merry christmas!


So here is the holiday themed drawing I was taking suggestions few days ago, thank you guys for them, I merged multiple into one haha :D

I wish you all a well spent holidays, either if it’s with family or alone, merry Glitchmas Christmas to you all <3

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu you too guys! hope you like this :3

“Dodging Incoming Hype Sleigh” or “MatriX-Mas” -?

Another Draw the Squad lmao

also those beads around the guy-suppose-to-be-the-christmas-tree are tree lights (i should’ve used references for the sleigh but its too late now ;;v;)

no need to ask, but do mention me/tag my username on your post so i can see it too~

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

Part 2 here

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