merry christman

Dashing through the show,
What a pain-filled thing I know,
Through the deaths we go,
Crying all the way,
sob sob sob

Bells at funerals ring,
Making spirits break,
How sad it is to watch this show I really should stop now,

Jingle Bells,
Sherlock fell,
Cas let go of Dean,
Amy died,
The Doctor cried,
And Merlin was cancelled by BBC,

A day or two ago,
I thought I’d watch a show,
And soon, Ne-etflix,
Was loading up for me,
The show was sad and I,
Cri-I-i-ed at the end,
I soon started again,
And then I got upset,

Jingle Bells,
Out of hell,
A killer Christmas tree,
Kevin died,
Rose Tyler I-
Oh forget it anyway!

A day or two ago,
Some trailers they released,
Daleks in the snow,
And on our backs we fell,
We fell just like SH,
and the writers we will slay,
We cried as there he sprawling lay,
And at Tumblr we will stay,

Jingle Bells,
Eleven smells,
But soon he’ll be no more!
Capaldi’s here to dry our tears,
But Donna won’t know anyway,

Now the ground is red,
Watch when they release,
Run with Cas tonight,
And sing this slaying song,
Carry On My Wayward Son,
We hear the TARDIS ring,
Hitch Dean’s Baby to the TARDIS,
And soon we’ll fly away!

Jingle Bells,
Loki rules,
Adam’s still in hell,
BBC and CW our souls they tore away!

Jingle Bells,
Save yourselves,
Stay away from us,
It’s all about luck,
And it will suck,
Have a Merry Doctors Day!