ve been taking things slow and doing just what you know I’m comfortable with, which is amazing, and I honestly wouldn’t expect anything else from you,”

“It’s completely normal for things to go slow, especially since we broke up,” Allison countered.

Your eyes softened. She was actually trying to comfort you. “I know that; I’m not saying that we should suddenly rush back into a relationship.” You sighed and took a step closer. “But I realized, I haven’t been doing the same in return. I haven’t been showing you the same courtesy,”

“I don’t know what you mean,”

“I mean, you’re my girlfriend, and I haven’t even called you that,” you said with a sigh, “I mean, we’ve gone on dates, but I don’t tell anybody we’re dating. I realized that I’m still staying so defensive after months and because of that I’ve been treating this relationship like it’s nothing to me, like you’re nothing to me. That’s not fair to you Allison. You deserve better than that,”

Allison’s eyes widened for a moment as she struggled for something to say. Were you apologizing to her? She didn’t even think that she could focus on your apology; ‘you’re my girlfriend’ repeating in her head. She stared at you for a moment before stepping towards you and leaning her head closer to give you a quick kiss on the cheek.

You froze mid-sentence and blinked for a moment before turning towards her with a shy smile. “You’ve been working to make it so that we can be together again. I need to be doing the same, and I promise that I will if you give me the chance,” you licked your lips before rushing out, “Because I love you Allison,”

Her eyes widened as she stared at you for a few moments. Your words definitely shocking out any remnants of sleep that had lingered. “I love you too,” she repeated with a small smile that she tried to contain. 

A large smile spread across your face before you leaned closer, pressing your lips against hers.

You rubbed your hands together as you waited near the school’s parking lot for Allison. You two were supposed to go to the lacrosse game together, but her Dad needed her to help him with something, so you agreed to meet at the game. You brought out your phone and checked the time and let out a harsh sigh.

Where the hell was she?

You pressed your lips together and glanced at the bleachers. You were lucky that Lydia was serious about holding your seats there. Someone tapped you on the shoulder, and you turned around with a smile on your face, thinking it was Allison. Only for it to be replaced with a frown right away.

“Hey Y/N,” the girl from your science class sing-songed with a coy smile on her face.

You clenched your jaw and looked away from her, focusing on the parking lot again. “Hi.”

“What are you doing here by yourself?” she hinted.

You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes. You had told her that you weren’t interested, and you actually thought she listened. “I’m waiting for someone,” you muttered.

She sighed, disappointed before turning back to you with a bright smile. “Well, I mean if they’re keeping you out here this long, they’re probably not gonna show up,”

You glared at her out of the corner of your eye.

She stepped closer and brought a hand to your arm. “We could always watch the game together and afterwards-”  You clenched your jaw and stepped away from her.

“I have a girlfriend,” you muttered with a glare.

Her eyes widened. “Since when?”

Before you could say anything, you heard someone walking towards you. You turned your head and smiled at Allison. “Hey Alli,”

Allison was about to reply when the girl cut her off. “You didn’t answer me. Since when do you have a girlfriend?”

You rolled your eyes, a second away from responding before Alison grabbed your hand with a smirk. “Since me,” Allison interrupted before turning towards you, “We should probably go find our seats. Lydia text me that she’s getting bored and is about to let the girl’s basketball captain take them,”

You nodded with a smile before you let her lead you to the bleachers. You both reached the field, but before you went up to the bleachers, Allison turned towards you, immediately pressing her mouth against yours. Your breath hitched and a smile formed on your lips. Your smile grew when she pulled away. “What was that about?”

“That was the first time you told someone else that you were dating me,” she whispered with warm cheeks.

You brushed back a strand of her hair, making her look at you. “You’re my girlfriend, and I’m happy and proud of that. Why shouldn’t I tell people?” you said with a mix of seriousness and teasing.

Allison’s cheeks darkened before she grabbed your hand again. “Let’s go find Lydia,”

You sat down next to your girlfriend, her immediately explaining to Lydia what had happened. You stared at her as she dramatically retold the tale of her Dad making her clean all of the weapons in their garage. You couldn’t imagine your smile growing bigger as you watched her.

