Our word of the week is Merriwa. According to the survey forms and correspondence received by the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia regarding Aboriginal place names, 1899-1903, 1921-1926, Merriwa means ‘flow made from grass feeds by rubbing them between stones’. 

In the lead up to NAIDOC Week 2015, the Indigenous Services team of the State Library of NSW will be posting an Indigenous ‘word of the week’ from collection material available on the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages Website. This year the NAIDOC Week theme is ‘We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate’. It encourages people to find out more about their local community, and the traditional names for places, rivers and mountains in their area. The State Library’s collections hold significant historical materials that record Aboriginal place names and meanings across Australia.

View of town Merriwa, NSW - At Work and Play - 03844

Join us in commenting other Indigenous facts or history relating to Merriwa!

It is important to note that these records were written in most cases about Aboriginal languages by non - Aboriginal people. For this reason, the written words may not accurately reflect the ways in which an oral language was spoken and transmitted.

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I grew up here, lived here for over ten years.

I still find myself missing it, all the time.

I honestly don’t care if it’s just a bumbfuck town with only 1000 people in it, less then the number of students at the high school I went to.

Come 2016, I will be seriously considering moving back, or to somewhere similarly stark. Amazing. Beautiful.

High on my list is Gloucester. I love that place too.
The Fax Whisperer

Title: The Fax Whisperer

Author: Merriwa

Pairing: Isaac / Scott + Derek / Stiles + Erica / Boyd

Rating: Mature

Length: 53,714 Words; 9 Chapters

Status: Complete

Warnings: None

Summary: Martin & Hale is a very reputed New-York Law firm. The right hand of the managing partner Derek Hale is one quiet, proud and secretly hurt Isaac Lahey who is a damn good lawyer, has sarcasm for second language and basically lives for his job. Until the firm co-manager Lydia Martin hires family friend Scott McCall and of course it falls on Isaac to baby-sit the newcomer. A lot of puppy eyes, inapropriate thoughts and coffee bribing ensue.


MEMORY LANE: Growing up Australian in the 1950’s.

Hilarious clips of genuine old footage from my mum’s childhood.