merry christmas and a happy welsh boy day

Swiggity swag it’s another follow forever! Since today is December 1st and the greatest time of the year, it was time to look at my list and renew to more or less people that I love dearly!

All of you are extremely special to me and I love you. If we are friends, best friends, or I just like your blog you are all great people.

Also, this blog is almost a year old now, which is so special to me so I’m glad to have these people below this to be here with me on my first year on this blog.

I deffo forgot people btw but ily ok

You all are perfect and lets get on with this list!: (cred to Nicole for the fab picture above)


adnanjanuzs alonsos andreschurless bayernfurimmer cescfabregas chelseadortmund claudiohh cristianosgelhair dankebvb di-maria di-marias dortmundunited enzocazorla erikdurms.


fabuluiz fernandoforres football-tho frank8lampard gomezwantsmullersjinglebells gunnerette h0lgerbadstuber headsupgirl hendoshairgel iggymiquel illarras illarrasmendi intelligenceisnotknowledge.


karimbenzemaa mandzukiss marco-van-ginkel matsijuana miasanrich mignolets mullezsteiger mygeezers neuers.


ohh-my-fernando ohmeingotze phernandotorres pizzarro podolski-aha rnadrid scandellas scarlett-madridista socascouser sophireus steviegthighs swagiswiel.


teanicelythankyoukaka thebromance theotherkroosbrother totosalvios urzils ❅  vertonguen vettel-afc wilsheresdimples xaviers-hernandez.