• someone: jack can be a sub too!!
  • me: thinking about how this character’s whole meaning was to conquer and dominate, how he literally got bonkers and destroyed everything because he couldn’t stand being under someone else’s authority, how his greatest will was to undermine ralph and make him eventually bend to him, how he burned the whole island and wanted to murder ralph because ralph still didn’t want to be part of his rule, how he was enraged about people not following him, how he hated ralph because ralph gave him orders, how he got vicious and wrathful over anyone trying to tell him what to do, how he got maniacal and overly excited every time he showed his power through violence, how he would have most probably turned much worse as a grown-up
  • me: ok

Let me tell you something about Ralph. We were friends when we first arrived on the island. I know, right, it’s SO embarrassing. I don’t even…whatever! So then, in the next few days I started hunting pigs with my own tribe, and Ralph was like, weirdly jealous of us all. Like, if I blew him off, he would be like,”Why didn’t you watch the fire or help with the shelters?”, and I’d be like,” Uh, why are you so obsessed with getting rescued?!” So then I threw a feast for my  inauguration as new chief, and I was like,”Ralph,I can’t invite you because I think you are one of Golding’s symbols of law and order.” I mean, I couldn’t have symbolized order at my pig feast. There were going to be savages there in war paint! I mean, right, he was the islands second Jesus after Simon! And then that kid with the asthma started yelling at us about rules, and it was SO retarded, so Roger dropped a boulder on the pig boy and killed him. Then Ralph ran away from us, and now I guess he’s trapped in a raging inferno because we set the island on fire.

  • jack before the island: sings c#
  • start of the book jack: aggressively sings c#
  • end of the book jack: sC RE AMS c#. the sheer c# sends chills down everyone's spine. his lungs have developed into something inhuman. the c# causes minor earthquakes. clouds cover the skies and lightning strikes behind jack, illuminating him in his c# glory. he laughs maniacally in c# melodic minor. there is no escape
Characters named Jack have no chill

Handsome Jack? Sociopathic dictator.

Jack Harkness? Screwed everyone ever.

Jack Sparrow? HA where to I start with this one

Jack Dawson? Reckless as FUCK

Jack Merridew? Set an island on fire.

Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? Stole shit from a fuckin GIANT

name ONE character named Jack who has any chill