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omg im worried u will die when this airs from blood loss after ur clit gives up and detaches itself from ur body tbh :/




my clit could hardly take grand booty-pest

not 2 mention all of reek’s scenes in seasons 3 and 4

and olga’s continued existence

imagine putting all of them 2gether

id squirt so hard that i would flood the world it would be 1 big ice bucket challenge

and im tagging the world

YEs tick, tick…boom! is so so good and now the lyirics remind me of les miserables like everything else in the world “why does it take catastrophe to start a revolution?” i hate you as much as i love you larson

IT IS THE BEST SONG i legit cried esparza played it alone on a piano to the tiny theatre dONE

ASDFGHJKL; like are they the characters or just in that time period because honestly i know RENT better than i know myself so this is potentially viable but i will cry the entire time

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” Enjolras would be the kind of person who could pull Eponine from the gutters if the revolution had succeeded” Y I K E S


from what i can tell eponine seems to get shafted a lot by some portions of the fandom BUT THIS IS PRETTY MUCH JUST AS BAD

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I don’t know much about Les Mis canon (my knowledge comes only from the musical), but the 2nd person’s reasonings behind Enjolras being straight is really… off? Like, one can be leading a revolution, be young, etc. and still be queer as fuck.

exactly!!? and you can find a lot of really interesting arguments about it here 

what’s especially hilarious i think is that some people were saying that “nowhere in the books does hugo say enjolras is gay!!!” like nowhere in the picture of dorian gray does it say that….literally any of the three major characters are gay/bisexual but lol come the fuck on this is literary analysis and reading comprehension 101

art is not always linear and is not about show-and-tell! art can say things without being explicit!! sometimes it has to!!!

art is about suggestion

to say that victor hugo was not suggesting anything when he compared enjolras and grantaire to several pairs of homosexual lovers within greek mythology seems…a bit…stubborn

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#my mom thought ‘lol’ meant ‘lots of love’ until two months ago lmaoooo MINE DID TOO

Okay, glad she wasn’t the only one then. I tried not to laugh too hard when she told me.

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My dad does talk with me about Idris as James Bond, but I suppose that isn’t cool enough for tumblr cred.

That’s infinitely cooler than talking to your parents about tumblr’s shipping habits.

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My mom can’t even figure out how to turn capitalization off on her phone, tumblr would make her brain explode.

My mother in no way, shape, or form would be able to handle tumblr. I’m pretty sure she uses the internet exclusively for, Facebook, and her email.

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god if my mom ever tried to talk to me about either of those i would just scream

The less my mom knows about how much I talk about Teen Wolf online, the better.

Here’s a little-known and slightly terrifying fact: According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 60 million people in the United States are infected with a parasite that may migrate into their brains and alter their behavior in a way that — among other things — may leave them more likely to be eaten by cats. New research into this common parasite — Toxoplasma gondii — may offer clues to the phenomenon known to the unscientifically-minded as “crazy cat lady” syndrome.

The basic facts: Toxo can infect many species, but it undergoes sexual reproduction only in cat digestive tracts. Once the parasite reproduces, the cat passes it in its feces, where the next unwitting host picks it up by digesting it (intentionally or unintentionally). Then the cycle starts again. In the long run, Toxo must find its way back to a cat’s stomach to survive. So the parasite has evolved a complicated system for taking over its hosts’ brains to increase the likelihood that they’ll be eaten by cats.

the inveitable fate of simon amstell, tumblr user merricats and myself t b q h

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2, 4, 10, 16, 21

omg how many numbers did you — this is going to be long. college dissertation long.

2. Your 5 least favourite books of all time.

1. The Day No Pigs Would Die. Read it in 8th Grade, thought it was horrible, horrible fan fiction-quality writing. A pig was raped for insemination and the boy sees blood trickling down its leg—so graphic and so unnecessary. AND ALSO. THE PIG DIED. SO. IT’S ALL A LIE. But god, yeah, I thought that book was poorly written, overwrought horse manure. 

2. Actually, we read Across Five Aprils that year too and it was a SLOG, utterly forgettable, just a whole lot of nope. (The teacher tried to make us read it in fifth grade and the whole class was SO BORED she gave up halfway through. She passed around a tub that we all threw our books into and CHEERED.) It was one of those historical fiction books where, everyone’s just plodding along … on this farm … occasionally someone listens to the radio and we get a page of ~updates from the war~. Literally all I remember is that a character’s name was Shad.

3. That My Dear Uncle Oswald book by Roahl Dahl that I read a while back. Just … a lot of rape going on. Rape, sexism, a weird little homophobic part … nagl. It was about … something to do with this guy inventing this pill from an ~insect in Africa~ that causes uncontainable, uncontrollable lust. And they were going to celebrities, drugging them, getting them to have sex with this girl, STEALING THEIR SEMEN, and then accusing them of rape afterwards. I could not really process why in the world I was reading it.

4. The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness doesn’t really deserve to be on this list because it wasn’t offensively terrible, but it was SO MIND NUMBINGLY BORING. 

5. I hate to do it, but maaaaybe the number 5 slot goes to A Casual Vacancy? Like The Crane Wife, it isn’t that CA is offensively horrible, it didn’t murder my family or anything, but I think we were all SO EXCITED for JKR’s new book, the idea that she was going to keep writing, that maybe she would start on a project just as exciting and captivating as Harry Potter and … instead … we got … that. Lots of unnecessary words like “vulva” and “masturbation” being thrown around for what felt like shock value … I found the book so dry, and normally I wouldn’t take offense to that, but … It’s JKR. We were all hoping for something more. 


4. Characters you hate.

Half the characters I read. No, um. There’s hating a character because they’re a bad, vile person, and then there’s hating a character because they’re such a waste of paper. I think I’ll say I disliked Heathcliff and Cathy from Wuthering Heights immensely, primarily because I was told to expect a wonderful love story??? and that heathcliff was such a romantic figure??? and then he throws a baby off a staircase???? 

okay I really need to cut this post. more madness beneath the read more.

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