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Celebrate Me Home - Harry Styles

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Character/Person: Harry Styles

Fandom: One Direction

day 23!! christmas is getting so close omg??? this is barely even christmas themed lol but i hope you enjoy this!

Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins

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“It’s good to have you back, H,” Gemma, Harry’s sister, smiled warmly and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Especially ‘round Christmas.”

“Thanks, Gem.” He replied, his dimple becoming visible as his lips widened. His arm was wrapped firmly around the bottom of (Y/N)’s spine to keep her next to him at all times. The first few buttons of his nice patterned button-down top were loose, revealing the top of his chest and the slightest peek at the tattoos on his collarbone. “Who threw this party?”

As (Y/N) looked around, she was amazed that this many people could fit into Harry’s childhood home. Family and friends were packed in like sardines to welcome Harry home after five years of hard work on tours and press trips. Red decorations were hung and strung everywhere, and the air smelled like Ann’s infamous chocolate chip cookies she made every Christmas.

“Mum did, of course.” Gemma revealed, and Harry nodded knowingly. “She means best, you know that. She just wanted to celebrate you home.”

“I know. Where is she, anyways? I’ve barely seen her,” Harry commented, and (Y/N) stretched her neck to where she last saw her boyfriend’s mother.

“I think she was readying the food in the kitchen, last I saw her,” (Y/N) announced, looking back to the Styles siblings.

“Thank you, babe.” He nodded and grinned, pecking the top of your head.

“And you, (Y/N), how have you been?! I haven’t seen you since the concert in London!” Gemma gushed, taking her brother’s girlfriend’s hands into her own. “You look absolutely amazing, where did you get this dress?”

“Don’t smother her, Gem,” Harry said, giving a playfully pointed look at his sister.

“Nonsense, H. I’ve been great, how are you? You look killer as always,” (Y/N) responded.

“I’ve been lovely, thank you!” Gemma replied. “But really, Topshop? ASOS? Where did you get this, it’s beautiful!”

“Well, actually-”

“I bought it for her.” Harry stated smugly, a smirk on his face.

“Wow, H. Nice job,” Gemma nodded in approval.

“Isn’t it gorgeous on her?” Harry praised.

“Stop it.” (Y/N) blushed, hiding her grin in the her boyfriend’s side.

“Adorable.” Gemma observed. “Who knew my dorky brother could be such a gentleman. Did you know that in year seven Harry once-”

“Alright, I think we’re gonna go say hi to mum again, great speaking with you!” Harry rushed out, interrupting his sister’s embarrassing story and pulling (Y/N) in the direction of the kitchen.

“What was that?” (Y/N) inquired.

“I’ll save that story for later.” Harry responded, searching for his mom among the crowd. His eyes brightened when they landed on her, slaving away in the kitchen, practically drowning in plates of food.

“Oh, Ann, let me help you with this,” (Y/N) rushed out of Harry’s grip to grab a plate from Ann’s hands  just as she was struggling to carry not one but two heavy plates of turkey.

“Thank you, (Y/N), you’re too sweet.” Ann thanked her genuinely, giving her son’s girlfriend a side hug. “How are you enjoying the party, Har?”

“I’m enjoying it lots. Thank you, mumma.” He smiled lovingly. “Do you need help? You’ve got enough food to feed a country here.”

“No, it’s alright. I’m almost finished anyways,” She declined.

“At least let me help set the table, yeah? You’re sweating,” (Y/N) insisted, grabbing a towel from a nearby table and handing it to her.

“If you absolutely insist, sure. That would be lovely, thank you (Y/N).” Ann replied, taking the towel gratefully and dabbing the sweat off her forehead. “And how’ve you been? My son treating you well?”

“Very well. I’ve been very good, how are you?” (Y/N) answered, making Harry wrap his arm around her once more and rub a hand along her back.

“I’ve been very lovely, thank you!” Ann grinned, and (Y/N) could see the obvious similarities between Harry’s and Ann’s smiles. “You are so great, (Y/N), really. When is Harry ever going to tie the knot?” She asked, smiling widely.

Harry blushed. “Not telling. But it will happen, trust me on that.” He answered, making (Y/N) blush as well.

“Oh, my baby.” Ann cooed. “All grown up; already have an amazing career and the love of your life. I’m so happy for you, both of you.”

Once she went away to grab more utensils, Harry spun (Y/N) around so they were facing each other, (Y/N) having to look up due to Harry’s towering height. “I was being serious. I know we haven’t discussed it much but I fully intend to marry you one day.”

(Y/N) smiled bashfully before letting her eyes meet Harry’s. “I would love to marry you.”

Harry grinned, his eyes lighting up in joy. “Now, just for precautions, do you like silver or gold engagement rings because-”

“Harold,” (Y/N) interrupted with a giggle. “Whatever you get me will be amazing. Now stop worrying about me and enjoy your party! It’s for you, after all.”

Harry let out a breath, staring adoringly down at his girlfriend. “I love you. So, so much.”

“I love you, too.”

Merry Christmas baby.

A/N: This is something I wrote a few years back. But I thought, why not upload it? 

In which Harry comes home early from tour to celebrate Christmas at home and to give Y/N a special surprise.

It was Christmas Eve and you were standing in your living room, inspecting the glass silhouette ornament that you and Harry had bought together for your tree last year. You placed it back on a fuzzy branch of your small, plastic tree and sighed. Harry was on tour and Christmas without him just wouldn’t be the same. You’d have to drive two hours upstate to your parents’ house just to get lectured and interrogated all day about your life choices. The last three Christmases had been so easy, just spending the day with Harry and trading small gifts and going out for dinner. You were never really one for big traditions, and neither was Harry, so it made it a lot easier just to be together on Christmas instead of trying to figure out who’s family to go to and buying gifts for everyone and all of that annoying holiday type stuff.

You’d pretty much accepted your loneliness this year, since you refused to go to your family and you didn’t have a lot of friends out here in LA, since you’d moved to be with Harry last summer. 

As you laid down to your bed, you set your alarm to feed and walk the dogs in the morning. As far as you were concerned, Christmas would just be another regular day this year.

When your alarm went off, you rolled over and covered your face. 

“God dammit.” you grumbled when one of the dogs, Jimmy, a black Labrador, jumped onto the bed and whined at you, demanding food and exercise. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and yanked a brush through your knotted hair. Should I straighten it? You thought. Nah, I’ll just throw it into a messy bun and wear a cute headband.

Once that was sorted out, you jogged down the stairs and poured the dogs’ food, dosing out their vitamins and pills. When you went to set their bowls down, they were nowhere to be seen. Unusual, considering they’re usually drooling at your ankles while you fix their meals. 

You took the bowls with you and walked out of the kitchen to find them in the living room, getting their ears scratched by your boyfriend who stood in front of the Christmas tree. You instantly dropped the dishes and ran to Harry, while the dogs chased after their spilled food.

“Oh my god, Harry!” You gasped, burying your face in his chest. He smelled like leather and the tour bus. The smell of him coming home. 

“Merry Christmas, baby.” he said in that deep voice that hadn’t hit your ears in person for months, and he kissed the top of your head.

“Merry Christmas!” You said excitedly, looking up at him. “How long have you been here?!”

“Since this morning. Before you were awake.” He said. That’s why you hadn’t heard him come in. “I’ve been waiting for you in here for like two hours! And then you walked by the doorway and didn’t even notice me!”

“Aw I’m sorry, baby.” you laughed and kissed him. 

After walking the dogs together, you two had spent the day like any other day Harry came back from tour. You went to Starbucks, picked up lattes and caught up, talking about life and the band as you walked home.

“What about Liam and Cheryl?” you asked, sipping warm vanilla. “I haven’t talked to her in a while.”

“Actually can we not talk about this?” he asked, his voice jumping octaves. “I wanna give you your Christmas present.”

“Oh my god.” you clapped your hand to your forehead. “I didn’t even think of it, yours is at home.”

“Don’t worry about it.” he shook his head, waving his hand dismissively and grinning like an idiot. “I don’t even really want it. All I really want this year is to give you this.”

 You tilt your head to one side a little, a confused look painted on your face. With an amused smile he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a ring.

“Merry Christmas.” he said simply. You stared between him and the glittery loop in his fingers. It was classy. One big princess cut diamond and another on either side of it. You stopped in your tracks.

“Is that what I think it is?” you whispered. He nodded, still smiling like a child.

“Merry Christmas.” he repeated as he gets to one knee. “Would you like to marry me?”

“Yes.” You gasped, covering your mouth. “Of course!”

“Really?” His eyes brightened. You nodded, swallowing hard, unable to find words. He took your left hand in his, wrapping his fingers gently around your wrist. He slid the beautiful ring onto your finger. He pulled you into a tight embrace and you breathed him in. 

“I love you.” you breathed.

“I love you too.” he said, his voice was thick with tears. You sighed hazily and looked closer at the ring. The sparkle was stunningly glorious. “Turn it over.”

“Hm?” you looked at him.

He cupped your had in both of his and turned it over, tapping the palm side of the ring. When you looked closer, it read in tiny cursive Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

“Harry.” you whispered, starting to tear up. “That is so sweet.”

He shook his head. “That’s not it.” He pulled his phone from his pocket and clicked some things before holding it up to your ear. The most beautiful acoustic guitar intro started playing from the speakers. About thirty seconds into it, Harry’s raspy voice began to sing. You looked at him.

“Is this…?”

He nodded. “It’s on our new album. It’s called… Today, Tomorrow and Forever.”

“You wrote me a song?” You gasped. 

“Shh.” he nodded somewhat absently. “The best part is coming up.”

You listened closely as the second verse came around. Every line started with your name, sung softly through his lips as he started to sing along, standing beside you. When the song ended with a single perfect guitar chord, he was staring at your teary face.

“Do you like it?” he asked tentatively.

“It’s amazing.” you wiped your eyes and collapsed against his chest as he hugged you tight.

“Merry Christmas, baby.” he whispered.

“Merry Christmas, Harry.”

It’s St. Lucia’s day today! :D

Not many people celebrate St. Lucia (or St. Lucy), and I personally love it, so I thought I’d make some Lucia themed ot4 art :)

Merry Christmas, Darling (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

anonymous said: Can you please do a long Harry imagine where you and him are doing a christmas shopping being all flirty and sweet at the mall and then you run into your ex and you guys were catching up and Harry was really jealous so he left you at the mall and when you got home, he prepared you something really sweet and tells you that you are only his? Can you do this one for me? I have been looking for really good writers and I’m so glad I found yours! I’m looking forward to your other works. Love you! 

A/N: Aww thanks! I added smut cause ya’ll seem to like that (and it’s the holidays!). Hope I didn’t ruin it.

Contains mature content. (NC-17)

Word Count: 2391

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