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That, or a griffon-wrangler.

I love these girlfriends, who are trans, and in love.
(Each other’s girlfriends and also in a polyamorous relationship with Hawke, but they (Hawke) can join this conversation once they’re done looking for wyvern clues.)

Also as usual, recs for excellent mods more or less referenced:

Isabela: armor, bodyshape, curly hair
Merrill: armor, merribela mutual romance armors, default romance armor without boobplate, non-whitewashed skintone with retexture, non-whitewashed skintone without retexture

Merrill is Dalish. She is a Dalish elf whose entire character arc centers around her devotion to and investment in her people’s history, and in supporting them.

Dalish history with the Chantry is shit. Like, “Exalted March” shit.

In my ideal canon, after the Kirkwall Chantry goes up, there’s a moment of stunned silence on all sides before Merrill pipes up, in that very mild tone that she has, you know the one, “Good riddance!”

I wanted to colour the two thank you doodles I’d drawn for my ko-fi page (characters drinking coffee, because of course), and it turned into girlfriends having a morning together.

Isabela has been up for a while already and is looking forward to them doing something fun today, while Merrill is doing a quick brush-up on the spells required for the fun (she knows them and could cast them in her sleep, but just in case).

idk what’s with my wanting to draw mornings so much, I’m not a morning person.

For Christmas this 2017, I decided to re-draw this Coffee, Black fanart I did from 2011. 

This is dedicated to BlackCoffeeandInk, all the Coffee, Black fans, and for those who have stuck around for my art and I all these years!

W/o the above, I don’t think I would have been where I’m at with my art today and for that I am truly truly thankful.

May this holiday season and new year be filled with strength, growth, warmth, and good vibes.

I wish you all the best!



A day in the life of mages and enthusiastic mage Allies™.

(There’s going to be a talk after this quest, I think, about maybe not having to take every opportunity to draw the templars’ attention, and Taisto will promise to be more mindful to listen to the actual wishes of the people they’re trying to help.)

Mods referenced, as per usual: Hawke, Bethany, Anders, Merrill (or this).