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that is a spectacular gif... anyway!! i was wondering if you have any tips for catching plot holes, and for creating a suitably dramatic and affecting ending? i'm currently editing my first attempt in writing in the mystery genre, and i keep stumbling across plot holes, making me wonder if there are more i or my beta have missed! and my ending doesn't feel like it packs enough of a punch to satisfy the reader, but i'm not sure how to generally improve it? thanks mandark :~)

Well, with plot holes, that can be tricky. A lot of the time, people don’t notice plots holes right away. They’re immersed in the book/movie/show, and they don’t catch it. It’s after when they think about it, consume the work again they pick up on things. 

One thing that may help is to chart all the major plot points-do they add up, are there inconsistencies? It may also help to let someone look at it with fresh eyes, or to take a short break from your story and come back to it. It’s hard to catch anything when you’ve poured over a manuscript constantly. Keep track of where/when characters show up, how they get information, the skills they have.

A lot of really famous works have really gaping plot holes, you can’t catch everything. 

Some things on plot holes:

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Now for endings-something I myself have a hard time with. 

Think about how you want your readers to feel-happy, unnerved, sad? What do you want them to get out of it? Where do your characters end up? How did the characters develop? Do you tie up loose ends? You can answer everything, but there are things people want to know. 

For your genre, people usually expect a resolution with a clear answer of who did it. If you don’t reveal it, people will often feel cheated. Different genres have different sorts of endings. 

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my heart & soul
ok i will say this
there is a lack of nsfw eremin fanart
and if i could draw then i would fill the tag with it
man..ive been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of something more interesting to say but nothing is happening im lame

selfie..! owiejief this isn’t from today and im not smiling but i still like it

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I hope you have a blast!

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have a nice vacation! :)

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have a nice vacation, and we can’t wait to have you back!

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have fun!!!

By the gods.

You are all so kind~ Thank you!

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hey pal! how are ya?

im great! i just went and spent a bunch of time outside it was sooo nice! i wrote in my journal a bit + even took a cat nap in the grass ahh it was soo nice

also i helped repaint my sis + i’s bathroom because we’re gonna sorta give it a makeover! we’re trying to make the house nicer one step at a time.. we’re also gonna get hardwood floors in the living room n i cant wait til we can get the rest of the house hardwood floors tbh

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dear kace, this is a little difficult to put into words. my feelings for you are... tricky, but i believe i am ready to share them with you. i'm certain that you'll respond, but how you'll respond is a mystery to me. nevertheless, i want you to know... i love you. i love everything about you, in the way that only i can. your smile, your hair, your scent... you're perfect. will you do the honor of perhaps accompanying me to the movies? that's a conventional date, isn't it? -- miles edgeworth

oh ym g o d



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WHY ARE U SO CUTE #forscience

AHHH NO YOU ARE THE CUTE ONE Im going to package u up and ship u to cute town *hug!!*

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what kinda dog do u think Bertl and Reiner would like to own?

the first thing i thought of was a jack russell terrier. reiner likes it bc she’s a super energetic pup that smiles a lot but then he finds out he doesn’t know how to train her and tries to make her lift dog weights. bertl gives him her a diet of bologna. they try to read dog books in bed together but it is no use. annie wanders over one day and scolds them both and takes her to an obedience class at petsmart bc they’re both idiots

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for the "i'll tell u something i hate about it" meme -- the steel samural

» the new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it


The producer thinks her reply over as she takes a drag on her cigarette. The question asked is a hard one to answer, but she’s up for anything challenging.

“I don’t like the fanboys that hang around the studios. They squeal incessantly over the smallest thing. It’s irritating.”

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oh, how are you doing? i hope you’re well, and please take care of yourself.

i’m fine! i haven’t seen the results but i feel perfectly healthy.

i only had to do it because i had a high blood pressure/heart rate when i went to the doctors the other day, but i’m pretty sure it was just nerves, because i was really anxious

thank you! nwn