Here is like an actual picture of Merridew

She lives in a small village that rains all the time

I decided to call the people that live in the village “RainDrops” 

idk what to do with her anyone want her?

Go here if you do 

Happy Halloween!

To all my followers I wish you a very Happy Halloween~ I really really wanted to post a Halloween lotf related picture but I ran out of time so I decided to show you something scarier…. MY FACE! you'regonnahavenightmares


Anyway, just applying paint to my chest… wish I’d thought about the pattern more on my face… it looked better in my head… IF ONLY I HAD SOME GREEN!

“Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I’m missing

And why can’t I let it go…

There’s got to more to life.”

I can’t tell whether this would be Jack before or after his experience on the island. If its before then it would be representing his power-hungry personality and his wanting to be more than chief chorister and head-boy; a wish for real power. However, if it’s after, then it’s his yearning for such power again but wanting to let that feeling go since it mutated and destroyed his innocence completely.


(plus he seems quite dark for an english red-head so maybe it is after)

lotf rare pics explanations

when u angrily march towards your ex-bf’s camp with ur squad reluctantly backin u up

when u v hungry and get psycho cause u finally get to have that good meal

when u wanna molest jesus but u kno u have to keep to urself

when u pretend to be a cowardly nerd but u actually the evil mastermind behind everythin

when u and ur squad be paradin the latest fashion

when u see ur bf’s booty for the first time and go straight for it