merrill womach

Public Collectors Trading Post: Merrill Womach Record Collection

I’m reopening the Public Collectors Trading Post as a way of trying to officially end my morbid fascination with the records of Merrill Womach. For those who have never encountered Merrill’s records, here are the details of his story from his page on Wikipedia:

“Merrill Womach (February 7, 1927 in Spokane, Washington) is an American undertaker, organist and gospel singer, notable both for founding National Music Service, which provides recorded music to funeral homes across America, and for surviving an October 26, 1961 plane crash in Beaver Marsh, Oregon that left him disfigured with third degree burns over most of his body. Womach authorized an autobiography of his recovery titled Tested by Fire, co-authored by his former wife Virginia and Mel White. A documentary film titled He Restoreth My Soul was also made about his accident and subsequent recovery.”

This collection includes the following records: My Song (1960), A Time For Us (1969), Surely Goodness and Mercy (1970), Happy Again (1974 - two different versions, one still sealed!), Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory (1976), In Concert (1977), Merrill (1981),

The condition of these records is generally excellent - aside from some thrift store stickers on many of the covers. This collection is not for sale, only for trade. I’ll hear any offers you wish to make. You can offer other records, books, ‘zines, food, or anything else you feel could be of interest. The last time I opened the Public Collectors Trading Post I traded a big box of Grateful Dead bootlegs for a bottle of really good bourbon and everyone went home happy. I will ship these anywhere in the world, however due to the weight, U.S. shipping is preferred. Email me and let me know what you’ve got: marc [at]

I am happy to report that last weekend I successfully traded a pile of Merrill Womach records that were offered up on this blog, for these Iron Maiden records - two of which I didn’t already have. Thanks to my pal Paul Nudd for the barter. May those Christian burn victim records provide you and your family with many years of joy and inspiration. Stay tuned for more Public Collectors Trading Post opportunities to come.