so uh. i watched the road to el dorado w/ @thismightyneed awhile ago and. man. i WAS told the main characters are eXACTLY like maui & tamatoa but OH MY GOD THEY’RE E X A C T LY LIKE MAUI & TAMATOA ITS UNCANNY TBH

u can see how long this took me by how the way i draw them changes every other picture jfdklsajfdlk



THIS TOOK LIKE A BAJILLION HOURS TO DRAW W/ A MOUSE JUST….. TAKE I T……………it’s terrible art and i’m not even gonna bother w/ maui’s tattoos but it was made w/ Love

maui&tamatoa over the years, based on the hc that maui met tamatoa when he was a Drab Lil Crab