It was better than the first time you and her tried to date. You both weren’t sure of what you wanted. Now, the both of you knew what it was like without the other.

As she turned towards the field with a smile on her face, waving to the guys on the team, you were sure that you guys could make it work.

With time, you could rebuild what you had before, and make it better.

Merry (Late) Xmas from me!

Look who’s up and uploading in Tumblr again

/it’s only a doodle tho, ; A ;

I was making some couple icons last week but I lost the file… (I’m still sad about this…)

I mean I don’t even have a friend who will use that icon tho but it’s kinda fun


It’s Christmas, and the pups have a surprise.

Their stockings are full of all sorts of presents!

 All good kids need striped shirts.

Sans has a fluffy new coat.

Papy got a scarf and some matching paw socks.

That big stocking had a pup sized ball in it for them to share, yay!

Fluffy bunny’s got a new friend.

It’s not a bunny, but this monster pillow is just as good.

Happy Holidays from Sans and Papyrus!  The pups and I wish you all love and happiness. 

And to all a good night.

(Trying to keep track of my own photostory, so here’s links to previous parts -  1 2 3 4 5  I hope you enjoyed it, and if anyone else wants to see more from these two just let me know.)

Everything is Going to be Okay

Angsty Christmas love triangle. Grab tissues
(Not a request!)

“I’m sorry. I got caught up in Nightwing stuff and i forgot about our date”

Did he think you were some kind of idiot?

Yes, probably. To be grinning like one himself in hopes of you believing him. But it wasn’t his fault, really. It was yours. For thinking you could ever rely on him when he was in love with someone else.

There was a long silence as you avoided to answer to his latest statement. Anger had been boiling deep inside you for waiting so long, for being asked if everything is okay by almost every waitress of the store, but of course you couldn’t blame Dick. You should just blame yourself.

“Jason wasn’t like this.” You stated coldly. You knew it’d be awkward but not painful to him. Or that’s what you guessed.
It wasn’t a secret that you had broken up with Jason just because you wanted to fullfill your love for Dick though. And of course Dick didn’t seem to respect that. “Now that I’m thinking of it… I should have never told you anything about my feelings. I should have kept everything for myself.”

“Why are you saying this?” Dick asked, worry splattered on his face as if it was paint. He was indeed aware if where you were taking this and he couldn’t deny what he had done at the very end.

“You know very well why I’m saying this Dick. You’re in love with Barbara not me… And I gave up the nest thing in my life to chase after you” it pained you to say it out loud. You didn’t want this to end. But it shouldn’t have started either.

“I’m-i’m not, really. I-” it didn’t really help that he tried to explain himself.

“Save it!” You whispered, a single tear slipping down your eye but you didn’t bother wipe it. It pained him too. He felt something you indeed and he knew that if you stayed he’d be able to overcome his obsession Barbara. But who was he to keep you in pain.

“Merry Christmas Dick.” You said with your lips wobbling, right before grabbing your purse and heading out to the snowy streets of Gotham.

It was the night now, the snow had turned I to a blizzard. In addition you had forgotten your coat at the café but cold didnt get you anymore and you still hadn’t reached home.All because you didn’t feel like you had one anymore. You wanted to stay on a bench freeze to death and never see anyone again. You never even believe that you could have your heart broken at Christmas and there was no one to blame but your own self.

You secretly wished Jason would come and save you from the cold. Even that one inside your heart but you knew very well that this wasn’t the case. You had broken everything. Everyone. And that’s why your broke yourself too.

But it was always like that right? Your parents were the worse to you. Your father would cheat on your mother, and she was well aware, believing that she could fix him. But she couldn’t. Amd she broke herself too. Just like you. And Dick, Dick reminded you of your father. You thought you’d fix him but if course how could you. You’d end up like your mom. Curled up in the corner of her bed always waiting for him to come back, leaving herself to you to take care of.

But you couldn’t do this anymore. You wanted to believe that someone, somewhere, would give you your own white Christmas. With love and warmth. No more tears would be she’d on this holy night and children voiced would fill the house. But who would?

