I’ve been rereading Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle, one of my favorites. The rhythm of the first paragraph caught me, so I drew it.

(I wasn’t sure which Richard Plantagenet Merricat is referring to—there are a lot. Wikipedia somewhat arbitrarily says it’s Richard of Eastwell, who does seem he might be interesting to her, but Richard II might also appeal to her sense of drama. I chose Eastwell, though.)

update: you can get this as a print.


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#let’s not talk about mark and roger shall we WOW NO, LET’S!!!!!


bless you omg i thank you for this it’s so comforting to sink back into my rent feelings 


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#let’s not talk about mark and roger shall we WOW NO, LET’S!!!!!

P.S. lets talk about how in one of the final stage performances, during Contact, the actor playing Mark shouted “ROGER” and i cried and i was in the bath?????      




omg and this is like…

sometimes i ship them and sometimes i don’t but even if this was meant as a final performance joke it’s still entirely in character  that mark would go there. for any reason at all! 

and the thing is we may never know! because as we’ve just discussed mark bottles up a ton of shit and “shit”, in my book of reference, usually involves romantic/sexytime feelings for someone you’re friends with 

eh whatever i don’t care as long as they’re happy

just another pair of friends who love each other so much and in such a complicated way that they can’t even vocalize it

ha ha ha ah ha

I had always buried things, even when I was small; I remember that once I quartered the long field and buried something in each quarter to make the grass grow higher as I grew taller, so I would always be able to hide there. I once buried six blue marbles in the creek bed to make the river beyond run dry. ‘Here is a treasure for you to bury,’ Constance used to say to me when I was small, giving me a penny, or a bright ribbon; I had buried all my baby teeth as they came out one by one and perhaps someday they would grow as dragons. All our land was enriched with my treasures buried in it, thickly inhabited just below the surface with my marbles and my teeth and my colored stones, all perhaps turned to jewels by now, held together under the ground in a powerful taut web which never loosened, but held fast to guard us.
—  We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson

I’ve been wondering for years if there was a Northern Gothic subgenre, the way there’s a Southern Gothic.  Now, as meganphntmgrl has pointed out, “gothic” means something very specific; not all horror falls under that label.  Southern gothic stuff is “gothic” due to the mixture of horror with of fallen aristocracy and a strong sense of the spiritual.  So, does the north have that?

New England does.  This, I think, is where you’ll find stuff that can genuinely be described as “gothic” over the Mason-Dixon line.  I’m not talking about Stephen King territory here (although I’d say ‘Salem’s Lot qualifies) but I am talking about Lovecraft and Shirley Jackson and Dark Shadows.  I’m talking about the legacy of the Puritans mixed with so-called “blue blood” coasting on riches won long ago, Merricat looking out the window of her burned-down castle, Charles Dexter Ward discovering just why his ancestors had to flee Salem, or Victoria Winters witnessing the dark beginnings of the Collins family.  (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward reads a bit like a Dark Shadows arc, actually…)

As a matter of fact, I can still remember what the college guidebooks had to say about all the small liberal art schools I applied to in the Northeast.  “New England winters are a punishment from god for hanging old ladies in the 1700s” said one Hampshire student.  No kidding.

We have always lived in the castle by Shirley Jackson
Rating : 4.9/5 Stars
This book was amazing. The plot was gripping from beginning and need, and I couldn’t tear myself away from its pages. Merricat was such compelling character, with her childlike attitude, strange ways and stubbornness. And the strange, but happy ending wasn’t at all what I was expected, but fitted perfectly in tune with the he rest. I really can’t wait to read more of Shirley Jacksons works, because this was just perfect. 

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YEs tick, tick…boom! is so so good and now the lyirics remind me of les miserables like everything else in the world “why does it take catastrophe to start a revolution?” i hate you as much as i love you larson

IT IS THE BEST SONG i legit cried esparza played it alone on a piano to the tiny theatre dONE

ASDFGHJKL; like are they the characters or just in that time period because honestly i know RENT better than i know myself so this is potentially viable but i will cry the entire time

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im going to be so disappointed if thats not the actual context to this

look at hanniboo’s face

that is definitely his “you just couldn’t resist the scottish terrier tied up outside of the dairy queen could u, will? u just had to try to fit him in your coat, didn’t u will?” face

there is no other logical context these pictures could be in

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#my mom thought ‘lol’ meant ‘lots of love’ until two months ago lmaoooo MINE DID TOO

Okay, glad she wasn’t the only one then. I tried not to laugh too hard when she told me.

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My dad does talk with me about Idris as James Bond, but I suppose that isn’t cool enough for tumblr cred.

That’s infinitely cooler than talking to your parents about tumblr’s shipping habits.

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My mom can’t even figure out how to turn capitalization off on her phone, tumblr would make her brain explode.

My mother in no way, shape, or form would be able to handle tumblr. I’m pretty sure she uses the internet exclusively for, Facebook, and her email.

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god if my mom ever tried to talk to me about either of those i would just scream

The less my mom knows about how much I talk about Teen Wolf online, the better.