merry christmas

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This is actually for @ohdarlingifonlyyouknew , since I was your Secret Santa (I know I’m so ridiculously late and I have nothing to say other than I am so sorry for sucking at meeting deadlines).

Anyway, I remember you once, very briefly, said that you’d love to hear me sing “Edge of night” (or “pippin’s song”) and well I’ve only ever posted one other thing of me singing and am currently having a little stage-fright (once it’s out on the internet it stays there and all that) but I figured you’re worth anything and everything so… I hope you like it! (You’ll get the mug that’s also part of your gift when I meet you in May for A16) <3

I love you my sweet honeybee <3

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Xmas present for @caliphos! This is his character Nonku. Dat hair, dem claws- oh yes this character was right up my alley.

A little bit about Nonku:
Nonku is a physical manifestation of a coalescing of magical energies within a dark, dank environment. He sort of came to be from a pool of magical energy developing in a system of caves where individuals got lost and died; the more people got lost and died there, the more residual magical energy built up in the area.

On DA here: