merry christmas!




Amidst all the presents and festivities, remember that the real gifts are your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

  • KnB Merry Christmas 2014

Kuroko: Merry Christmas. Spending this time with the basketball club is fun.
Kagami: Merry Christmas! A cake-eating spree for two days is the best!
Kise: We’re holding a Christmas party with the basketball club today!
Midorima: Today’s lucky item is cake. Let’s eat without restraints.
Aomine: We’re having a Christmas party instead of practice? I’m coming.
Murasakibara: I’m taking the chocolate shavings from the Christmas cake.
Akashi: I don’t need any Christmas presents. All I need is victory.
Hanamiya: Christmas… I’m not going to the party.
Riko: Merry Christmas! Kagami-kun is in charge of the cooking, but leave the finishing touches to me!
Hayakawa: I’m asking Santa to let me become better at basketball!
Takao: Merry Christmas! Let’s make Shin-chan wear a Santa costume!
Sakurai: Aomine-san ate all of the Christmas cake, I’m sorry!
Himuro: Merry Christmas. Make sure to leave some cake for Alex, Taiga.

“Dodging Incoming Hype Sleigh” or “MatriX-Mas” -?

Another Draw the Squad lmao

also those beads around the guy-suppose-to-be-the-christmas-tree are tree lights (i should’ve used references for the sleigh but its too late now ;;v;)

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Me: *takes her own dating experiences and makes them into OTP comics*

Late, but I really wanted to put some nalu fluff up for christmas and I figured this would be the perfect time to finally clean up and colour the comic i drew… many months ago… for FT fluff week. Whatever. It’s here now. Take it anyway. A lovely belated Christmas/holiday season to all my beautiful followers!