“What the hell are you doing out in the cold like that (y/n)?” The familiar voice called, but your frozen form couldn’t concentrate to know what it was. Only when he came closer you saw it was Jason.
The answer to your prayers. You only wished he’d take you back and not disappoint or fail him again.

Your tried to say his name but your purple, numb lips couldn’t help you so.

“I’ll take you home okay everything’s going to be fine I swear!”

And indeed it was.

Derek- You wake up to the sun peeking through your window. You look at your clock. 8 A.M. “Derek! Wake up its Christmas!!” You yell shaking him awake
“y/n it’s way to early for this” he sighs
“Get the kids up I’ll go make coffee” you say kissing him on the cheek. You get up, go to the bathroom, and brush your teeth. You make your way down to the kitchen. You made the coffee and waited in the living room for the kids and Derek.
“Merry Christmas guys!” You say looking at them
“Mom Santa came! He ate all the cookies!” Your son yelled
“Look he left me a bike!” Yelled your daughter. You smiled to yourself looking at your kids go nuts.
“One at a time I want to see what you all got” you said watching them. It made you so happy to watch them open in excitement. They all got done with opening their gifts and Derek got his.
“Merry Christmas mommy” your son said handing you a paper. “Look at Daddy” it read.
You looked over at Derek who was on one knee, holding a box.
“y/n, I have never felt this way about anyone before, we have two wonderful children and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”
Your eyes filled with tears and shot up and hugged him. “So is that a yes?” He laughed
“Yes yes!” You laughed to, giving him a kiss.
You couldn’t wait to get to your moms house and show her the ring!
Best Christmas ever.

No, I didn’t reach any goal or special quantity of followers. BUT it’s Christmas day (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then just take the love) and I thought I wanted to spread a little bit of love by telling some amazing people how amazing they are ^-^

I’m the worst with dedications and words in general, so I’m just gonna say that indepently of whether we talk a lot or not I love you all and I appreciate you as a part of my tumblr life. You’re amazing and beautiful and asgjhdslgfh (oh yes, above all asgjhdslgfh) and I wish I was closer(see what I did there? nvm) to everyone of you.

So here goes a list of people I want to be happy:

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those gifs were absolutely necessary, k?

And obviously, MERRY CHRISTMAS to the guys that make it possible for me to find these incredible people: amazingphil connorfranta danisnotonfire troyesivan tyleroakley


To anyone who sees this but wasn’t mentioned in the post: Merry Chtistmas to you too!

Merry Christmas people! 

Somehow listening to Pollyanna lifted my Christmas spirits again. Music is wonderful.

For people who live in places with unfortunate weather (like me)…

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Yeah, I hope that doesn’t happen when I wake up. It’ll totally ruin the mood.

It’s almost 4 am here so I probably should go to sleep.

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate it) and happy new year! I’m been seeing a lot of holiday follow forevers going around and I thought it was about time I made one. I’ve been on tumblr for less than 2 years and I am so amazed by all the wonderful and talented people I have met and talked to. I tried to include every amazing person who I have had the pleasure of following, but if I miss anyone I am so sorry!! 

Absolute babes!! <3 

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Some of you will be missing loved ones this Christmas. A few of you will not a have a tree and if you have one you may not have presents waiting for you in the morning.

Someone is dealing with depression, anger, anxiety, and sadness this holiday. Believe it or not, many of you may not have a stable home or a home at all. You may have to juggle two sets of parents.

Some of you feel alone even with your entire family around. Maybe you do have presents but it means nothing compared to what you desire: love and affection.

Some of you will be unwrapping insecurity to see all of the faults you think you have and many of you may turn to a substance. Quite a few of you will be struggling with gaining acceptance because of a lifestyle or preference that really wasn’t an option for you.

Or maybe you’re just peachy. Maybe Christmas is perfect. Perhaps you are very content and it’s your favorite holiday and your not missing a thing or anyone. You’ll get everything you want or maybe not at all, but who cares its Christmas!

WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHERE EVER YOU MAY BE, I AM HERE FOR YOU. I love you and you don’t even know me. I worry about you, I send up a whisper for you. I want to wish YOU a very Merry Christmas and I hope, I pray you see some form of good on your behalf and you’ll think to yourself I’m worth it, I’ll get through it, I’ll make it.

I’ll be here for all of you this Christmas. Because we all need somebody. You may think your light is dim, but together we can put on a beautiful display. My ask/inbox is always open! 😌🎁🎄

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Merry Christmas @skyfangz and anyone else who sees this. :3

I was saving this for today hehe.

I think I could’ve done better on this because only half of this is animated…but I don’t know how to animate so this is how it’s going to have to be for now. I forgot to check on the shading too also and you can see a few frames change the shading because I forgot it (I know how to shade more than animate ;-;). The speech at the end because I had tons of spare room. I don’t think I could’ve re-sized it??? hmm…

I hope it’s enough<3

(I can submit the one with an advert playing in the background I think it’s pretty funny)


merry christmas to all and happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate christmas! this is just a simple shout out to the people I love seeing on my dash and wish to have a happy holiday! thank you all for making this year a great one and enjoy the time with your friends and family! if I miss anyone it’s most likely bc you changed you’re url recently and sometimes i forget that!


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Ashton: You were getting ready for the Christmas Eve party your best friend throws every year. She made you extra excited because Ashton, the boy you had been keeping your eyes on was going to be there tonight. But once you were there, you couldn’t seem to find him. And then there was the hug surprise of the night, one of the guests came dressed as Santa and was taking pictures with everyone. You decided to also and went to sit on his lap. You could feel his beard graze your face as he whispered, “Have you been naughty or nice?” and placed a paper in your hand telling you to meet him upstairs in 20. When you opened the upstairs bedroom you saw Ashton in the Santa pants and nothing but suspenders, “I think we’re both about to wind up on the naughty list Y/N.” Ashton says with a smirk.

Calum: You and your boyfriend, Calum, were the first back to the apartment after the Christmas party but both of you forgot happened to forget to bring your kets before so now you both were locked out. Calum lent you his jacket and there was nothing more to do than wait for the others to come home. It was around 11:45 it started to snow and lightly flurry catching snow in your hair and your eyelashes. Huddled together to stay warm, he wrapped his arms around your waist and you cuddled your head into his chest. That’s when it struck 12 and officially Christmas. Calum looked down at you and gently kissed your lips, “Merry Christmas Y/N. I know it’s cold and we may wind up losing our toes in this weather but I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else love." 

Michael: Michael smirked at you and that’s when you knew something was up, "Let’s see who can stay up the latest.” He proposed since tomorrow was Christmas. You agreed to the challenge and both of you were fine until around 1:00 am. You were both snuggled up on the sofa and your head was in his lap. It seemed like something right out of a Christmas card plus the TV in the corner where Michael continued to play Battlefield 4. He paused the game and looked down and you, beginning to play with your hair and caressing your sides, “Getting sleepy are we know?” He asked the smirk prominent in his voice. He continued to play with your hair gently before pecking your cheek and whispering, “Go to sleep, when you wake up Santa will have arrived. Sweet dreams love.” When you awoke, Michael was rested next to you, arm slung over you and the presents were beneath the tree. 

Luke: “Come on babe, it’s been a tradition in my family for a while and we want you to be a part of it.” Luke begged. You were a little nervous to be with Luke’s whole family while they decorated the tree, it seemed like a big deal and you didn’t want to mess it up. But you agreed and now you were stringing lights on the Christmas tree with Liz while Luke and his brothers unpacked all the ornaments. Liz came up to you with a large crystal star in her hand, “Y/N would you do the honor of putting the star on the tree?” You blushed when everyone encourage you and you gladly agreed, gently lifting the star up. You were on tip toe and still couldn’t reach until a pair of hand grabbed your waist and lifted you a few inches more where you safely put the star. Luke turned you around and softly placed a kiss on your lips, “Merry Christmas babe.”